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t m. (match=bad:NA) vol=10 col=5 line=1
tabahie s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=5 line=15
tabarde s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=5 line=19
tabarel s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=5 line=24
tabart s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=5 line=27
tabellier s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=6 line=38
tabellÔon s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=7 line=1
tabellÔonage s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=7 line=15
tabellÔoner v. (match=bad:2) vol=10 col=7 line=18
taberaut s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=7 line=20
tabernacle s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=7 line=24
tabetaine s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=8 line=18
tabis s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=8 line=23
table s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=8 line=31
tablee s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=15 line=28
tablel s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=15 line=33
tablele s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=16 line=6
tablement s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=16 line=10
tabler v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=16 line=13
tablet s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=16 line=20
tabletaire s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=16 line=23
tablete s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=16 line=26
tabletŽor s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=17 line=10
tableterie s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=17 line=16
tableterresse s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=17 line=20
tabletier s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=17 line=25
tabletiere s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=17 line=35
tablier1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=17 line=38
tablier2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=17 line=41
tabloiier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=18 line=32
tabois s.m. (match=better) vol=10 col=18 line=35
tabor s.m. und f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=18 line=47
taborŽiz s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=20 line=51
taborel s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=21 line=12
taborement s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=21 line=27
taborŽor s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=21 line=33
taborer v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=21 line=44
taborerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=23 line=12
taboret s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=23 line=24
taborie s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=23 line=29
taborne s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=23 line=52
tabornŽor s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=24 line=2
taborner v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=24 line=5
taborois s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=24 line=10
tabulaire s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=24 line=18
tac s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=24 line=21
Ta Áa, ta Áa! Ruf der Jšger (match=doubt) vol=10 col=24 line=29
tache s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=25 line=14
tachelť pc. pf. pass. a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=28 line=13
tachete s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=28 line=29
tachier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=28 line=36
tachos a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=29 line=11
tacier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=29 line=16
tacle s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=29 line=21
tacon s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=29 line=45
taconer v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=30 line=21
taconŽure s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=30 line=36
taconier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=30 line=39
tacre s.m. und f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=30 line=46
tact s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=31 line=15
tšer v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=31 line=19
taffetas s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=31 line=24
tafur s.m., a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=31 line=31
tagant pc. prs. a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=32 line=44
tagoner v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=33 line=1
taharote s.m. (auch f.) (match=exact) vol=10 col=33 line=9
ta Áa! Ruf der Jšger (match=doubt) vol=10 col=33 line=22
tai s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=33 line=23
taie s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=35 line=17
taienot s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=35 line=47
taiier1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=35 line=51
taiier2 v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=36 line=8
taiiere s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=36 line=12
taill s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=36 line=15
taillable a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=36 line=35
taillage s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=36 line=40
taillal s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=36 line=50
taillandere s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=37 line=1
taillandier s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=37 line=4
taillant pc. prs. a., s. (match=exact) vol=10 col=37 line=9
taillarde s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=37 line=51
taille s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=38 line=4
taillebois s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=41 line=42
taillefer s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=41 line=47
taillŽiz a., s. (match=exact) vol=10 col=42 line=7
taillement s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=42 line=29
taillŽoir s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=42 line=33
taillŽor s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=42 line=52
taillepain a., s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=43 line=34
tailleresse s.f., a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=43 line=37
taillerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=43 line=38
taillete s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=43 line=47
taillŽure s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=43 line=50
tailliee s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=44 line=5
taillier1 v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=44 line=19
taillier2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=48 line=35
taillier3 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=48 line=43
taillif a., s. (match=exact) vol=10 col=48 line=47
taindre v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=48 line=50
tainte s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=50 line=9
taion s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=50 line=14
taios a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=50 line=50
taire v. (match=doubt) vol=10 col=51 line=3
taisance s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=55 line=17
taisement s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=55 line=32
taisŽor s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=55 line=34
taiseron s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=55 line=40
taisi a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=55 line=47
taisible a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=56 line=2
taisier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=56 line=16
taisniere s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=56 line=28
taisos a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=57 line=16
taissel s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=57 line=22
taisson s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=57 line=25
talemache s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=58 line=25
talemachier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=58 line=31
talemelerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=58 line=34
talemelier s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=58 line=42
talemose s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=59 line=6
talent s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=59 line=18
talentable a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=62 line=45
talente s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=62 line=50
talentť pc. pf. a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=63 line=9
talenter v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=63 line=16
talentif a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=63 line=22
talentos a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=64 line=1
talevacier s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=64 line=12
talevaz s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=64 line=16
taloche s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=65 line=42
talon s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=66 line=8
taloner v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=67 line=44
talonier s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=68 line=7
talus s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=68 line=13
tamaint a., s. (match=exact) vol=10 col=68 line=24
tamarie s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=68 line=48
tambois s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=69 line=4
tamboissŽiz s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=69 line=23
tamboissement s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=69 line=26
tamboissier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=69 line=31
tambre1 a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=69 line=37
tambre2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=69 line=40
tambuire s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=69 line=49
tambustŽiz s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=70 line=3
tamis s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=70 line=8
tamisage s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=70 line=34
tamise s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=70 line=37
tamisŽor s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=70 line=39
tamisier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=70 line=41
tamoir v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=71 line=7
tampane s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=71 line=51
tampiere s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=72 line=4
tampleil s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=72 line=11
tan s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=72 line=18
tanage s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=72 line=38
tanaisie s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=72 line=40
tanaison s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=73 line=11
tanance s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=73 line=15
tandis adv. (match=exact) vol=10 col=73 line=21
tanť1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=75 line=3
tanť2 pc. pf. pass. a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=75 line=7
tanŽor s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=75 line=12
taner v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=75 line=27
taneresse s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=76 line=17
taneret a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=76 line=20
tanerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=76 line=23
tanet1 a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=76 line=33
tanet2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=76 line=42
tangoner v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=76 line=45
tangre s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=77 line=41
tant a., adv., neutr. s. u. a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=77 line=51
tante s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=96 line=39
tantelet a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=97 line=1
tantet s. neutr. (match=exact) vol=10 col=97 line=8
tantoillier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=97 line=19
tantost adv. (match=exact) vol=10 col=97 line=23
tšon s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=99 line=33
tšoncel s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=100 line=5
tape s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=100 line=12
taper v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=100 line=20
taperel s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=101 line=4
tapicier s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=101 line=10
tapie s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=101 line=17
tapin1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=101 line=22
tapin2 a., s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=101 line=26
tapinage s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=102 line=35
tapinement s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=103 line=39
tapiner v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=103 line=45
tapir v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=104 line=10
tapisons (en) adv. (match=doubt) vol=10 col=105 line=25
tapissŽor s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=105 line=31
tapisserie s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=105 line=34
tapiz s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=105 line=42
tapoiier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=107 line=1
tapon s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=107 line=8
tapoter v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=107 line=12
taquehan s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=107 line=18
tarcais s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=107 line=24
tarcle s.m. (match=bad:2) vol=10 col=107 line=42
tardance s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=107 line=48
tardatÔon s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=108 line=8
tarde s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=108 line=11
tardement s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=108 line=14
tarder v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=108 line=17
tardetť s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=110 line=16
tardible a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=110 line=26
tardiblement adv. (match=exact) vol=10 col=110 line=31
tardibletť s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=110 line=32
tardier s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=110 line=36
tardif a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=110 line=40
tardivece s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=111 line=39
tardivetť s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=111 line=42
tardois1 adv. comp.. (match=exact) vol=10 col=111 line=48
tardois2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=112 line=1
tarť pc. pf. (match=exact) vol=10 col=112 line=8
tarel s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=112 line=12
tarele s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=112 line=17
tarelet s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=112 line=28
tarente s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=112 line=34
tarere s.f. (auch m.) (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=113 line=9
targe1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=113 line=33
targe2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=115 line=7
targeison s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=115 line=15
targement s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=115 line=22
targete s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=115 line=28
targier1 v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=115 line=35
targier2 v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=116 line=15
targif a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=119 line=4
tarÔance s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=119 line=10
tarÔement s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=119 line=12
tariŽor s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=119 line=18
tariier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=119 line=22
tarin1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=120 line=29
tarin2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=120 line=52
tarir v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=121 line=12
tarjance s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=121 line=41
tarre s.f. (match=better) vol=10 col=122 line=7
tarse s.f. (match=better) vol=10 col=122 line=11
tart adv., a., s. (match=better) vol=10 col=122 line=14
Tartaire1 VŲlkername (match=exact) vol=10 col=125 line=33
tartaire2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=125 line=38
tartarie1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=125 line=47
tartarie2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=125 line=52
tartarin a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=126 line=17
tartarum s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=126 line=21
tarte s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=126 line=27
tartele s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=127 line=13
tartelete s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=127 line=16
tarterele s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=127 line=21
tarteroncel s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=127 line=24
tartevele s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=127 line=29
tartier s.m. (match=bad:2) vol=10 col=127 line=35
tartiere s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=127 line=38
tartoire s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=127 line=41
tartre s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=127 line=45
tas s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=127 line=50
tasche1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=129 line=22
tasche2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=129 line=40
taschŽor s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=130 line=33
tascherie s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=130 line=43
taschete1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=130 line=46
taschete2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=130 line=49
taschetier s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=131 line=3
taschier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=131 line=6
taschif a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=131 line=12
taschoner v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=131 line=23
tasse1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=131 line=27
tasse2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=131 line=49
tassee s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=132 line=4
tassŽiz s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=132 line=9
tassel1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=132 line=13
tassel2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=132 line=19
Tassel3 nom. propr. (match=exact) vol=10 col=133 line=36
tasselŽor s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=134 line=4
tasseler v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=134 line=8
tassement s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=134 line=17
tassŽor s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=134 line=20
tasser v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=134 line=23
tassete s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=134 line=31
tassetŽor s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=134 line=36
tasseterie s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=134 line=39
tast s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=134 line=42
tastable a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=135 line=9
taste s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=135 line=12
tastement s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=135 line=22
tastŽor s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=135 line=31
taster v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=135 line=34
tastoiier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=138 line=17
tastoillier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=138 line=22
tastons (a) aadv. (match=doubt) vol=10 col=138 line=38
tastoner v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=139 line=2
ta ta, ta ho interj. (match=doubt) vol=10 col=140 line=48
taterele s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=141 line=8
tatin s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=141 line=15
tatre s.m. oder f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=141 line=45
taupaine s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=141 line=51
taupe s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=142 line=5
taupiere s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=142 line=27
taupiniere s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=142 line=30
taurastre a. (match=doubt) vol=10 col=142 line=34
taus s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=142 line=46
taussier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=143 line=7
tavel s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=143 line=16
tavele s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=143 line=34
tavelť pc. pf. pass. a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=143 line=38
tavelet s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=144 line=8
tavelete s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=144 line=11
tavelier s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=144 line=17
tavernage s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=144 line=20
taverne s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=144 line=25
tavernŽor s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=145 line=11
taverner v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=145 line=14
taverneret s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=145 line=22
tavernerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=145 line=28
tavernier s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=145 line=31
taverniere s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=146 line=4
taxacÔon s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=146 line=30
taxe s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=146 line=40
taxement s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=146 line=45
taxer v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=147 line=5
teatre s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=147 line=22
tecolite s.m. oder f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=147 line=47
tedÔos a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=148 line=1
tegument s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=148 line=5
tehir v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=148 line=9
teigne s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=148 line=43
teignos a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=149 line=26
teignosel a., s. (match=exact) vol=10 col=150 line=1
teil s.m. (auch a.) (match=exact) vol=10 col=150 line=3
teille s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=150 line=30
teindŽor s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=150 line=39
teindre v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=150 line=45
teint s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=153 line=39
teinte s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=154 line=27
teinterie s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=154 line=29
teintine s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=154 line=31
teinture s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=154 line=36
teinturer v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=155 line=13
teinturerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=155 line=16
teinturier s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=155 line=22
tel a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=155 line=32
telagon s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=163 line=13
telŽor s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=163 line=21
telerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=163 line=24
telier1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=163 line=28
telier2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=163 line=38
teliere1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=163 line=41
teliere2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=163 line=44
teme s.m. (match=bad:2) vol=10 col=163 line=49
temoute s.m. oder f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=164 line=15
temperacÔon s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=165 line=2
temperance s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=165 line=9
tempest s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=165 line=13
tempestaison s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=165 line=50
tempeste s.f. (match=better) vol=10 col=166 line=1
tempestť s.f. (match=better) vol=10 col=166 line=45
tempester v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=167 line=15
tempestif a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=168 line=31
tempestiz s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=168 line=37
tempestos a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=168 line=40
tempier s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=168 line=49
tempiere s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=170 line=1
temple1 s.f. oder m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=170 line=5
temple2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=171 line=8
temple3 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=171 line=14
templee s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=172 line=38
templel s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=172 line=42
templete s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=172 line=50
templier1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=173 line=2
templier2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=173 line=5
templiere s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=173 line=37
tempoire s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=173 line=43
temporal s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=174 line=28
temporalitť s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=174 line=42
temporel a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=175 line=6
temporÔser v. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=175 line=32
tempraison s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=175 line=36
temprance s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=175 line=41
tempre1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=175 line=50
tempre2 adv. (match=exact) vol=10 col=176 line=4
tempre3 s.f. (match=doubt) vol=10 col=177 line=8
temprement1 adv. (match=exact) vol=10 col=177 line=13
temprement2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=177 line=46
temprer v. (match=doubt) vol=10 col=177 line=51
temprŽure s.f. (match=doubt) vol=10 col=179 line=52
temprif a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=180 line=23
tempris s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=180 line=31
temproir s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=180 line=34
tenable a., s. (match=exact) vol=10 col=180 line=41
tenabletť s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=181 line=32
tenacitť s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=181 line=37
tenage s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=181 line=40
tenail s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=181 line=43
tenaille s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=181 line=48
tenaire s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=182 line=22
tenance s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=182 line=23
tenant a., s. (match=exact) vol=10 col=182 line=51
tenÁaison s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=185 line=20
tenÁance s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=185 line=23
tence s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=185 line=24
tencŽiz s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=186 line=22
tenceler v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=186 line=26
tencement s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=186 line=29
tencŽor a., s. (match=exact) vol=10 col=186 line=32
tenceresse a., s. (match=exact) vol=10 col=186 line=39
tencerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=187 line=12
tenceul a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=187 line=15
tenche s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=187 line=17
tenchel s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=187 line=28
tencier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=187 line=33
tencif a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=189 line=21
tenÁon s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=189 line=24
tenÁonable a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=190 line=38
tenÁoner v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=190 line=47
tenÁonerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=191 line=2
tenÁonerresse a.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=191 line=7
tenÁonier a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=191 line=12
tenÁonos a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=191 line=15
tenÁos a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=191 line=19
tendage s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=191 line=26
tendal s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=191 line=29
tendance s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=191 line=32
tendeille s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=191 line=38
tendis s.m. (match=bad:2) vol=10 col=191 line=43
tendelete s.f. (match=better) vol=10 col=191 line=45
tendement s.m. (match=doubt) vol=10 col=191 line=47
tendŽor s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=192 line=1
tenderesse s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=192 line=9
tenderie s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=192 line=12
tendillier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=192 line=15
tendon s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=192 line=20
tendre1 v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=192 line=25
tendre2 a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=196 line=51
tendrece s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=198 line=33
tendret a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=198 line=41
tendrier a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=198 line=47
tendrillon s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=199 line=8
tendrir v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=199 line=15
tendroiier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=199 line=18
tendron s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=199 line=24
tendronos a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=199 line=47
tendror s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=199 line=51
tendŁe s.f. (match=bad:2) vol=10 col=200 line=49
tenebre s.m. (sg. und pl. ) (match=exact) vol=10 col=200 line=52
tenebrť a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=201 line=32
Tenebrifer a., s. (match=exact) vol=10 col=201 line=36
tenebror1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=201 line=39
tenebror2 a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=202 line=33
tenebros a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=202 line=44
tenel s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=203 line=29
tenement s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=203 line=32
tenementier s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=204 line=38
tenŽor s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=204 line=40
tenerge a., s. (match=exact) vol=10 col=204 line=46
tenet s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=205 line=17
tenŽure s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=205 line=20
teniecle a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=205 line=51
tenir1 v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=206 line=17
tenir2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=223 line=35
tenoil s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=223 line=38
tenoire s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=223 line=44
tenon s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=223 line=47
tenor s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=224 line=2
tens s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=225 line=17
tensee s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=230 line=42
tensement s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=230 line=45
tenser v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=231 line=18
tenserie s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=233 line=7
tent s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=233 line=21
tentable a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=233 line=23
tentacÔon s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=233 line=26
tentaison s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=233 line=46
tentance s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=233 line=50
tentant s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=234 line=1
tente1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=234 line=4
tente2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=234 line=24
tente3 s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=234 line=28
tente4 s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=234 line=50
tentŽiz s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=235 line=32
tentement s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=235 line=38
tentŽor s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=235 line=48
tenter v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=236 line=7
tentif a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=237 line=21
tentillon s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=237 line=27
tentin s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=237 line=29
tentir1 v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=237 line=32
tentir2 v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=237 line=35
tentissement s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=238 line=34
tentoire s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=238 line=38
tenton s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=238 line=43
tenŁe s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=238 line=45
tenve a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=239 line=11
tenvece s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=240 line=41
tenvet a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=240 line=46
teologal a. (match=better) vol=10 col=240 line=48
teological a. (match=doubt) vol=10 col=240 line=49
teologe a., s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=240 line=52
teologie s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=241 line=11
teologiien s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=241 line=29
teologiser v. (match=doubt) vol=10 col=241 line=35
teorie s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=241 line=37
teorique s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=241 line=40
tepiditť s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=242 line=24
ter s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=242 line=26
terc s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=242 line=31
tercelier s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=242 line=35
tercier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=242 line=41
terÁuel1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=242 line=48
terÁuel2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=243 line=39
tercurias s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=243 line=46
terdre v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=244 line=2
terebentine s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=245 line=35
tergŽure s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=246 line=6
tergier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=246 line=9
terin s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=246 line=30
terme s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=246 line=35
termen s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=249 line=36
termer v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=249 line=45
termes s.m. pl. (match=exact) vol=10 col=249 line=50
termin s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=250 line=12
terminable a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=250 line=27
terminacÔon s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=250 line=33
terminaison s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=250 line=38
terminance s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=250 line=44
termine s.m. (auch f.) (match=exact) vol=10 col=251 line=3
terminee s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=252 line=10
terminement s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=252 line=20
terminŽor s., a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=252 line=30
terminer v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=252 line=35
terminois a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=253 line=43
termoiement s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=253 line=49
termoiŽor s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=254 line=8
termoiere s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=254 line=20
termoiier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=254 line=28
termor s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=254 line=48
termulon s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=254 line=50
ternaire a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=254 line=51
terne1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=255 line=3
terne2 a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=255 line=13
ternir v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=255 line=32
terrace s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=255 line=39
terracŽor s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=256 line=7
terracier s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=256 line=10
terrage s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=256 line=12
terragŽor s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=256 line=27
terragerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=256 line=31
terragier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=256 line=35
terrail s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=256 line=39
terraillier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=257 line=3
terraillon s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=257 line=7
terrain s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=257 line=10
terrajal a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=257 line=27
terral s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=257 line=31
terrastre s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=258 line=5
terre s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=258 line=7
terree s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=263 line=32
terremote s.m. und f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=263 line=42
terremuet s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=264 line=7
terrenal a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=264 line=17
terrŽoir s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=264 line=19
terrer v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=264 line=33
terrestÔen a. (match=better) vol=10 col=265 line=16
terrestre a. (match=better) vol=10 col=265 line=19
terrible a. (match=better) vol=10 col=265 line=37
terribletť s.f. (match=better) vol=10 col=265 line=44
terrÔen a., s. (match=better) vol=10 col=265 line=47
terrier1 s.m. (auch a.) (match=exact) vol=10 col=267 line=6
terrier2 s.m., a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=267 line=41
terriere s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=268 line=47
terrigene a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=269 line=14
terrin1 a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=269 line=17
terrin2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=269 line=32
terrir v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=269 line=37
territoire s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=269 line=44
terroi s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=269 line=52
terroier s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=270 line=16
terror s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=270 line=19
tersoir s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=270 line=45
tersure s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=271 line=1
tertier s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=271 line=6
tertre s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=271 line=8
tertreÁon s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=272 line=12
tertrel s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=272 line=15
tertrelet s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=272 line=27
tertret s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=272 line=36
tertricel s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=272 line=40
tertrier s.. (match=exact) vol=10 col=272 line=50
tesage s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=273 line=5
tesauriser v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=273 line=7
tesee s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=273 line=14
teser v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=273 line=28
tesgier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=274 line=13
tesillier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=274 line=26
tesir v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=274 line=45
tesmoignable a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=274 line=52
tesmoignage s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=275 line=6
tesmoignal a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=275 line=23
tesmoignance s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=275 line=29
tesmoigne s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=275 line=32
tesmoignement s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=275 line=51
tesmoignŽor s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=276 line=2
tesmoignerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=276 line=13
tesmoignie s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=276 line=16
tesmoignier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=276 line=18
tesmoigniier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=277 line=13
tesmoin s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=277 line=19
tesse s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=278 line=52
tesson s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=279 line=5
tessoncel s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=279 line=10
tessonet s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=279 line=16
test s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=279 line=18
testament s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=280 line=34
testamentaire a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=281 line=18
testamenter v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=281 line=22
testamenteresse s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=281 line=26
testamentor s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=281 line=29
testart a., s. (match=exact) vol=10 col=281 line=34
testater v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=281 line=39
testateresse s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=281 line=44
testatoirement adv. (match=exact) vol=10 col=281 line=47
testator s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=281 line=50
teste s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=282 line=1
testee1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=284 line=40
testee2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=284 line=47
testel s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=285 line=40
testelete s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=285 line=43
testemoignage s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=285 line=52
testemoigne s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=286 line=5
testemoignier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=286 line=45
testemoing s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=287 line=24
testemonÔement s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=287 line=30
testemoniier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=287 line=36
tester v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=288 line=2
testerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=288 line=5
testicul s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=288 line=9
testiere s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=288 line=11
testimonÔal a. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=288 line=52
testu a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=289 line=5
tesurer v. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=289 line=23
tetant s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=289 line=27
tete s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=289 line=30
tetel s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=289 line=46
teter v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=290 line=2
teteron s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=290 line=14
tetiler v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=290 line=22
tetine s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=290 line=29
tetinete s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=290 line=46
tetragon s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=291 line=2
tetrarche s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=291 line=9
teve a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=291 line=17
tevelet a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=292 line=3
tevet a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=292 line=7
tevetť s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=292 line=13
tevoiier v. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=292 line=16
tevor s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=292 line=19
texte s.m. (auch f.?) (match=exact) vol=10 col=292 line=31
tÔaulau interj. (match=exact) vol=10 col=293 line=39
tÔauz s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=293 line=47
tibel s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=293 line=51
Tiecelin nom. propr. (match=exact) vol=10 col=294 line=5
tide s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=294 line=13
tierÁain a., s. (match=exact) vol=10 col=294 line=20
tierce s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=294 line=43
tiercel s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=295 line=50
tiercelee s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=296 line=7
tiercelet s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=296 line=10
tiercelin a., s. (match=exact) vol=10 col=296 line=39
tiercenaire s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=296 line=45
tierceresse s.f. (match=doubt) vol=10 col=296 line=49
tierceron s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=296 line=51
tierciable a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=297 line=3
tiercier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=297 line=6
tierciere s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=297 line=17
tierÁoier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=297 line=24
tierÁol s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=297 line=37
tierÁon s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=297 line=50
tierÁonier a., s. (match=bad:3) vol=10 col=298 line=3
tieroit s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=298 line=5
tierz ordin. (match=exact) vol=10 col=298 line=7
tÔeschier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=300 line=42
tifaine s.f. und m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=300 line=49
tifaine s.m. oder f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=301 line=26
tifť s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=301 line=30
tifer v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=301 line=38
tifŽure s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=302 line=15
tifignon s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=302 line=20
tigart s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=302 line=27
tige s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=302 line=32
tigel s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=303 line=4
tigre s.m. oder f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=303 line=9
tijuel s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=303 line=38
til1 s.m., a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=304 line=18
til2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=304 line=45
tillac s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=304 line=49
tille1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=305 line=2
tille2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=305 line=34
tille badille s.f. (match=doubt) vol=10 col=305 line=47
tillier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=306 line=2
tilloi s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=306 line=10
tillolet s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=306 line=13
tilluel s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=306 line=16
timbale s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=306 line=29
timberresse s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=306 line=37
timbr s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=306 line=46
timbre s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=306 line=51
timbrer v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=308 line=7
timbure s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=308 line=36
timÔame s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=308 line=42
timon s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=309 line=17
timonage s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=309 line=38
timonement s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=309 line=41
timoner v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=309 line=48
timonier s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=310 line=4
timor s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=310 line=10
timpan s.m. (match=better) vol=10 col=310 line=16
timpane s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=310 line=32
timpaner v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=310 line=44
timpaneresse s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=310 line=47
timpaniste s.f., a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=311 line=1
timpanon s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=311 line=5
tin s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=311 line=13
tinal s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=311 line=18
tine s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=311 line=23
tinel1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=311 line=43
tinel2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=313 line=8
tinele s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=313 line=16
tiner v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=313 line=21
tinet s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=313 line=26
tinete s.f. (match=doubt) vol=10 col=313 line=30
tingle s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=313 line=38
tinglete s.f. (match=bad:2) vol=10 col=313 line=42
tinglŽure s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=313 line=43
tinnitť s.f. (match=better) vol=10 col=313 line=46
tint s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=313 line=51
tinter v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=314 line=8
tinterece s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=314 line=32
tintin s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=314 line=38
tintinele s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=315 line=7
tintiner v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=315 line=12
tintinmalle s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=315 line=25
tintoner v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=315 line=38
tÔois a., s. (match=exact) vol=10 col=315 line=41
tipe .. tope alliterierende Formel (match=doubt) vol=10 col=316 line=22
tipet s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=316 line=28
tir1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=316 line=33
tir2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=316 line=35
tir3 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=316 line=36
tir4 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=316 line=37
tiran s.m. (auch a.) (match=exact) vol=10 col=317 line=7
tirandise s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=318 line=51
tiranie s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=319 line=1
tiraniser v. (match=bad:3) vol=10 col=319 line=16
tiranisie s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=319 line=18
tire1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=319 line=21
tire2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=320 line=7
tirŽiz s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=323 line=12
tirel a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=323 line=23
tirelire1 refrain (match=exact) vol=10 col=323 line=30
tirelire2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=323 line=38
tirement s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=324 line=16
tirŽoir s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=324 line=19
tirŽor s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=324 line=28
tirer v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=324 line=30
tiret s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=328 line=31
tiretaine s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=328 line=41
tiretanier s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=329 line=12
tirÔaque s.m. (match=doubt) vol=10 col=329 line=15
tirlot s.m. (match=doubt) vol=10 col=329 line=22
tiroire s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=329 line=26
tiron s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=329 line=33
tisane s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=329 line=40
tisique a., s. (match=exact) vol=10 col=329 line=50
tison s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=330 line=26
tisonŽor s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=332 line=11
tisoner v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=332 line=13
tisoneresse s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=332 line=20
tissage s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=332 line=25
tissement s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=332 line=28
tissŽor s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=332 line=32
tisseranderie s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=332 line=36
tisserant s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=332 line=42
tissier s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=333 line=5
tissu s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=333 line=17
tiste s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=334 line=26
tisteresce s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=334 line=28
tistre v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=334 line=33
tisture s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=335 line=34
ne tite ne mite Reimformel (match=doubt) vol=10 col=335 line=41
titiller v (match=exact) vol=10 col=335 line=48
title s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=336 line=5
titre s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=336 line=44
tituler v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=337 line=12
tiul s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=337 line=13
tiule s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=337 line=17
tiulee a.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=338 line=10
tiulel s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=338 line=29
tiulŽor s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=338 line=33
tiuler v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=338 line=36
tiuleresse s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=338 line=41
tiulerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=338 line=44
tiulete s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=338 line=49
tiulier1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=339 line=11
tiulier2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=339 line=17
tiuliere s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=339 line=23
tŲaille s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=339 line=27
tŲaillete1 s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=341 line=37
tŲaillete2 s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=341 line=40
tŲailliere s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=341 line=43
tŲaillole s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=341 line=46
tŲaillon s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=341 line=51
tochable a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=342 line=11
toche1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=342 line=13
toche2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=342 line=15
tochefiche s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=343 line=2
tochement s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=343 line=6
tochemole a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=343 line=27
tochet s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=343 line=32
tochier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=343 line=35
tochos s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=349 line=11
todomaire s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=349 line=18
tŲeil s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=349 line=26
tŲeillŽiz s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=350 line=21
tŲeillement s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=350 line=32
tŲeillier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=350 line=49
tŲele s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=353 line=3
tŲenart s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=353 line=24
tofe s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=353 line=42
tofor s.m. (match=doubt) vol=10 col=354 line=1
togue s.f. (match=bad:3) vol=10 col=354 line=5
toi pron. pers. 2. pers. (match=exact) vol=10 col=354 line=10
toie s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=355 line=26
toiere s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=356 line=33
toil s.m. (match=better) vol=10 col=356 line=37
toile s.f. (match=better) vol=10 col=356 line=40
toire s.f. (match=better) vol=10 col=357 line=38
toise s.f. (match=better) vol=10 col=357 line=42
toison s.f. (match=doubt) vol=10 col=359 line=14
toit s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=359 line=52
toitel s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=360 line=43
toitelet s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=361 line=7
toitier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=361 line=11
toiton s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=361 line=14
toivre s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=361 line=16
tolage s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=361 line=23
tole s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=361 line=47
tolement s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=361 line=51
tolŽor s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=362 line=4
tolerable a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=362 line=21
tolerance s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=362 line=24
tolerer v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=362 line=33
tolie s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=362 line=43
tolin s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=362 line=49
tolir v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=363 line=2
tolois a., s. (match=exact) vol=10 col=366 line=35
toloison s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=366 line=39
tolon s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=366 line=42
tombe1 s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=367 line=6
tombe2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=367 line=43
tombel s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=368 line=2
tombele s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=368 line=38
tombŽor s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=368 line=45
tomber v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=368 line=52
tomberee s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=369 line=45
tomberel1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=369 line=48
tomberel2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=370 line=8
tomberel3 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=370 line=11
tomberel4 s.m. (match=doubt) vol=10 col=370 line=21
tomberelee s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=370 line=32
tomberesse s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=370 line=35
tomberole s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=370 line=39
tombier s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=370 line=43
tombir v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=370 line=47
tombissement s.. (match=exact) vol=10 col=371 line=17
ton1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=371 line=21
ton2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=372 line=7
ton3 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=372 line=9
ton4 pron. poss. m. 2. pers. (unbetont) (match=exact) vol=10 col=372 line=16
tonage s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=374 line=9
tondage s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=374 line=13
tondŽor s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=374 line=16
tonderesse s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=374 line=23
tonderie s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=374 line=26
tondoison s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=374 line=29
tondre1 v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=374 line=33
tondre2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=377 line=32
tondre3 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=377 line=34
tondue s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=377 line=47
tone s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=377 line=52
tonel s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=378 line=25
tonelage s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=379 line=32
tonele s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=379 line=35
tonelerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=379 line=48
tonelet s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=379 line=52
tonelier s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=380 line=4
toneliere s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=380 line=11
toner v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=380 line=14
tonlieu s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=381 line=45
tonloierie s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=382 line=16
tonloiier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=382 line=19
tonoire s.m. und f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=382 line=32
tonorement s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=383 line=36
tonsure s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=383 line=39
tonsurer v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=384 line=5
tonterier s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=384 line=14
tonture s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=384 line=22
top1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=384 line=38
top2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=385 line=6
topace s.m. und f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=385 line=9
toper v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=386 line=38
topet1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=386 line=48
topet2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=387 line=17
topiier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=387 line=26
topin s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=387 line=43
topiner v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=387 line=48
topiques s. pl. (match=exact) vol=10 col=388 line=3
topoie s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=388 line=6
tor1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=388 line=14
tor2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=389 line=10
tor3 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=390 line=29
tor4 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=390 line=32
tor5 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=390 line=40
torage s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=397 line=4
torail s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=397 line=7
toraillage s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=397 line=24
toral a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=397 line=26
torbacÔon s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=397 line=31
torbance s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=397 line=37
torbaz s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=397 line=40
torbe1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=397 line=49
torbe2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=398 line=43
torbe3 s.f. und m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=398 line=49
torbe4 a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=399 line=8
torbee s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=399 line=17
torbeillier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=399 line=23
torbel s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=399 line=27
torbement s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=399 line=30
torber1 v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=399 line=34
torber2 v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=400 line=13
torberez a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=400 line=17
torberie s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=400 line=20
torberiere s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=400 line=24
torbier s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=400 line=26
torbiere s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=400 line=29
torbil s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=400 line=32
torbillon s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=400 line=41
torbillos a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=401 line=10
torbin s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=401 line=19
torblacÔon s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=401 line=25
torblance s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=401 line=37
torble1 a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=401 line=41
torble2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=403 line=27
torblece s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=403 line=44
torblefeste s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=403 line=47
torblement s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=403 line=50
torblŽor s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=404 line=9
torbler v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=404 line=13
torbote s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=406 line=13
torcenŽor s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=406 line=17
torcenerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=406 line=20
torceneros a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=406 line=34
torcenier a. (s.) (match=exact) vol=10 col=406 line=36
torcenoiement s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=407 line=4
torcenos a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=407 line=7
torchaz s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=407 line=32
torche1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=407 line=37
torche2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=407 line=42
torche3 s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=408 line=2
torchŽicier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=408 line=48
torchŽiz s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=408 line=51
torchŽor s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=409 line=5
torchepot s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=409 line=9
torchete s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=409 line=17
torchier1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=409 line=20
torchier2 v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=409 line=24
torchillon s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=410 line=35
torchissor s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=410 line=42
torchon s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=410 line=46
torcÔon s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=411 line=13
tordage s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=411 line=24
tordement s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=411 line=27
tordŽor s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=411 line=31
torderesse s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=411 line=37
tordoir s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=411 line=40
tordre v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=411 line=43
tore s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=413 line=33
toreÁon s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=413 line=41
toreil s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=413 line=44
toreillier1 v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=413 line=47
toreillier2 v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=414 line=8
toreillon s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=414 line=12
torein s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=414 line=24
torel1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=414 line=27
torel2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=415 line=5
torele s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=415 line=10
torelet s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=415 line=16
torer v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=415 line=19
torerie s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=415 line=22
toret1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=415 line=25
toret2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=415 line=27
toret3 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=415 line=44
toret4 s.m. (match=better) vol=10 col=416 line=5
toret5 s.m. (match=better) vol=10 col=416 line=14
toret6 s.m. (match=better) vol=10 col=416 line=23
torete s.f. (match=better) vol=10 col=416 line=32
torfait s.m. (match=better) vol=10 col=416 line=37
torgier v. (match=bad:2) vol=10 col=417 line=20
torier s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=417 line=22
torlouc a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=417 line=27
torment s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=417 line=32
tormentable a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=419 line=36
tormental s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=419 line=43
tormente s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=419 line=46
tormentement s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=421 line=22
tormentŽor s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=421 line=30
tormenter v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=421 line=48
tormentine1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=423 line=47
tormentine2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=423 line=50
tornable a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=424 line=31
tornabletť s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=424 line=34
tornace s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=424 line=37
tornaderie s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=424 line=40
tornaille s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=424 line=44
tornant s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=424 line=50
tornatil a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=425 line=2
torne s.m. (match=bad:2) vol=10 col=425 line=5
tornebŲele s.f. (match=bad:2) vol=10 col=425 line=12
tornebŲeler v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=425 line=49
tornee s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=426 line=1
tornŽiz a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=426 line=37
tornel s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=427 line=34
tornele1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=427 line=38
tornele2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=428 line=22
tornelete s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=428 line=27
tornement s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=428 line=34
tornŽoire s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=428 line=37
tornŽor s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=428 line=41
torner v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=428 line=50
torneresse s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=436 line=2
tornerie s.f. (match=bad:2) vol=10 col=436 line=5
tornesol s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=436 line=8
tornet s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=436 line=16
tornete s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=436 line=18
tornŽure s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=436 line=22
torniÁ a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=436 line=30
tornÔole s.f. (match=bad:3) vol=10 col=436 line=41
tornoi s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=437 line=1
tornoiant s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=438 line=33
tornoiement s.m. (match=bad:2) vol=10 col=438 line=38
tornoiŽor s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=440 line=11
tornoierie s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=440 line=37
tornoiier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=440 line=46
tornois s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=443 line=48
tornot s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=444 line=29
toroil s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=444 line=33
toron s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=444 line=44
toroul boroul Reimformel (match=doubt) vol=10 col=445 line=18
torpin s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=445 line=24
tors s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=445 line=31
torsage s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=445 line=41
torse s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=445 line=44
torsee s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=446 line=32
torsel s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=446 line=37
torselet s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=448 line=4
torseliere s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=448 line=7
torser1 v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=448 line=10
torser2 v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=448 line=12
torseroil s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=450 line=31
torsŽure s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=450 line=42
torsÔon s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=451 line=9
torsiz a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=451 line=11
torsoir s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=451 line=14
torsoire s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=451 line=17
tort1 a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=451 line=26
tort2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=453 line=17
torte1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=456 line=43
torte2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=457 line=37
torteillier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=457 line=43
tortel s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=458 line=2
tortelŽor s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=458 line=39
tortelet s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=458 line=42
torterelet s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=458 line=50
torterole s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=459 line=1
tortil s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=459 line=8
tortin s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=459 line=17
tortir v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=459 line=38
tortiz a., s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=459 line=47
tortoir s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=460 line=27
tortpiť s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=460 line=52
tortre1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=461 line=11
tortre2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=462 line=2
tortrel s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=462 line=10
tortrele s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=462 line=15
tortrer v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=462 line=49
tortu a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=462 line=52
tortŁe s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=463 line=41
tortŁer v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=464 line=13
tortŁetť s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=464 line=17
tortŁos a. (match=bad:2) vol=10 col=464 line=20
tortŁŲsitť s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=464 line=27
torture s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=464 line=36
torturier s.m., a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=465 line=3
torvain a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=465 line=18
torve a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=465 line=23
torz s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=465 line=28
tos1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=465 line=33
tos2 s.f. (auch m. ?) (match=exact) vol=10 col=465 line=39
tosart s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=466 line=9
toscane s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=466 line=14
tose s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=466 line=19
tosel s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=466 line=48
tosele s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=467 line=34
tosŽor s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=467 line=37
toser v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=467 line=39
toset a., s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=468 line=7
tosete s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=468 line=24
toseter v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=468 line=38
tossement s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=468 line=41
tosser v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=468 line=49
tossin s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=469 line=2
tossique s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=469 line=6
tossir v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=469 line=24
tost1 adv. (match=exact) vol=10 col=469 line=38
tost2 a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=473 line=11
tostain a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=473 line=16
tostee s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=473 line=22
toster v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=473 line=49
tot a., adv. (match=exact) vol=10 col=474 line=27
totable a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=482 line=32
totage s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=482 line=35
total a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=482 line=38
totalitť s.f. (match=doubt) vol=10 col=482 line=41
totebone s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=482 line=45
totepuissance s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=483 line=3
totpuissant a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=483 line=12
toute s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=483 line=19
touture s.f. (match=doubt) vol=10 col=484 line=20
Tozsainz s.m. obl. pl. (match=exact) vol=10 col=484 line=22
traÁable a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=484 line=49
traÁant a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=485 line=2
trace s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=485 line=6
tracee s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=487 line=17
trachee s.f. (match=bad:3) vol=10 col=487 line=20
tracier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=487 line=29
tracle s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=488 line=52
tracter v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=489 line=4
tractif a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=489 line=11
tradicÔon s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=489 line=18
trafer v. (match=bad:2) vol=10 col=489 line=26
traiant s.m. und f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=489 line=30
traiŽiz s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=490 line=10
traiement s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=490 line=20
traiŽor s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=490 line=30
traierece s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=490 line=41
traieresse s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=490 line=48
traierÔe s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=490 line=51
trail s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=491 line=6
traille s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=491 line=13
traillier1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=491 line=18
traillier2 v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=491 line=23
traillier3 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=491 line=37
traime s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=491 line=42
tršiment s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=492 line=11
tršin s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=492 line=23
tršinal s.m. (match=better) vol=10 col=494 line=41
tršine s.f. (match=doubt) vol=10 col=494 line=45
tršinee s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=495 line=30
tršinel s.m. (match=doubt) vol=10 col=495 line=32
tršinement s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=495 line=44
tršiner v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=495 line=47
tršinerresse s.f. (match=better) vol=10 col=498 line=8
tršir v. (match=better) vol=10 col=498 line=12
traire v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=500 line=1
tršis s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=509 line=12
tršison s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=509 line=15
tršisonner v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=509 line=38
tršissement s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=509 line=43
trait s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=510 line=5
traitable a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=514 line=6
traitabletť s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=514 line=16
tršitaille s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=514 line=22
tršital a. (match=bad:2) vol=10 col=514 line=26
traite s.f. (match=doubt) vol=10 col=514 line=29
tršitel s.m., a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=514 line=36
traitement s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=514 line=45
traitiť s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=515 line=1
traitiee s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=515 line=19
tršitier s.m., a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=515 line=45
traitier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=515 line=50
traitif a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=517 line=43
traitin s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=517 line=51
traitiz a. (auch s.m.) (match=exact) vol=10 col=518 line=20
traitoire s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=519 line=16
traitor1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=519 line=27
traitor2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=519 line=35
tršitor s.m., a. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=519 line=41
tršitrement adv. (match=exact) vol=10 col=520 line=47
tršitresse s.f., a. (match=doubt) vol=10 col=521 line=5
tršitros a. (auch s.) (match=exact) vol=10 col=521 line=20
tramail s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=521 line=37
tramer v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=521 line=51
trametre v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=522 line=6
tramŽure s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=522 line=46
tramiier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=522 line=49
tramontaine s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=523 line=7
tranquilitť s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=523 line=28
transactÔon s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=523 line=39
transcendre v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=523 line=47
transcorre v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=524 line=2
transcrire v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=524 line=8
transcrit s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=524 line=29
transe s.f. (und m.) (match=exact) vol=10 col=524 line=38
transfiguracÔon s.f. (match=bad:2) vol=10 col=525 line=5
transfigurement s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=525 line=11
transfigurer v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=525 line=14
transforer v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=525 line=35
transformatÔon s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=525 line=38
transformement s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=525 line=43
transformer v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=525 line=47
transfreter v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=526 line=4
transfuge s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=526 line=16
transfŁitif a., s. (match=bad:2) vol=10 col=526 line=20
transfusÔon s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=526 line=23
transglot s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=526 line=26
transgloter v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=526 line=31
transglotir v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=526 line=40
transgredir v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=527 line=30
transgresser v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=527 line=38
transgressÔon s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=527 line=41
transgressor s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=528 line=6
transicÔon s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=528 line=12
transiger v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=528 line=18
transir v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=528 line=24
transite s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=529 line=1
transitif a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=529 line=7
transitoire a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=529 line=14
translacÔon s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=529 line=31
translancier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=529 line=47
translat s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=530 line=1
translatement s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=530 line=4
translater v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=530 line=8
translatif a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=531 line=28
translator s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=531 line=33
tran(s)line s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=531 line=41
transmarin a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=531 line=46
transmŽable a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=532 line=2
transmetre v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=532 line=5
transmigracÔon s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=532 line=14
transmissÔon s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=532 line=24
transmontain a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=532 line=29
transmŁer v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=532 line=37
transmutacÔon s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=533 line=7
transpercier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=533 line=21
transportement s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=533 line=27
transporter v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=533 line=30
transposer v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=534 line=5
transsomptivement adv. (match=exact) vol=10 col=534 line=13
transsubstantiatÔon s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=534 line=22
transvaser v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=534 line=25
transvoler v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=534 line=32
tršoil s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=534 line=35
tršoillier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=534 line=50
trape s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=535 line=2
trapeler v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=535 line=50
traper v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=536 line=2
trapier s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=536 line=8
trastre s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=536 line=13
travail s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=536 line=33
travaillable a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=538 line=45
travaillance s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=538 line=48
travaillant a., s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=538 line=51
travaille s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=539 line=4
travaillement s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=539 line=28
travaillŽor s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=539 line=39
travaillerie s.f. (match=better) vol=10 col=539 line=48
travaillier v. (match=better) vol=10 col=539 line=52
travaillos a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=543 line=39
trave s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=544 line=13
traveÁon s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=544 line=17
travee s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=544 line=27
travel1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=544 line=31
travel2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=544 line=33
travele s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=544 line=40
traver v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=544 line=47
travers a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=545 line=9
traversain a., s. (match=exact) vol=10 col=549 line=22
traversal a. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=550 line=14
traversant a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=550 line=20
traverse s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=550 line=26
traverser v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=551 line=10
traversŽure s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=552 line=45
traversier a., s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=552 line=51
travesche s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=553 line=21
traveschier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=553 line=25
travetel s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=553 line=30
traveter v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=553 line=35
travetier1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=553 line=38
travetier2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=553 line=40
travetier3 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=553 line=43
travŽure s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=553 line=47
treble a., s. (match=exact) vol=10 col=553 line=52
trebler v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=555 line=27
trebloiier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=555 line=31
trebuc s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=555 line=35
trebuchable a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=556 line=20
trebuchage s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=556 line=28
trebuchance s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=556 line=32
trebuche s.f. (match=bad:2) vol=10 col=556 line=51
trebuchŽiz s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=557 line=6
trebuchel s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=557 line=13
trebuchement s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=557 line=17
trebuchŽor s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=557 line=42
trebucherie s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=557 line=44
trebuchet s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=557 line=46
trebuchiee s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=558 line=27
trebuchier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=558 line=31
a trebuchons adv. (match=better) vol=10 col=561 line=7
trebuchos a. (match=doubt) vol=10 col=561 line=11
trece s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=561 line=14
treceler v. (match=bad:2) vol=10 col=562 line=45
trecŽoir s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=562 line=47
trecŽor s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=563 line=31
trecŽure s.f. (match=bad:3) vol=10 col=563 line=35
trecier1 v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=563 line=45
trecier2 v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=563 line=49
treÁon s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=565 line=7
tref1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=565 line=28
tref2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=566 line=26
trefilerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=569 line=21
trefilier s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=569 line=24
trefiliere s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=569 line=28
trefle s.m. (f.) (match=exact) vol=10 col=569 line=32
trefonier s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=569 line=49
trefueil1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=570 line=2
trefueil2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=570 line=8
trehoignier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=570 line=14
treille s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=570 line=20
treillete s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=571 line=8
treillie s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=571 line=14
treillier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=571 line=20
treilliz s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=571 line=38
treisme s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=572 line=3
trezain ordin. (match=exact) vol=10 col=572 line=9
treize card. (match=exact) vol=10 col=572 line=15
treiziesme ordin. (match=exact) vol=10 col=572 line=39
tremblable a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=573 line=19
tremblaison s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=573 line=30
tremble1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=573 line=36
tremble2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=573 line=40
trembler1 v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=574 line=19
trembler2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=576 line=11
trembloi s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=576 line=20
tremblor s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=576 line=24
tremblos a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=576 line=38
treme s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=576 line=44
tremelŽor s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=577 line=1
tremeler v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=577 line=18
tremŽor s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=577 line=44
tremer v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=577 line=46
tremerel s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=577 line=50
tremois s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=578 line=27
tremor s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=579 line=15
tremuie s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=579 line=24
trenchable a. (match=bad:2) vol=10 col=579 line=32
trenchaison s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=579 line=34
trenchant s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=580 line=7
trenchantetť s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=580 line=33
trenche s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=580 line=36
trenchŽiz s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=581 line=5
trencheler v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=581 line=18
trenchement s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=581 line=22
trenche-montagne s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=581 line=44
trenchŽoir s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=581 line=48
trenchŽor1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=582 line=15
trenchŽor2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=582 line=25
trenchet s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=582 line=30
trencheteste s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=582 line=37
trenchŽure s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=582 line=40
trenchiee s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=583 line=6
trenchier1 v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=583 line=50
trenchier2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=587 line=38
trenchif a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=587 line=41
trentage s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=587 line=47
trentain1 a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=587 line=51
trentain2 a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=588 line=4
trentaine s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=588 line=8
trente card. (match=exact) vol=10 col=588 line=17
trentel s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=589 line=4
trentenier s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=589 line=22
trentier s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=589 line=25
trentisme a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=589 line=30
trepaignon s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=589 line=47
trepeil s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=590 line=1
trepŽiz s.m. (match=better) vol=10 col=591 line=3
trepeler v. (match=better) vol=10 col=591 line=11
treper v. (match=better) vol=10 col=591 line=18
trepetŽor s.m. (match=better) vol=10 col=591 line=34
trepeter v. (match=better) vol=10 col=591 line=37
trepidacÔon s.f. (match=better) vol=10 col=591 line=42
trepiť s.m. (match=better) vol=10 col=591 line=47
trepignŽiz s.m. (match=better) vol=10 col=592 line=27
trepignier v. (match=better) vol=10 col=592 line=40
trepin s.m. (match=better) vol=10 col=592 line=44
trepoi s.m. (match=better) vol=10 col=592 line=50
trŤs adv., praep. (match=exact) vol=10 col=593 line=9
tresaive s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=598 line=27
tresaler v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=598 line=40
tresbŽu pc. pf. (match=exact) vol=10 col=600 line=3
treschangier v. (match=better) vol=10 col=600 line=8
tresche s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=600 line=31
trescherie s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=601 line=35
treschier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=601 line=39
treschignier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=602 line=10
treschiier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=602 line=16
trescorcier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=602 line=20
trescorre v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=602 line=23
trescouper v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=602 line=48
trescourement s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=603 line=9
tresculer v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=603 line=15
tresdos s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=603 line=20
tresel s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=603 line=23
tresfarcier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=603 line=26
tresfichier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=603 line=30
tresfiner v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=603 line=41
tresflambŽer v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=604 line=8
tresfŲir v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=604 line=11
tresfoirier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=604 line=16
tresfoncŽor s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=604 line=20
tresfoncier s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=604 line=28
tresfons s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=604 line=35
tresforer v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=604 line=50
tresformer v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=605 line=9
tresfremir v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=605 line=15
tresir v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=605 line=18
tresjet s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=605 line=28
tresjetŽiz a., s. (match=exact) vol=10 col=605 line=42
tresjetŽor s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=606 line=5
tresjeter v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=606 line=19
tresjoer v. (match=better) vol=10 col=608 line=7
treslancier v. (match=better) vol=10 col=608 line=10
treslarder v. (match=better) vol=10 col=608 line=22
tresliz a., s. (match=better) vol=10 col=608 line=27
treslŁe s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=609 line=31
treslŁer v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=609 line=38
tresluire v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=609 line=43
tresmailliť pc. pf. a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=610 line=6
tresmener v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=610 line=10
tresmontain a., s. (match=exact) vol=10 col=610 line=19
tresmordre v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=610 line=50
tresmŁement s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=611 line=4
tresmŁer v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=611 line=11
tresmuser v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=611 line=31
tresnŲer v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=611 line=40
tresnoter v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=612 line=2
tresoblÔer v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=612 line=6
tresŲir v. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=612 line=10
tresor s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=612 line=23
tresorerie s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=613 line=47
tresorier s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=614 line=18
tresoriere s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=614 line=34
tresorisier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=615 line=3
tresparoÔr v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=615 line=13
trespartir v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=615 line=17
trespas s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=615 line=21
trespassable a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=617 line=20
trespassance s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=617 line=44
trespassement s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=617 line=51
trespassŽor s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=618 line=45
trespasser v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=618 line=51
trespasseresse s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=621 line=45
trespens s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=621 line=48
trespenser v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=621 line=52
trespensif a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=623 line=13
tresperÁable a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=623 line=25
trespercier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=623 line=29
tresperÁoiier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=624 line=10
tresplanter v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=624 line=15
tresporter v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=624 line=26
tresposer v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=625 line=9
tresprendre v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=625 line=14
tresque1 praep., conjunct. (match=exact) vol=10 col=625 line=19
tresque2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=626 line=28
tressalir v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=626 line=31
tressaut s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=628 line=52
tressauteler v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=629 line=12
tressel s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=629 line=17
tressŁer v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=629 line=23
trestant neutr. (match=exact) vol=10 col=630 line=22
trestantost adv. (match=exact) vol=10 col=630 line=48
trestel s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=631 line=6
trestelet s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=631 line=39
trestor s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=631 line=42
trestornable a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=633 line=2
trestorne s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=633 line=5
trestornee s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=633 line=9
trestornement s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=633 line=33
trestorner v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=633 line=46
trestost adv. (match=exact) vol=10 col=636 line=2
trestot a., s., neutr., adv. (match=exact) vol=10 col=636 line=6
trestre s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=637 line=41
trestrembler v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=637 line=51
tresvaser v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=638 line=14
tresvenir v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=638 line=30
tresvŽoir v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=638 line=34
tresvirer v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=638 line=45
tresvŲer v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=638 line=51
tresvoler v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=639 line=4
trŽu s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=639 line=18
trŽuage s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=640 line=2
treue s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=640 line=40
trevet s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=640 line=45
tri s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=640 line=48
trÔacle s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=641 line=1
trÔaclier1 s.m. (match=bad:2) vol=10 col=642 line=3
trÔaclier2 s.m. (match=bad:2) vol=10 col=642 line=6
trÔaclos a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=642 line=10
trÔage s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=642 line=15
trÔangle1 s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=642 line=19
trÔangle2 a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=642 line=33
trÔangulaire a. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=642 line=36
triangulier a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=642 line=42
trÔant s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=642 line=47
tribol s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=643 line=4
tribolance s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=643 line=43
tribolat s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=643 line=47
tribolee s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=643 line=52
tribolement s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=644 line=2
tribolŽor s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=644 line=15
triboler v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=644 line=30
tribolerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=645 line=18
triboudaine s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=645 line=23
triboudel s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=645 line=31
tribulacÔon s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=645 line=37
tribu martel s.m. (match=doubt) vol=10 col=646 line=11
tribun s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=646 line=17
tribunal a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=646 line=32
tribunautť s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=646 line=35
tribunel s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=646 line=37
tribunicial a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=646 line=43
tributaire a., s. (match=exact) vol=10 col=646 line=47
tributel s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=647 line=13
tricenaire s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=647 line=17
trichaison s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=647 line=21
trichance s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=647 line=25
trichart s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=647 line=27
triche s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=647 line=36
trichece s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=647 line=44
trichefichet s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=647 line=48
trichŽor s.m., a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=647 line=52
tricherel s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=648 line=46
tricheresse s.f., a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=648 line=50
tricheressement adv. (match=exact) vol=10 col=649 line=17
tricherie s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=649 line=27
tricheriz s.f., a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=650 line=18
tricheros a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=650 line=25
trichier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=650 line=37
trichos a., s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=651 line=46
tricot s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=652 line=3
tricotement s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=652 line=6
triege s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=652 line=9
trÔee s.f. (match=bad:3) vol=10 col=652 line=33
trÔement s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=652 line=38
trÔer1 v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=652 line=43
trÔer2 v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=653 line=34
trieue s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=653 line=40
trifoire s.f., a. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=656 line=5
trifoiree s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=656 line=52
trifoirie s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=657 line=7
triforiier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=657 line=13
trigal s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=657 line=18
trigale s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=657 line=25
trigaler v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=657 line=29
trigalerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=657 line=35
trigon s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=657 line=40
trinaument adv. (match=exact) vol=10 col=657 line=45
trine a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=657 line=50
trinitť s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=658 line=9
tringlet s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=659 line=13
triniteument adv. (match=exact) vol=10 col=659 line=16
trÔolaine s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=659 line=24
trÔole s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=659 line=32
trÔonfal a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=659 line=39
trÔonfe s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=659 line=47
trÔonfer v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=660 line=13
tripe1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=660 line=18
tripe2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=660 line=37
tripe3 s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=660 line=41
tripeler v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=660 line=44
tripement s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=660 line=48
triper v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=660 line=49
triperie s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=661 line=27
tripet s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=661 line=34
tripeter v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=661 line=37
tripier s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=661 line=45
tripiere s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=661 line=51
tripos a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=662 line=4
triple a., s. (match=exact) vol=10 col=662 line=10
tripler v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=662 line=26
triplicacÔon s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=662 line=29
triplicitť s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=662 line=36
tripliquier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=662 line=43
tripot s.m. (auch f.) (match=exact) vol=10 col=663 line=2
tripudÔer s.m. (match=doubt) vol=10 col=663 line=40
triquedondaine s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=663 line=43
triquemer v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=664 line=1
trist a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=664 line=5
tristable a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=664 line=16
Tristan nom. propr. (match=exact) vol=10 col=664 line=19
tristana s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=664 line=32
triste a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=664 line=35
tristece s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=665 line=18
trister v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=665 line=48
tristoiier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=666 line=1
tristor s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=666 line=7
tristos a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=666 line=47
tristre1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=667 line=2
tristre2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=667 line=11
triuler v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=667 line=41
trivaine s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=669 line=4
trive s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=669 line=11
tro1 praep. (match=exact) vol=10 col=669 line=21
tro2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=669 line=25
tro3 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=670 line=13
troche s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=670 line=22
trochŽure s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=670 line=51
trochiť pc. pf. pass. (match=exact) vol=10 col=671 line=13
trŲer v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=671 line=27
trŲet s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=672 line=8
trŲeter v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=672 line=13
troŽuce s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=672 line=17
troie s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=672 line=21
troignon s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=672 line=26
troine a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=672 line=36
trŲine s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=672 line=44
trois1 Zahlwort (match=exact) vol=10 col=673 line=13
trois2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=675 line=3
troisieme a. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=675 line=5
trompage s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=675 line=15
trompe s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=675 line=19
trompel s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=676 line=4
trompŽor s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=676 line=10
tromper v. (match=better) vol=10 col=676 line=39
trompete s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=677 line=19
trompeter v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=677 line=34
trompiere s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=677 line=38
tron s.m. (auch f.) (match=exact) vol=10 col=677 line=42
tronc s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=678 line=49
tronche s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=679 line=49
tronchet s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=680 line=4
tronchier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=680 line=16
tronÁon s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=680 line=27
tronÁoner v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=681 line=17
tronÁonoire s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=682 line=5
trondeler v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=682 line=8
trone s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=682 line=16
tronel s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=682 line=20
tronesie s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=682 line=24
trons s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=682 line=39
trop adv. (match=exact) vol=10 col=683 line=34
trope1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=685 line=34
trope2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=685 line=38
tropť s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=685 line=48
tropee s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=686 line=19
tropel s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=686 line=27
tropelee s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=687 line=13
tropeler v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=687 line=17
tropelet s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=687 line=22
tropier s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=687 line=27
tropologie s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=687 line=37
tropologique a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=687 line=40
troquier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=687 line=42
trosque adv., praep., conj. (match=exact) vol=10 col=688 line=1
trosquement adv. (match=exact) vol=10 col=688 line=29
trosserueil s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=688 line=36
trot s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=688 line=45
trote s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=689 line=41
trote a piť s.m. (match=doubt) vol=10 col=689 line=44
trotelet s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=689 line=49
troter v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=690 line=2
trotier a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=690 line=35
trotignon s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=691 line=5
trotois s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=691 line=15
troton s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=691 line=18
trotoner v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=691 line=43
trotonoi s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=691 line=48
trotot meslot s.m. (match=doubt) vol=10 col=692 line=1
trout interj. (match=exact) vol=10 col=692 line=7
trovable a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=692 line=27
trovage s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=692 line=30
trovaille s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=692 line=33
trovť s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=692 line=41
trovee s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=693 line=9
trovement s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=693 line=13
trovŽor s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=693 line=29
trover v. (match=doubt) vol=10 col=694 line=40
troveresse s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=699 line=16
trovŽure s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=699 line=19
tru Schallwort (match=exact) vol=10 col=700 line=1
trŁandaille s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=700 line=5
trŁandement s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=700 line=14
trŁander v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=700 line=22
trŁanderet a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=701 line=5
trŁanderie s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=701 line=11
trŁandie s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=701 line=25
trŁandise s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=701 line=35
trŁant a., s. (match=exact) vol=10 col=702 line=2
trubert s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=702 line=45
truble1 s.m. (match=better) vol=10 col=703 line=5
truble2 s.m. oder f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=703 line=13
truef s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=703 line=26
trŁel s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=703 line=39
trŁele s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=703 line=44
trŁolee s.f. (match=bad:2) vol=10 col=704 line=2
trŁeve s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=704 line=5
trufatŽor s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=704 line=45
trufe s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=704 line=48
trufŽor s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=706 line=21
trufer v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=706 line=32
truferel s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=707 line=23
truferie s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=707 line=28
trufoiier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=707 line=44
trui1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=708 line=1
trui2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=708 line=6
truiart a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=708 line=14
truie s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=708 line=22
truil s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=709 line=28
truillage s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=709 line=33
truille1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=709 line=37
truille2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=709 line=40
truillŽor1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=710 line=1
truillŽor2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=710 line=4
truillerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=710 line=13
truillier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=710 line=19
truis s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=710 line=47
truite s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=712 line=7
trumel s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=712 line=44
trumele s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=713 line=37
trumelŽor s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=713 line=40
trumeler v. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=713 line=44
trumelier s.m. (match=bad:2) vol=10 col=713 line=45
trumeliere s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=713 line=48
trusillon s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=714 line=2
trut1 interj. (match=exact) vol=10 col=714 line=7
trut2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=714 line=13
trutenne s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=714 line=25
tu pron. pers. 2. pers. sg. nom. (match=exact) vol=10 col=714 line=33
tŁaison s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=715 line=52
tube s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=716 line=13
tubť pc. pf. (match=exact) vol=10 col=716 line=19
tubesche s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=716 line=30
tubÔaine s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=716 line=33
tubie s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=716 line=43
tucie s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=716 line=52
tudelť pc. pf. (match=exact) vol=10 col=717 line=3
tŁechien s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=717 line=7
tuŽiz s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=717 line=10
tŁel s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=717 line=19
tŁelet s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=718 line=45
tuŽor s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=719 line=4
tŁer v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=719 line=11
tŁerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=720 line=47
tŁet s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=720 line=50
tŁetot s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=721 line=3
tuffe s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=721 line=8
tui s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=721 line=12
tŁicÔon s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=721 line=21
tumbe s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=721 line=33
tume s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=721 line=39
tumee s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=721 line=50
tumŽor s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=722 line=1
tumer v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=722 line=11
tumerel1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=723 line=16
tumerel2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=723 line=21
tumerelet s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=723 line=32
tumeresse s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=723 line=35
tumerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=723 line=41
tumuler v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=723 line=44
tumult s.m. und f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=723 line=49
tumultos a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=724 line=22
tumultŁacÔon s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=724 line=26
tumultŁos a. (match=doubt) vol=10 col=724 line=29
tunicle s.m. und f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=724 line=32
tuniquel s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=725 line=22
tup s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=725 line=33
tupeler v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=725 line=42
tupet s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=725 line=47
tupin s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=725 line=52
tupinŽiz s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=726 line=2
tupinel s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=726 line=7
turbillier v. (match=bad:3) vol=10 col=726 line=11
turbot s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=726 line=16
turbulent a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=726 line=34
turchŽiz a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=726 line=38
turchiť pc. pf. (match=exact) vol=10 col=726 line=45
turchier v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=726 line=51
turcois a. (match=exact) vol=10 col=727 line=16
turcoise s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=727 line=29
turcople s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=727 line=46
turel s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=728 line=14
turelupin s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=728 line=23
turelure s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=728 line=29
turelurete s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=728 line=39
turlŁele s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=728 line=44
turlŁeter v. (match=bad:1) vol=10 col=728 line=49
turlupinage s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=729 line=1
turet s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=729 line=3
turible s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=729 line=8
turon s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=729 line=10
turpin s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=729 line=13
turpineiz s.m. (match=exact) vol=10 col=729 line=19
tutele s.f. (match=exact) vol=10 col=729 line=23
tuter v. (match=exact) vol=10 col=729 line=27
tuterie s.f. (match=better) vol=10 col=730 line=3
tuterresse s.f. (match=doubt) vol=10 col=730 line=11
tutor s.m. (match=better) vol=10 col=730 line=14
tympe s.m. (match=doubt) vol=10 col=730 line=29