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uef s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=5 line=1
ueil s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=7 line=6
ues s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=12 line=7
vassal s.m. (match=doubt) vol=11 col=12 line=32
uevre s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=14 line=28
uevremarke s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=18 line=23
ui adv. (match=exact) vol=11 col=18 line=29
uile s.m. und f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=21 line=36
uilier1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=23 line=24
uilier2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=23 line=26
uiliere s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=23 line=35
uis s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=23 line=39
uisine s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=25 line=18
uissage s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=25 line=24
uisse s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=25 line=26
uissÚl s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=25 line=35
uisselet s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=25 line=38
uissŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=25 line=45
uisserain s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=25 line=49
uisserie s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=25 line=52
uisset s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=26 line=22
uissŰure s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=27 line=5
uissier s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=27 line=15
uissiere s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=28 line=21
uissine s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=28 line=32
uistre s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=28 line=47
uit Zahlwort (match=exact) vol=11 col=29 line=7
uitain a. ordin. (match=exact) vol=11 col=30 line=8
uitaine s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=30 line=22
uitante Zahlwort (match=exact) vol=11 col=30 line=30
uitave a., s. (match=exact) vol=11 col=30 line=46
uitel s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=31 line=34
uitelee s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=31 line=38
uitie(s)me a. ordin. (match=exact) vol=11 col=31 line=41
uiti(s)me a. ordin. (match=exact) vol=11 col=31 line=49
uitme a. ordin. (match=exact) vol=11 col=32 line=13
uitovre s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=32 line=37
ulcere s.f. (selten s.m.) (match=doubt) vol=11 col=33 line=5
ulcerÚ pc. pf. (match=bad:1) vol=11 col=33 line=16
ulcerer v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=33 line=20
ulc´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=33 line=26
ullage s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=33 line=31
ullart s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=34 line=14
ulle s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=34 line=17
ullee s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=34 line=24
ullŰiz1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=34 line=29
ullŰiz2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=34 line=32
ullement s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=34 line=41
uller1 v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=35 line=1
uller2 v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=35 line=29
ullerece s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=36 line=7
ullerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=36 line=13
ulloi s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=36 line=23
ulloiier v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=36 line=27
ullulac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=36 line=33
ultime a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=36 line=39
umain a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=36 line=44
umanitÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=37 line=46
umble a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=38 line=26
umblece s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=39 line=15
umbletÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=39 line=29
umect a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=39 line=36
umectac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=39 line=47
umectatif a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=40 line=3
umector s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=40 line=8
umel´able a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=40 line=13
umel´ance s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=40 line=17
umel´ant pc. prs. (match=exact) vol=11 col=40 line=34
umel´ement s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=40 line=52
umel´er v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=41 line=3
umel´os a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=42 line=10
umelir v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=42 line=21
umelitÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=42 line=25
umer s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=43 line=18
umide a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=43 line=21
umidece s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=43 line=30
umiditÚ s.f. (match=better) vol=11 col=43 line=34
umif´er v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=43 line=40
umile a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=43 line=47
umor s.f. (auch m.) (match=exact) vol=11 col=44 line=10
un Zahlwort (match=exact) vol=11 col=45 line=4
unable a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=52 line=52
unaiement adv. (match=exact) vol=11 col=53 line=3
unanime a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=53 line=19
unanimitÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=53 line=23
unetes s.f. pl. (match=exact) vol=11 col=53 line=27
unicorne s.m. und f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=53 line=33
uniel a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=54 line=41
un´er v. (match=better) vol=11 col=54 line=50
unif´er v. (match=bad:1) vol=11 col=55 line=1
uniforme a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=55 line=4
unigamie s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=11 col=55 line=8
un´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=11 col=55 line=12
unir v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=55 line=28
unisme a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=56 line=14
unison s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=56 line=18
unitÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=56 line=21
univers a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=56 line=39
universalitÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=56 line=44
universel a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=56 line=47
universer v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=57 line=11
universitÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=57 line=18
urbain a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=57 line=43
ure pron. interrog. (match=bad:NA) vol=11 col=57 line=46
us s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=58 line=2
usable a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=59 line=34
usage s.m. (auch f.) (match=exact) vol=11 col=59 line=41
usagiÚ pc. pf. a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=61 line=21
usagier a., s. (match=exact) vol=11 col=61 line=27
usaire1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=61 line=34
usaire2 a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=61 line=39
usance s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=61 line=42
use s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=61 line=51
usecarle s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=62 line=1
user v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=62 line=7
usŰure s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=65 line=6
usite a. (match=bad:1) vol=11 col=65 line=12
usque conjunct. (match=exact) vol=11 col=65 line=17
usŘaire s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=65 line=29
usŘel a. (match=bad:1) vol=11 col=65 line=38
usufructuaire s.m. oder f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=65 line=42
usufruit s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=65 line=45
usufruiter v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=65 line=49
usurable a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=66 line=1
usuraire a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=66 line=3
usure s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=66 line=6
usurŰor s.m.. (match=exact) vol=11 col=67 line=2
usurer v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=67 line=5
usurier s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=67 line=32
usurpac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=68 line=4
usurper v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=68 line=11
ut nom. propr. (match=exact) vol=11 col=68 line=18
utague s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=68 line=25
utensile s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=68 line=39
utile a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=68 line=42
utilitÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=68 line=46
utlage s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=69 line=9
v s.m. (match=bad:NA) vol=11 col=70 line=1
utlayere s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=70 line=10
va 3. pers. ind. praes. (match=bad:NA) vol=11 col=70 line=11
utle a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=70 line=12
vacac´on s.f. (match=doubt) vol=11 col=70 line=13
vachage s.m. (match=doubt) vol=11 col=70 line=20
vache s.f. (match=doubt) vol=11 col=70 line=24
uve s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=70 line=35
vachele s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=73 line=13
vacheresse s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=73 line=20
vacherez a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=73 line=24
vacherie s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=73 line=28
vachete s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=73 line=43
vachier s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=74 line=4
vachiere s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=74 line=24
vachin s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=74 line=29
vacillier v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=74 line=32
vacre s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=74 line=50
vacŘer v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=75 line=1
vacŘitÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=75 line=6
vadurie s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=75 line=12
vaflŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=75 line=15
vaflerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=75 line=22
vagabletÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=75 line=29
vagabond a. (s.) (match=exact) vol=11 col=75 line=33
vagant pc. prs. a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=75 line=42
vague1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=75 line=44
vague2 a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=76 line=11
vague3 a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=76 line=27
vaguer1 v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=76 line=36
vaguer2 v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=76 line=46
vai a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=77 line=2
vaiable a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=77 line=26
vaiabletÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=77 line=31
vaiier v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=77 line=34
vailance s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=78 line=4
vaillandie s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=79 line=9
vaillandise s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=79 line=29
vain a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=79 line=41
vaine s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=83 line=35
vaine gloire s.f. (match=doubt) vol=11 col=83 line=48
vainetÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=84 line=5
vainglor´os a., s. (match=exact) vol=11 col=84 line=8
vair1 a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=84 line=27
vair2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=87 line=14
vaire s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=88 line=5
vairelÚ a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=88 line=10
vairet a., s. (match=exact) vol=11 col=88 line=14
vairie s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=88 line=28
vairiÚ pc. pf. a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=88 line=31
vairier s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=89 line=6
vairole s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=89 line=12
vairolÚ pc. pf. a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=89 line=17
vairon s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=89 line=23
vaironÚ pc. pf. a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=89 line=44
vaironel s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=89 line=50
vais s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=90 line=4
vaissel s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=90 line=10
vaissele s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=93 line=19
vaisselee s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=93 line=51
vaisselement s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=94 line=3
vaisselet s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=94 line=50
vaisselier s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=95 line=10
vaisselot s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=95 line=12
vńivÚ a. (match=bad:1) vol=11 col=95 line=15
val1 s.m. und f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=95 line=22
val2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=97 line=36
valable a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=97 line=45
valais s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=98 line=3
valee s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=98 line=7
valenciennois s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=98 line=36
valentinois a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=98 line=40
valer´ane s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=98 line=43
valeros s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=98 line=49
valet s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=99 line=3
valetis a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=99 line=14
va li dire s.m. (match=doubt) vol=11 col=99 line=16
valiere s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=99 line=21
valler v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=99 line=27
valoir v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=99 line=31
valor s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=105 line=32
valŘe s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=106 line=34
valure s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=107 line=8
van1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=107 line=15
van2 s.m. (match=bad:NA) vol=11 col=108 line=12
vanage s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=108 line=16
vane s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=108 line=20
vanee s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=108 line=29
vanel1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=108 line=32
vanel2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=108 line=45
vanele s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=108 line=48
vanŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=108 line=52
vaner v. (match=better) vol=11 col=109 line=5
vanerel s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=109 line=45
vanerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=109 line=48
vanet s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=109 line=51
vanetier s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=110 line=2
vange s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=110 line=7
vanitÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=110 line=18
van÷ir v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=110 line=48
vantance s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=111 line=1
vante s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=111 line=44
vantece s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=111 line=50
vantement s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=112 line=1
vantŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=112 line=16
vanter v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=112 line=38
vanteresse s.f.,a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=114 line=35
vanterie s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=114 line=43
vantise s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=115 line=1
vantison s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=115 line=10
vantos a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=115 line=12
vanvole s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=115 line=16
vape a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=115 line=42
vapor s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=115 line=47
vaporer v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=116 line=13
vaporos a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=116 line=18
vaque a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=116 line=21
vaquer v. (match=better) vol=11 col=116 line=29
varenne s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=117 line=1
var´able a. (match=bad:1) vol=11 col=117 line=6
var´abletÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=117 line=17
var´ac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=117 line=22
var´ance s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=11 col=117 line=36
var´ement s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=11 col=117 line=50
var´etÚ s.f. (match=bad:2) vol=11 col=118 line=4
variier v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=118 line=23
vas s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=119 line=33
vase1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=119 line=44
vase2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=119 line=51
vaser v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=120 line=3
vasier s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=120 line=11
vaslet s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=120 line=15
vasleterie s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=121 line=46
vasleton s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=122 line=3
vaslot s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=122 line=28
vasselage s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=124 line=33
vassor s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=125 line=31
vaticinac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=125 line=40
vaucel s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=125 line=48
vaucele s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=126 line=14
vaucelet s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=126 line=25
vaucelete s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=126 line=33
vaudois s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=126 line=37
vavassor s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=126 line=49
vavasseresse s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=128 line=10
vavassore s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=128 line=13
vavassorie s.f. (match=doubt) vol=11 col=128 line=21
ve! interj. (match=exact) vol=11 col=128 line=36
vŰable a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=129 line=8
vŰance s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=129 line=39
vece s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=129 line=43
vŰel s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=130 line=14
vŰelet s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=130 line=47
vŰelin s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=130 line=52
vŰelon s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=131 line=6
vŰemence s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=131 line=10
veement a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=131 line=15
vŰement1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=131 line=23
vŰement2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=131 line=38
vŰer v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=131 line=45
vegetable a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=133 line=26
vegetabletÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=133 line=29
vegetatif a. (match=bad:2) vol=11 col=133 line=32
vegeter v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=133 line=43
vegile s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=133 line=47
vegnant s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=134 line=33
veillable a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=134 line=36
veillance s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=134 line=48
veillant pc. prs. a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=135 line=1
Veillantif nom. propr. (match=exact) vol=11 col=135 line=9
veille s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=135 line=21
vŰille s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=136 line=40
veillŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=137 line=16
veillerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=137 line=19
veillete s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=137 line=21
veillier1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=137 line=33
veillier2 v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=137 line=36
veine1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=139 line=18
veine2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=141 line=34
veinquŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=142 line=3
veinqueresse s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=142 line=20
veintre v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=142 line=26
veinture s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=144 line=20
velee s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=144 line=26
veler1 v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=144 line=35
veler2 v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=145 line=22
velos s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=11 col=145 line=26
veloset s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=145 line=46
velu a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=145 line=52
velŘel s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=147 line=3
velŘet s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=147 line=11
venable a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=147 line=18
vencel s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=147 line=25
venche s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=147 line=28
venšon s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=147 line=35
vendable a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=147 line=43
vendage s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=147 line=50
vendecier v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=148 line=16
vendement s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=148 line=17
vendenge s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=148 line=21
vendengŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=148 line=50
vendengeresse s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=149 line=10
vendengier v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=149 line=13
vendŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=149 line=46
venderesse s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=150 line=9
venderet a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=150 line=22
vendesme s.m. (f.) (match=exact) vol=11 col=150 line=25
vendic´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=150 line=32
vendoise s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=150 line=36
vendre v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=151 line=7
vendredi s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=154 line=35
vendŘe s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=155 line=36
venefice s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=155 line=44
venel a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=155 line=50
venele s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=156 line=22
venement s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=156 line=41
venŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=156 line=48
vener v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=157 line=39
venerable a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=158 line=4
venerac´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=11 col=158 line=7
venerander v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=158 line=17
veneresse s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=158 line=20
venerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=158 line=33
vengement s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=158 line=46
vengŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=159 line=36
vengerresse s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=159 line=51
vengŰure s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=160 line=2
vengier v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=160 line=6
vengison s.f. (match=better) vol=11 col=162 line=2
ven´al a. (match=better) vol=11 col=162 line=31
ven´alitÚ s.f. (match=better) vol=11 col=162 line=41
venie s.f. (match=better) vol=11 col=162 line=44
venimer v. (match=better) vol=11 col=162 line=50
venimos a., s. (match=exact) vol=11 col=163 line=12
venimositÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=163 line=32
venin s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=163 line=38
venir v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=164 line=34
venjance s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=177 line=12
venoison s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=178 line=43
venole s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=181 line=1
venoter v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=181 line=7
vent s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=181 line=22
ventail s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=186 line=47
ventaille1 s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=11 col=187 line=1
ventaille2 s.m. (selten f.) (match=exact) vol=11 col=189 line=23
vente s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=190 line=1
venteler v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=191 line=46
ventelere s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=193 line=52
ventelet s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=194 line=5
ventement s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=194 line=16
ventŰoir s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=194 line=19
ventŰor1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=194 line=24
ventŰor2 s.m. (match=better) vol=11 col=194 line=52
venter v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=195 line=1
venteresse s.f., a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=199 line=12
ventet s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=199 line=20
ventier s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=199 line=25
ventillon s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=199 line=32
ventoire s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=199 line=36
ventoise s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=199 line=41
ventos a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=199 line=47
ventosation s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=200 line=14
ventose s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=11 col=200 line=32
ventosŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=201 line=18
ventoser v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=201 line=25
ventosetÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=202 line=11
ventrail s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=203 line=1
ventraille s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=204 line=5
ventre1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=204 line=29
ventre2 v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=209 line=14
ventrÚ a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=209 line=23
ventree s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=209 line=32
ventresce a. (match=bad:1) vol=11 col=210 line=42
ventresche s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=210 line=47
ventrier a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=211 line=5
ventriere1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=211 line=8
ventriere2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=211 line=33
ventriere3 s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=211 line=49
ventrillier v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=212 line=3
ventrillons (a) adv. (match=doubt) vol=11 col=212 line=46
ventrin a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=213 line=31
venture s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=213 line=34
ventvole s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=213 line=40
venŘe s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=213 line=46
vŰoge s.m. (seltener f.) (match=exact) vol=11 col=217 line=16
vŰoir v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=217 line=46
vŰoison s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=239 line=31
vŰor1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=239 line=36
vŰor2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=239 line=46
ver1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=239 line=48
ver2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=240 line=45
verable a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=241 line=43
verace a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=242 line=16
verai a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=242 line=18
verbal a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=247 line=49
verbe s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=248 line=12
verbelet s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=248 line=52
verberacion s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=249 line=10
verble s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=249 line=17
verbos a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=249 line=31
verche s.f. (match=doubt) vol=11 col=249 line=36
verchier v. (match=better) vol=11 col=249 line=43
verchiere s.f. (match=doubt) vol=11 col=249 line=47
verdece s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=250 line=2
verdele s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=250 line=11
verdelet a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=250 line=18
verderie s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=250 line=34
verderoi s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=250 line=39
verdet1 a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=250 line=45
verdet2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=251 line=2
verdier1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=251 line=8
verdier2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=251 line=21
verdiere s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=251 line=31
verdir v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=251 line=48
verdison s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=252 line=19
verdoiier v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=252 line=27
verdor s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=253 line=32
verdure s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=254 line=49
veret s.m. (match=bad:2) vol=11 col=255 line=34
vergage s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=255 line=42
vergant s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=255 line=47
vergaudÚ a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=256 line=45
vergay a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=256 line=48
verge1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=257 line=7
verge2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=262 line=4
vergel s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=262 line=24
vergele s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=262 line=30
vergelÚ a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=263 line=11
vergŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=263 line=20
vergete s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=263 line=25
vergiÚ pc. pf. a., a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=263 line=44
vergiee s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=265 line=4
vergier1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=265 line=11
vergier2 v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=267 line=41
vergine s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=268 line=14
vergoigne s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=268 line=16
vergoignier v. (match=better) vol=11 col=270 line=4
vergoignos a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=271 line=35
vergondal a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=272 line=14
vergonde s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=272 line=27
vergonder v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=272 line=38
vergondir v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=274 line=30
vergondos a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=274 line=43
verifiier v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=275 line=34
ver´ol s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=275 line=40
verisemblable a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=275 line=49
verissible a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=276 line=1
veritable a. (match=bad:2) vol=11 col=276 line=8
veritÚ s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=11 col=277 line=31
veritel a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=282 line=38
verjus s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=283 line=13
verm s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=284 line=14
vermee s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=286 line=50
vermefiier v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=287 line=3
vermeil1 a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=287 line=10
vermeil2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=291 line=6
vermeillece s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=291 line=19
vermeillet a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=291 line=29
vermeilleuse s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=292 line=9
vermeillier1 v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=292 line=17
vermeillier2 v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=292 line=41
vermeillir v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=293 line=18
vermeillon s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=293 line=30
vermelet s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=294 line=23
vermelos a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=294 line=26
vermer v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=294 line=30
vermeset s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=294 line=35
vermet s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=294 line=41
vermillier s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=295 line=9
vermin s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=295 line=13
vermine s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=295 line=20
verminer v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=297 line=12
verminete s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=297 line=19
verminier s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=297 line=27
verminos a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=297 line=33
vermissel s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=297 line=46
vermolu a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=298 line=9
vermoloure s.f. (match=bad:2) vol=11 col=298 line=20
vermouture s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=298 line=24
vernache s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=298 line=34
vernage s.f (match=exact) vol=11 col=298 line=38
vernal1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=298 line=44
vernal2 a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=298 line=50
verne s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=299 line=9
vernee s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=299 line=43
verner v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=299 line=48
verni a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=300 line=8
verniciÚ a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=300 line=16
vernis s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=300 line=41
vernoi s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=301 line=52
veroil s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=302 line=6
veroillet s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=303 line=6
veroillier v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=303 line=12
verole s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=11 col=303 line=48
veronique s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=11 col=304 line=2
veror s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=304 line=12
verrat s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=304 line=33
verreglacier v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=304 line=44
verreglaz s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=305 line=3
verrer v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=305 line=19
verrerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=305 line=24
verreux a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=305 line=30
verr´e1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=305 line=37
verr´e2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=305 line=43
verrier s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=305 line=48
verriere s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=306 line=7
verrin a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=307 line=18
verrine s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=307 line=42
verrue s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=308 line=21
verrŘete s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=308 line=37
vers1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=308 line=41
vers2 praep. (match=exact) vol=11 col=311 line=38
versaine s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=315 line=48
versatile a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=316 line=18
versaument adv. (match=exact) vol=11 col=316 line=24
verse s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=316 line=27
versee s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=316 line=36
versef´eor s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=11 col=316 line=48
versef´ier v. (match=bad:1) vol=11 col=317 line=9
verseille s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=11 col=317 line=24
verseillement s.m. (match=bad:2) vol=11 col=317 line=30
verseillier v. (match=bad:2) vol=11 col=317 line=35
versŰis s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=319 line=2
verselet s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=319 line=6
versement s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=319 line=9
verser1 v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=319 line=13
verser2 v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=323 line=44
verseret s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=323 line=49
verset s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=324 line=2
versot s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=324 line=32
versuce s.f. (match=doubt) vol=11 col=324 line=38
versure s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=324 line=46
vert a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=324 line=50
verteier a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=332 line=4
verteil s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=332 line=17
verteillier v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=333 line=4
vertevele s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=333 line=12
vertible a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=333 line=41
vertillon s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=333 line=44
vertin s.m. (ursprgl. f.?) (match=exact) vol=11 col=334 line=1
vertir v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=334 line=20
vertiz s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=336 line=23
vertochier v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=336 line=39
vertram s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=336 line=44
vertu s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=337 line=10
vertŘable a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=345 line=28
vertŘal1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=346 line=11
vertŘal2 a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=346 line=16
vertŘos a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=346 line=26
vertŘositÚ s.f. (match=bad:2) vol=11 col=349 line=23
verŘal s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=349 line=28
verve s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=349 line=45
verveine s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=350 line=40
vervel s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=351 line=7
vervele s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=351 line=24
vervellon s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=351 line=47
vervis s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=351 line=52
ves s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=352 line=5
vesce s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=352 line=19
vesele s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=352 line=24
veslaie s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=352 line=27
vesniere s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=352 line=37
vespertille s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=352 line=40
vespertinel a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=352 line=44
vesprage s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=352 line=49
vespre s.m. (seltener f.) (match=exact) vol=11 col=353 line=1
vesprÚ s.m. oder f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=355 line=34
vespree s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=355 line=46
vesprement s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=357 line=11
vesprer v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=357 line=18
vesprin a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=357 line=30
vesprir v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=357 line=36
vesse s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=357 line=43
vessie s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=358 line=8
vess´er v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=359 line=11
vess´eus a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=359 line=17
vessir v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=359 line=27
vest s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=359 line=43
vestale s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=359 line=51
vestement s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=360 line=3
vestŰure s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=361 line=28
vestiaire s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=363 line=44
vestige s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=364 line=4
vestir v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=364 line=9
vestison s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=368 line=39
vestit1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=368 line=46
vestit2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=369 line=9
vetillier v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=369 line=20
vetoine s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=369 line=31
vette s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=369 line=34
veŘe s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=369 line=44
veul´e s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=374 line=4
veure s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=374 line=25
vevage s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=374 line=31
veve1 s.f., s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=374 line=37
veve2 a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=375 line=30
vevÚ1 s.m. (auch f.) (match=exact) vol=11 col=376 line=50
vevÚ2 a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=377 line=17
vevŰÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=377 line=32
vevete s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=378 line=28
veveur s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=378 line=32
vexation s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=378 line=36
vexer v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=378 line=45
vez´Ú a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=379 line=2
vez´ement s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=380 line=41
vez´eŘre s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=381 line=4
vez´os a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=381 line=10
vi s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=381 line=26
viacier a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=381 line=32
v´age s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=381 line=36
v´agŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=381 line=49
v´agier a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=382 line=3
v´ailles s.f. pl. (match=bad:1) vol=11 col=382 line=8
v´aine s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=382 line=20
v´aire1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=382 line=25
v´aire2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=385 line=38
v´aire3 s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=385 line=43
v´aire4 a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=386 line=1
v´al a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=386 line=5
v´ande s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=386 line=11
v´andŰis s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=391 line=7
v´ander v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=391 line=20
v´andete s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=391 line=44
v´andier s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=391 line=51
v´andiere s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=393 line=19
viaure s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=393 line=22
viaurice a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=394 line=6
viaus adv. (match=exact) vol=11 col=394 line=9
viautre s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=396 line=10
viautrier1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=398 line=12
viautrier2 v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=398 line=25
v´az adv. (match=exact) vol=11 col=398 line=46
vibreon s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=400 line=7
vicaire s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=400 line=16
vicair´e s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=401 line=45
vicar´ot s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=11 col=402 line=13
vice1 s.m. (selten f.) (match=exact) vol=11 col=402 line=22
vice2 a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=406 line=52
vicelette s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=407 line=20
vicetÚ s.f. (match=doubt) vol=11 col=407 line=25
viciier v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=407 line=31
vic´os a., s. (match=exact) vol=11 col=407 line=47
victoire s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=408 line=33
victor s.m., a. (match=bad:1) vol=11 col=410 line=19
victor´ien s.m., a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=410 line=28
victorier v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=410 line=45
victor´os a., s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=410 line=48
victor´osetet s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=411 line=24
victuailleur s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=411 line=33
victure s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=411 line=38
videcaille s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=411 line=43
videcoc s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=411 line=50
videle s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=412 line=46
vidŘitÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=413 line=3
vie1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=413 line=12
vie2 interj. (match=exact) vol=11 col=419 line=36
viÚ s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=419 line=40
vieble s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=420 line=23
vieil a., s.m. und f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=420 line=26
vieillart s.m., a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=424 line=33
vieillece s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=11 col=426 line=6
vieillete s.f. (vielleicht m.) (match=exact) vol=11 col=427 line=3
vieillŰure s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=427 line=24
vieillir v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=427 line=29
vieillote s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=427 line=41
vieillune s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=428 line=8
v´ele s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=428 line=39
v´elŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=431 line=45
v´eler v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=432 line=24
v´elŰure s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=433 line=39
vierzon s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=433 line=46
viesÚ s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=11 col=433 line=50
viesece s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=434 line=4
vieserie s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=434 line=7
viesŰure s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=434 line=11
viesier1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=434 line=24
viesier2 v. (match=bad:1) vol=11 col=434 line=30
viesir v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=434 line=34
viÚsware s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=434 line=44
viÚswarier s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=434 line=50
viez a., s. (match=exact) vol=11 col=435 line=12
viezine s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=438 line=51
vif a., s. (match=exact) vol=11 col=439 line=19
vigence s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=447 line=34
vigile s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=447 line=44
vignage s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=449 line=10
vignal s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=449 line=16
vigne1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=449 line=28
vigne2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=451 line=37
vignerez a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=452 line=18
vigner´e s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=452 line=22
vigneron1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=452 line=25
vigneron2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=453 line=1
vignete s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=453 line=5
vignetÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=453 line=28
vignetŰure s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=453 line=38
vignier1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=453 line=43
vignier2 v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=453 line=48
vignier3 v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=454 line=11
vignoble a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=454 line=15
vignoche s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=454 line=39
vignol s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=11 col=454 line=44
vignole s.f. (match=bad:2) vol=11 col=454 line=50
vignon1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=455 line=5
vignon2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=455 line=16
vignor s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=455 line=23
vigor s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=455 line=36
vigorer v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=457 line=41
vigor´e s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=457 line=49
vigoros a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=458 line=10
vigorosetÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=460 line=32
viguer´e s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=460 line=43
viguier s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=460 line=49
vil1 a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=461 line=23
vil2 s.m. (match=bad:NA) vol=11 col=467 line=27
vilage s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=11 col=467 line=37
vilain s., a. (match=better) vol=11 col=468 line=7
vilangier v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=476 line=9
vile s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=476 line=17
vilece s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=11 col=480 line=15
vilel s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=480 line=27
vilele s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=480 line=37
vilenage s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=480 line=40
vilenaille s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=481 line=6
vilenastre a. (match=doubt) vol=11 col=481 line=50
vilenaz a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=482 line=13
vilenel s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=482 line=19
vilener v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=482 line=34
vilenesse s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=484 line=21
vilenet a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=484 line=28
vilenie s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=484 line=35
vilenois s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=489 line=3
vilet a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=489 line=11
vilete s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=489 line=16
vilipender v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=490 line=13
viller v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=490 line=18
vilois s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=490 line=25
viloter v. (match=bad:1) vol=11 col=490 line=43
vilotier a., s. (match=exact) vol=11 col=490 line=52
viltable a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=491 line=33
viltage s.m. (match=doubt) vol=11 col=491 line=36
viltance s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=492 line=20
viltÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=494 line=36
viltece sf. (match=exact) vol=11 col=498 line=21
viltiier v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=498 line=29
vimaire s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=499 line=6
vimele s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=499 line=24
vimon s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=499 line=35
vin s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=499 line=42
vinage s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=506 line=35
vinagier s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=506 line=50
vinaigre s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=507 line=3
vinaigrette s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=507 line=50
vindicac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=508 line=5
vinee s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=508 line=13
vinerez a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=508 line=27
viner´e s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=508 line=32
vinete s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=508 line=36
vinetier s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=508 line=52
vinier s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=509 line=18
vinon s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=509 line=36
vinos a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=509 line=43
vin pierre s.m. (match=doubt) vol=11 col=510 line=11
vint Zahlwort (match=exact) vol=11 col=510 line=16
vintain ordin. (match=exact) vol=11 col=513 line=40
vintaine s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=513 line=47
vintisme ordin. (match=exact) vol=11 col=514 line=16
v´oge a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=514 line=44
v´olac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=515 line=7
v´olat a., s.m. (match=bad:2) vol=11 col=515 line=13
v´olatin a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=515 line=33
v´ole1 s.f., a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=515 line=37
v´ole2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=516 line=21
v´ole3 s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=517 line=6
v´olÚ s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=11 col=517 line=9
v´olement s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=517 line=14
v´olence s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=11 col=517 line=21
v´olent a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=517 line=41
v´olŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=517 line=50
v´oler1 v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=518 line=4
v´oler2 v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=518 line=27
v´olet a., s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=519 line=52
v´olete1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=520 line=13
v´olete2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=524 line=17
v´olete3 s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=524 line=21
v´olier s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=524 line=29
vipere s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=525 line=3
vipillon s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=525 line=12
vir s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=525 line=16
virage s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=525 line=23
virant a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=525 line=28
vire 1 s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=11 col=525 line=38
vire2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=526 line=17
vire3 s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=526 line=25
virel s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=526 line=27
virelai s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=526 line=35
virer v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=528 line=7
vireton s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=529 line=40
virge s.f., a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=530 line=1
virgin a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=534 line=17
virginain a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=534 line=24
virginal a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=534 line=28
virginalitÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=535 line=12
virginitÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=535 line=17
virol s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=536 line=32
virole s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=536 line=39
viroler v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=537 line=1
viron1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=537 line=17
viron2 s.m., adv., praep. (match=exact) vol=11 col=537 line=33
vironer v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=538 line=17
vis s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=538 line=36
vis: a vis adv. (match=doubt) vol=11 col=545 line=18
visable a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=545 line=22
visage s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=545 line=51
visagiere s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=549 line=3
visamiral s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=549 line=11
visc s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=11 col=549 line=17
vischancelier s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=549 line=25
viscle s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=549 line=34
viscontal a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=549 line=50
visconte s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=550 line=3
viscontÚ s.f. und m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=551 line=13
viscontesse s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=551 line=23
viscos1 a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=551 line=33
viscos2 a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=552 line=10
viscositÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=552 line=16
visdame s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=552 line=38
visdamÚ s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=552 line=52
visde1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=553 line=19
visde2 a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=553 line=47
visee s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=554 line=11
viseignor s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=555 line=11
viseignor´e s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=555 line=28
viselle s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=555 line=37
viselment adv. (match=exact) vol=11 col=555 line=50
visŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=556 line=30
viser v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=556 line=33
visible a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=559 line=45
visibletÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=560 line=19
visier s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=560 line=24
visiere s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=560 line=27
visinitÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=560 line=52
vis´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=11 col=561 line=16
visitac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=563 line=9
visitance s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=564 line=16
visitement s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=564 line=23
visitŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=564 line=51
visiter v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=565 line=16
visitos a. (match=bad:1) vol=11 col=568 line=36
vismauve s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=568 line=43
visnage s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=568 line=47
visnÚ s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=570 line=29
vissop s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=571 line=39
viste1 a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=571 line=43
viste2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=575 line=27
vistÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=575 line=39
vistece s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=575 line=52
vistelet a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=577 line=20
vistetÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=577 line=23
vistoier v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=577 line=37
visurÚ a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=578 line=4
vit s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=578 line=13
vitaille s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=580 line=9
vitaillement s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=582 line=52
vitaillier v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=583 line=4
vital a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=583 line=12
vite s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=583 line=20
viticele s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=583 line=51
vitre1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=584 line=7
vitre2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=584 line=16
vitr´ol s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=584 line=32
vituperable a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=584 line=36
vituperac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=584 line=51
vitupere s.m. (match=better) vol=11 col=585 line=13
vituperement s.m. (match=better) vol=11 col=585 line=39
vituperer v. (match=better) vol=11 col=585 line=43
vituperos a. (match=better) vol=11 col=586 line=20
vivable a. (match=better) vol=11 col=586 line=30
vivage s.m. (match=better) vol=11 col=586 line=38
vivaire s.m. (match=better) vol=11 col=586 line=44
vivance s.f. (match=better) vol=11 col=586 line=48
vive s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=587 line=2
vivece s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=11 col=587 line=6
vivelai s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=587 line=17
viveret s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=587 line=24
viveruel s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=587 line=28
vives s.f. pl. (match=exact) vol=11 col=587 line=33
vivet s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=587 line=41
vivetÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=587 line=45
vivier s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=588 line=3
viviere s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=589 line=14
vivif´able a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=589 line=33
vivificatif a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=589 line=39
vivificac´on s.f. (match=doubt) vol=11 col=589 line=44
vivif´ement s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=11 col=589 line=50
vivif´er v. (match=better) vol=11 col=590 line=11
vivre1 v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=591 line=24
vivre2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=598 line=28
vivre3 s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=600 line=37
viz s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=600 line=38
vizee s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=602 line=12
vo s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=602 line=19
v÷ance s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=11 col=605 line=23
vocable s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=605 line=26
vocac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=605 line=43
vocal s.f. (match=better) vol=11 col=606 line=17
vocatif s.m. (match=better) vol=11 col=606 line=31
vochement s.m. (match=better) vol=11 col=606 line=40
vochŰor s.m. (match=better) vol=11 col=606 line=45
vochier v. (match=better) vol=11 col=606 line=50
vociferac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=608 line=21
vociferer v. (match=bad:1) vol=11 col=608 line=27
voder s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=608 line=34
vodve s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=608 line=38
v÷e s.f. (selten m.) (match=bad:NA) vol=11 col=608 line=42
v÷Ú s.m. (match=bad:NA) vol=11 col=610 line=10
v÷ee s.f. (match=better) vol=11 col=610 line=44
v÷ement s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=611 line=2
v÷er1 v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=611 line=13
v÷er2 v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=616 line=9
v÷eresse s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=616 line=15
v÷erie1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=616 line=23
v÷erie2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=617 line=3
voguŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=617 line=15
voguer v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=617 line=19
voi s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=617 line=28
voiage s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=617 line=36
voiant a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=619 line=43
voidise s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=620 line=23
voidis´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=620 line=26
voie s.f., adv. (match=exact) vol=11 col=620 line=29
voiee s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=639 line=47
voielete s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=640 line=4
voier´e s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=640 line=14
voiete s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=640 line=32
voieul s.m., a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=640 line=45
voiier1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=641 line=40
voiier2 v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=642 line=32
voil2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=643 line=49
voilage s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=644 line=26
voile1 s.m. und f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=644 line=29
voile2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=646 line=15
voillance s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=647 line=2
voille s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=648 line=17
voillier v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=648 line=25
voir a., adv., s.m. bzw. f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=648 line=47
voirdit s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=668 line=21
voirjurÚ s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=668 line=37
voiror s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=668 line=39
voirre s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=668 line=51
voirsemblable a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=671 line=32
vois (deikt.) Part. (match=exact) vol=11 col=672 line=10
voisdie s.f (match=exact) vol=11 col=672 line=14
voisd´Ú a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=675 line=33
voisd´er v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=675 line=44
voisd´etÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=675 line=50
voisdive s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=11 col=676 line=2
voisdos a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=676 line=9
voisin s.m., a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=676 line=29
voisinable a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=680 line=42
voisinage s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=680 line=46
voisinal a. (match=bad:1) vol=11 col=680 line=49
voisinÚ s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=681 line=1
voisiner v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=681 line=3
voisinetÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=681 line=12
voison s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=11 col=682 line=1
voisos a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=682 line=14
voisosetÚ s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=11 col=685 line=6
voiturage s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=685 line=39
voiture s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=685 line=42
voiturŰor s.m. (match=better) vol=11 col=687 line=3
voiturer v. (match=doubt) vol=11 col=687 line=6
voiturier s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=687 line=12
voituron s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=687 line=32
voiz s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=687 line=36
vol s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=695 line=32
volable a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=698 line=39
volage1 a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=699 line=3
volage2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=701 line=14
volage3 s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=701 line=20
volagetÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=701 line=27
volagier v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=701 line=35
volagos a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=701 line=46
volant s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=701 line=52
volatier a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=702 line=11
volatille s.f., a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=702 line=15
volatin a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=703 line=10
volatisse s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=703 line=15
volcan s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=703 line=19
vole1 a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=703 line=25
vole2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=704 line=51
volee s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=705 line=8
volŰiz s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=707 line=52
volement s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=708 line=6
volent s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=708 line=19
volentÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=708 line=23
volentereux a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=718 line=22
volentier a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=718 line=29
volentiers adv. (match=exact) vol=11 col=718 line=42
volentif a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=723 line=7
volentos a. (match=bad:1) vol=11 col=725 line=35
volentrif a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=726 line=7
volentrin a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=727 line=11
volentrivetÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=727 line=42
volŰor s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=11 col=727 line=46
volequin s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=728 line=2
voler v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=728 line=16
volerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=737 line=41
volet s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=738 line=16
volete s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=738 line=37
voleter v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=738 line=43
voleture s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=740 line=7
volge s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=740 line=10
volgrain s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=11 col=740 line=16
volgrener v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=740 line=21
volier s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=740 line=30
voliere s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=740 line=33
volif a. (match=bad:1) vol=11 col=740 line=37
volille s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=740 line=42
voloir v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=741 line=30
volon s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=11 col=758 line=34
volontable a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=758 line=47
volontaire a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=758 line=52
voloper v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=759 line=27
volopŰure s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=760 line=6
volor s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=760 line=10
volpil s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=760 line=18
volu a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=760 line=20
volubilitÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=761 line=13
voluble s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=761 line=18
volucraire s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=761 line=23
volume s.m. (selten f.) (match=exact) vol=11 col=761 line=33
volumer v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=762 line=30
voluptaire a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=762 line=44
voluptueux a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=762 line=48
volure s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=763 line=1
volutac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=763 line=9
voluter v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=763 line=22
volver v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=763 line=30
volvirer v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=763 line=38
vomer s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=763 line=42
vomerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=763 line=51
vomice a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=764 line=3
vomic´on s.f. (match=bad:2) vol=11 col=764 line=10
vomir v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=764 line=20
vomissable a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=765 line=43
vomissement s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=765 line=52
vomissŰure s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=766 line=29
vomit s.m. (match=exact) vol=11 col=766 line=34
vomitif a. (match=exact) vol=11 col=767 line=33
vonche s. (match=exact) vol=11 col=767 line=37
voncheison s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=767 line=42
vonchŰure s.f. (match=exact) vol=11 col=767 line=48
vongier v. (match=exact) vol=11 col=767 line=52