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s s.f. (match=bad:NA) vol=9 col=5 line=3
sńacŰoire s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=5 line=8
sńacet s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=5 line=16
sńacier1 v. (match=better) vol=9 col=5 line=28
sńacier2 s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=6 line=12
sńaz s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=6 line=16
sabain s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=7 line=1
sabars s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=7 line=12
sabat s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=7 line=16
sabatŰiz s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=7 line=47
sabelin a., s. (match=exact) vol=9 col=7 line=50
sabeline s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=9 line=22
sable1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=9 line=39
sable2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=10 line=38
sablement s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=11 line=3
sablier s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=11 line=10
sabliere s.f. (match=doubt) vol=9 col=11 line=13
sabloi s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=11 line=18
sablon s.m., a. (match=better) vol=9 col=11 line=27
sablonaille s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=13 line=26
sablonal s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=13 line=39
sablonas a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=13 line=45
sabloncel s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=13 line=49
sablonee s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=13 line=52
sabloner v. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=14 line=5
sablonier1 a. (match=better) vol=9 col=14 line=8
sablonier2 s.m. (match=doubt) vol=9 col=14 line=14
sabloniere s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=14 line=41
sablonis s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=15 line=19
sablonoi s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=15 line=22
sablonoie s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=15 line=48
sablonos a., s. (match=exact) vol=9 col=16 line=6
saboter v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=16 line=16
sabre Dieu s.m. (match=doubt) vol=9 col=16 line=21
sac1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=16 line=29
sac2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=18 line=39
sacage1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=18 line=42
sacage2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=18 line=46
sacerdotal a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=18 line=50
sacerdote s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=19 line=1
sachable a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=19 line=11
sachance s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=19 line=17
sachebote s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=19 line=21
sachel s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=19 line=35
sachelet s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=20 line=24
sachement s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=20 line=44
sachenoit s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=20 line=47
sachŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=20 line=50
sachesse s.f. (match=doubt) vol=9 col=21 line=1
sachet s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=21 line=11
sachete s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=21 line=31
sachŰure s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=21 line=33
sachiee s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=21 line=36
sachier1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=21 line=40
sachier2 v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=21 line=46
sachoir s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=26 line=16
sachoit s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=26 line=19
sachon s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=26 line=21
sacle s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=26 line=27
sacote s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=26 line=30
sacrac´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=26 line=41
sacraire s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=26 line=50
sacraison s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=27 line=30
sacramentel a. (match=bad:3) vol=9 col=27 line=35
sacre1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=27 line=38
sacre2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=28 line=31
sacree s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=29 line=30
sacref´ement s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=29 line=36
sacrefiŰor s.m. (match=bad:3) vol=9 col=30 line=3
sacrefiier v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=30 line=6
sacrefise s.m. (auch f.) (match=exact) vol=9 col=31 line=27
sacrefissement s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=32 line=31
sacrement s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=32 line=34
sacrer v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=34 line=33
sacrestie s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=36 line=19
sacret s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=36 line=22
sacrificac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=36 line=29
sacrilege s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=36 line=36
sacriste s.m. und f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=37 line=15
sade a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=37 line=33
sadera! refrain (match=exact) vol=9 col=39 line=13
sadet a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=39 line=17
sadrier v. (match=bad:2) vol=9 col=39 line=37
safare s. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=39 line=42
safer v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=39 line=45
safir s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=39 line=50
safire s.m. (auch a.) (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=41 line=18
safiret s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=41 line=32
safiros a. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=41 line=39
safistre a. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=41 line=42
safistrin s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=41 line=46
safleur s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=41 line=50
safran s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=41 line=52
safre1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=42 line=44
safre2 a. (match=better) vol=9 col=43 line=15
safrenaz a. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=43 line=28
safrener v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=43 line=31
safrer v. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=43 line=39
safret a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=44 line=46
safrin a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=44 line=52
sage a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=45 line=6
sagece s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=50 line=3
saget a. (match=better) vol=9 col=50 line=13
sagetÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=50 line=19
sagetement adv. (match=better) vol=9 col=50 line=21
saginÚ a. (match=bad:2) vol=9 col=50 line=30
sagitaire1 s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=50 line=32
sagitaire2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=52 line=12
sagmine s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=52 line=15
sagremor s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=52 line=19
sai s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=53 line=4
saie s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=53 line=10
saier s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=53 line=30
saiere s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=53 line=34
saierie s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=53 line=39
saiete s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=53 line=43
saietele s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=56 line=24
saietŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=56 line=29
saieter v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=56 line=32
saietie s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=57 line=9
saietier s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=57 line=12
saigne s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=57 line=15
saignŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=57 line=19
saignerresse s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=57 line=31
saigniee s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=57 line=36
saignier v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=58 line=12
saiier v. (match=bad:2) vol=9 col=61 line=28
saille s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=62 line=4
saillŰiz s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=62 line=17
saillŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=62 line=21
sńim s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=62 line=29
saime s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=65 line=15
sńimŰoir a. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=65 line=22
sńimer v. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=65 line=26
sńimeresse s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=65 line=33
sain a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=65 line=36
sńin s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=71 line=11
sńine s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=71 line=40
sainee s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=72 line=7
sainetÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=72 line=12
saingne s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=72 line=18
saint1 a., s. (match=exact) vol=9 col=72 line=25
saint2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=79 line=8
saintÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=79 line=9
saintŰÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=79 line=42
saintefi a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=80 line=31
saintef´ement s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=80 line=37
saintefiŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=81 line=7
saintefiier v. (match=bad:2) vol=9 col=81 line=13
saintier s.m. (match=bad:2) vol=9 col=82 line=12
sainterel s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=82 line=17
saintetÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=82 line=22
saintible a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=82 line=36
saintier1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=82 line=44
saintier2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=82 line=48
saintif a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=83 line=1
saintificac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=83 line=5
saintiier v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=83 line=19
saintir v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=83 line=31
saintise s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=84 line=37
saintissement s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=84 line=40
saintŘaire s.m. (auch f. ?) (match=exact) vol=9 col=84 line=44
saion s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=87 line=12
sńir v. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=87 line=16
sairement s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=87 line=20
sairementer v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=89 line=18
saisin s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=89 line=41
saisine s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=89 line=45
saisinŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=92 line=19
saisir v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=92 line=23
saisissement s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=96 line=24
saisogne s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=96 line=36
saison s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=96 line=40
saisonable a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=101 line=17
salade s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=101 line=23
salage s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=101 line=28
salaire s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=101 line=31
salaison s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=102 line=13
salamandre s.m. und f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=102 line=18
salarier v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=103 line=28
salatri a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=103 line=32
sale1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=103 line=38
sale2 a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=107 line=11
salement s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=108 line=1
salemine s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=108 line=3
saleminee s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=108 line=9
salengue s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=108 line=13
salŰoir a., s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=108 line=18
saler v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=108 line=28
salerete s.f. (match=bad:3) vol=9 col=110 line=7
salerne s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=110 line=10
salete s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=110 line=13
saleter v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=110 line=16
salŰure s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=110 line=28
sal geme 9 110 40 (match=doubt) vol=9 col=110 line=40
salie s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=110 line=41
salier s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=111 line=13
saliere s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=111 line=17
salignon s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=111 line=42
saline s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=112 line=1
saliner v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=112 line=18
salinier1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=112 line=23
salinier2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=112 line=26
saliniere s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=112 line=30
salir1 v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=112 line=33
salir2 v. (match=better) vol=9 col=112 line=46
salive s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=119 line=32
salmonie s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=120 line=19
saloigne s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=120 line=23
salpetre s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=120 line=25
salse gemme s.f (auch m.) (match=doubt) vol=9 col=120 line=31
salsuge s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=120 line=37
saltace s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=120 line=46
salu s.m. oder f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=121 line=1
salŘable a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=124 line=47
salŘac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=125 line=30
salŘance s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=125 line=39
salubre a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=125 line=51
saluce s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=126 line=9
salŘement s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=126 line=12
salŘer v. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=126 line=17
salutable a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=129 line=14
salutac´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=129 line=17
salvatelle s.f. (match=doubt) vol=9 col=129 line=30
samaine s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=129 line=38
sambacin s.m., a. (match=bad:2) vol=9 col=129 line=44
sambrel s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=129 line=50
sambuc s.m. (match=doubt) vol=9 col=130 line=1
sambŘe s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=130 line=9
sambuier s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=132 line=18
sambuque s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=132 line=24
sambuy s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=132 line=28
samedi s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=132 line=31
samin s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=133 line=25
samis s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=134 line=7
samit s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=134 line=38
samiton s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=136 line=15
san s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=136 line=18
sanable a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=136 line=24
sanac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=136 line=33
sanatif a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=136 line=37
sanc s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=136 line=40
sancier v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=141 line=28
sancmesler v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=142 line=10
sancmeslion s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=142 line=36
sancmuešoner v. (match=bad:2) vol=9 col=142 line=43
sancmŘer v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=142 line=48
sancternÚ pc. pf. (match=doubt) vol=9 col=143 line=1
sandale1 s.f. oder m. (match=better) vol=9 col=143 line=9
sandale2 s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=143 line=22
sanducos s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=143 line=33
sane s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=143 line=42
sanement s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=143 line=43
sanemonde s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=144 line=3
sanŰor s.m. (match=bad:3) vol=9 col=144 line=22
saner v. (match=better) vol=9 col=144 line=25
sanerie s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=146 line=4
sanŰure s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=146 line=7
sangle a. (match=bad:2) vol=9 col=146 line=11
sanglent a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=148 line=13
sanglentee s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=150 line=10
sanglenter v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=150 line=16
sanglot s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=150 line=39
sanglotement s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=151 line=25
sangloter v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=151 line=38
sanglotir v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=152 line=1
sanguin a., s. (match=exact) vol=9 col=152 line=29
sanguinaire s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=154 line=12
sanguinastre a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=154 line=16
sanguinitÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=154 line=20
sanguinolent a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=154 line=23
sanible a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=154 line=32
sanicle s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=154 line=36
sanie s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=154 line=52
san´os a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=155 line=7
sanitÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=155 line=23
sanor s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=155 line=43
sans praep. (match=exact) vol=9 col=155 line=47
sanson s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=160 line=36
sans-savoir s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=160 line=39
sansŘe s.f. (match=bad:2) vol=9 col=160 line=45
sansuec adv. (match=exact) vol=9 col=161 line=25
Sansuere! interj. (match=exact) vol=9 col=161 line=33
santable a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=161 line=43
santain a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=161 line=46
santÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=161 line=49
santŰif a. (match=better) vol=9 col=164 line=3
santele s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=164 line=23
santerne s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=164 line=30
santible a. (match=better) vol=9 col=164 line=35
santoire s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=165 line=4
sńol a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=165 line=10
sńolable a. (match=better) vol=9 col=166 line=38
sńolabletÚ s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=166 line=52
sńolance s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=167 line=5
sńolece s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=167 line=8
sńolee s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=167 line=14
sńolement s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=167 line=30
sńoler v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=167 line=42
sńoletÚ s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=170 line=16
sńoner v. (match=doubt) vol=9 col=170 line=27
sap s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=170 line=29
sape s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=171 line=19
saphene s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=171 line=21
sap´ence s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=171 line=32
sap´ent a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=172 line=45
sapier s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=173 line=10
sapin s., a. (match=better) vol=9 col=173 line=14
sapine s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=174 line=24
sapinoi s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=174 line=49
sapinoie s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=175 line=5
sapinois a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=175 line=15
sapoi s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=175 line=19
sapoie s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=175 line=32
sarce s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=176 line=6
sarcel s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=176 line=9
sarcŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=176 line=25
sarcier v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=176 line=28
sarcine s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=176 line=31
sarcir v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=176 line=41
sarcissŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=177 line=46
sarclage s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=177 line=49
sarclement s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=177 line=52
sarclŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=178 line=3
sarcler v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=178 line=9
sarclerresse s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=178 line=41
sarclet s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=178 line=47
sarcloir s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=178 line=50
sarcloison s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=179 line=1
sarcou s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=179 line=5
sardaignelet a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=181 line=31
sarde1 s.f. (match=bad:2) vol=9 col=181 line=39
sarde2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=182 line=12
sardinas s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=182 line=17
sardine1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=182 line=28
sardine2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=183 line=39
sardoine s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=183 line=47
sardon s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=184 line=40
sarge s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=184 line=42
sargŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=185 line=28
sargerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=185 line=31
sargete s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=185 line=34
sargier s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=185 line=37
sargil s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=185 line=40
sargillier s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=185 line=49
sarjon s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=185 line=52
sarmadan s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=186 line=3
sarment s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=186 line=18
sarpe s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=187 line=2
sarpelie s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=187 line=36
sarper v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=187 line=40
sarpilage s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=187 line=46
sarpilliere s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=187 line=49
sarragošois a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=188 line=20
sarragossan a., s. (match=exact) vol=9 col=188 line=31
sarrasin s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=188 line=40
sarrasinal a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=190 line=25
sarrasinat s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=190 line=30
sarrasine s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=190 line=33
sarrasinesme s.f. und m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=190 line=36
sarrasinetÚ s.f. (match=bad:2) vol=9 col=190 line=39
sarrasinois a., s. (match=exact) vol=9 col=190 line=41
sarrasinor a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=191 line=20
sarree s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=191 line=32
sarr´ete s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=191 line=41
sarroc s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=191 line=47
sart s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=192 line=1
sartage s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=192 line=10
Sartaigne nom. propr. (match=exact) vol=9 col=192 line=13
sartel s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=192 line=35
sartel´on s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=192 line=38
sartŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=192 line=41
sarter v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=192 line=48
sartinale s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=193 line=14
sartre1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=193 line=18
sartre2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=193 line=24
sas´ement s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=193 line=33
sasier v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=193 line=39
sas´etÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=193 line=49
sasiier v. (match=doubt) vol=9 col=194 line=1
Satan nom. propr. (match=exact) vol=9 col=194 line=28
Satanas nom. propr. (match=exact) vol=9 col=195 line=28
Satanie s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=197 line=8
satanin s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=197 line=21
satelite s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=197 line=24
satin s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=197 line=34
satire1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=197 line=42
satire2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=197 line=46
satirel s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=197 line=50
satir´on s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=198 line=19
satisdac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=198 line=24
satisdoner v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=198 line=28
satisfac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=198 line=32
satisfaire v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=199 line=16
satisfiier v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=199 line=25
satrape s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=199 line=41
saturer v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=200 line=3
saturitÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=200 line=7
saturnel a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=200 line=11
saturneles s.f. pl. (match=exact) vol=9 col=200 line=15
saturn´en a. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=200 line=19
saturnin a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=200 line=25
sauce s.m. und f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=200 line=30
saucel s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=200 line=32
saucele s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=200 line=41
saucelet s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=201 line=1
sauceneie s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=201 line=8
saucil s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=201 line=12
saucinee s.f. (match=doubt) vol=9 col=201 line=13
sauciz s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=201 line=14
saušoi s.m. (match=doubt) vol=9 col=201 line=17
saušoie s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=201 line=23
saušoir s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=201 line=37
saušon s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=201 line=39
saude s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=201 line=44
sauf a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=202 line=2
sauge s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=208 line=8
saugiÚ a., s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=208 line=30
saugier s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=208 line=45
saugrenon s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=209 line=3
saule s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=209 line=9
sauloie s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=209 line=17
saumace a., s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=209 line=22
saume s.m. und f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=209 line=29
saumŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=210 line=43
saumiier v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=210 line=46
saumiste s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=211 line=14
saumister v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=211 line=27
saumodie s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=211 line=29
saumon s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=211 line=48
saumure s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=212 line=41
saune s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=213 line=8
saunŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=213 line=13
sauneresse s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=213 line=17
saunerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=213 line=19
saunier s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=213 line=28
sauniere s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=213 line=41
saupiquet s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=214 line=3
saupoudrer v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=214 line=15
saus a. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=214 line=20
sausse s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=214 line=27
saussece s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=217 line=10
sausserie s.f. (match=doubt) vol=9 col=217 line=14
sausseron s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=217 line=34
sausserote s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=217 line=50
saussŰure s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=218 line=1
saussice s.f. (match=doubt) vol=9 col=218 line=4
saussier1 v. (match=better) vol=9 col=218 line=24
saussier2 s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=218 line=38
saussier3 s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=218 line=43
saussiere1 s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=218 line=50
saussiere2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=219 line=4
saussiz a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=219 line=13
saussoire s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=219 line=19
saussos a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=219 line=22
saut1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=219 line=25
saut2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=219 line=31
sautac´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=224 line=39
sautele s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=224 line=44
sauteler v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=224 line=49
sauter v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=226 line=5
sautere s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=226 line=12
sauterel s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=226 line=42
sauterele s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=227 line=5
sauter´on s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=227 line=14
sauter´oner v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=227 line=45
sauterole s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=228 line=1
sautier1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=228 line=12
sautier2 s.m. (match=bad:2) vol=9 col=228 line=16
sautoir s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=230 line=4
sauvable a., s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=230 line=34
sauvacie s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=231 line=5
sauvac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=231 line=8
sauvage a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=231 line=52
sauvagece s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=235 line=52
sauvagetÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=236 line=10
sauvagier a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=236 line=13
sauvagine s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=236 line=17
sauvagir v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=237 line=52
sauvaison s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=238 line=4
sauvajon s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=238 line=15
sauvance s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=238 line=26
sauvart s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=238 line=32
sauvedroit s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=238 line=40
sauvegarde s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=238 line=43
sauvemain s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=238 line=47
sauvement s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=238 line=50
sauvŰoir s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=240 line=36
sauvŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=240 line=50
sauver v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=242 line=4
sauverresse s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=247 line=3
sauvetÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=247 line=12
sauveter v. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=248 line=35
sauz s.m. oder f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=248 line=40
savable a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=250 line=36
savance s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=250 line=41
savant a., s. (match=exact) vol=9 col=250 line=47
save a. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=250 line=52
savenŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=251 line=10
savine s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=251 line=17
savinier s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=251 line=39
savoir v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=251 line=46
savoler v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=266 line=31
savon s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=266 line=32
savonerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=267 line=4
savonier s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=267 line=8
savor s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=267 line=11
savorable a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=269 line=21
savorant a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=269 line=28
savorement s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=269 line=31
savorer v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=269 line=35
savorete s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=271 line=19
savori a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=271 line=22
savoros a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=271 line=26
savoroset a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=272 line=21
saxe s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=272 line=36
saxifrage s.f. (match=doubt) vol=9 col=272 line=40
saxon s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=272 line=45
scab´ose s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=272 line=50
scafar s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=273 line=1
scandale s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=273 line=4
scandaliser v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=273 line=8
scandalos a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=273 line=13
scape s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=273 line=17
scarificac´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=273 line=21
scarif´er v. (match=doubt) vol=9 col=273 line=25
scematique a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=273 line=30
sceptre s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=273 line=38
sc´atique a. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=273 line=41
scible a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=273 line=47
sc´e s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=273 line=51
sc´ence s.f. (match=bad:3) vol=9 col=274 line=4
sc´encier s.m. (match=doubt) vol=9 col=274 line=47
sc´enšos a. (match=better) vol=9 col=274 line=50
sc´entÚ a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=275 line=21
sc´entifique a. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=275 line=24
sciient a., s. (match=exact) vol=9 col=275 line=31
sc´on s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=275 line=40
scisme s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=275 line=42
sclaidŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=275 line=46
sclaree s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=275 line=48
sclirotique s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=275 line=52
sclodage s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=276 line=5
scolaringue s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=276 line=9
scolastre s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=276 line=18
scolastrie s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=276 line=22
scolopendrie s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=276 line=23
scorie s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=276 line=30
scorp´on s.m. (match=bad:2) vol=9 col=276 line=35
scribe s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=276 line=36
scriptor s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=276 line=45
scrupel s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=276 line=50
scrupulos a. (match=bad:3) vol=9 col=277 line=1
scrupulositÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=277 line=2
scrutin s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=277 line=6
scrutine s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=277 line=10
scrutiner v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=277 line=11
sculepique s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=277 line=24
scurage s.f. (oder m.) (match=exact) vol=9 col=277 line=27
scyscode s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=277 line=31
se conjunct. (match=exact) vol=9 col=277 line=36
sŰable a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=288 line=1
sŰage s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=288 line=4
sŰailles s.f. pl. (match=exact) vol=9 col=288 line=13
sŰance s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=288 line=16
sebile s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=289 line=1
seboutir v. (match=better) vol=9 col=289 line=23
sec a. (match=bad:NA) vol=9 col=289 line=32
secess´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=294 line=7
sechage s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=294 line=12
seche s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=294 line=17
sechece s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=294 line=35
secherece s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=294 line=45
secherie s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=295 line=31
secheron s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=295 line=38
sechetÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=295 line=42
sechŰure s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=296 line=3
sechier v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=296 line=6
sechir v. (match=doubt) vol=9 col=299 line=1
sechise s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=299 line=21
sechon s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=299 line=24
sechonet s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=299 line=31
sechor s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=299 line=35
secondaire a. (match=better) vol=9 col=299 line=43
secondement s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=300 line=1
seconder v. (match=doubt) vol=9 col=300 line=5
secondier a. (match=better) vol=9 col=300 line=16
secondine s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=300 line=20
secont1 ordin., a. (match=better) vol=9 col=300 line=33
secont2 praep. (match=exact) vol=9 col=303 line=10
secor s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=303 line=43
secorable a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=304 line=21
secorance s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=304 line=52
secorant pc. prs. a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=305 line=19
secorcier v. (match=better) vol=9 col=305 line=31
secorement s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=306 line=19
secorŰor s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=306 line=43
secorer v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=307 line=3
secorjon s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=307 line=10
secorre1 v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=307 line=27
secorre2 v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=309 line=11
secors s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=309 line=19
secorse s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=310 line=31
secorŘe s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=310 line=39
secrÚ a., s. (match=exact) vol=9 col=310 line=43
secrestain s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=314 line=36
secrestaine s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=315 line=21
secrestainerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=315 line=26
secresterie s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=315 line=40
secretaire1 a., s. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=315 line=43
secretaire2 s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=316 line=24
secreterie s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=316 line=28
secte s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=316 line=32
sect´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=317 line=8
secuc´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=317 line=11
seculaire a. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=317 line=25
secularitÚ s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=317 line=31
seculer a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=318 line=1
securitaire a. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=319 line=22
securitÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=319 line=26
sedac´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=319 line=34
sedatif a. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=319 line=43
seder v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=319 line=50
sedic´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=320 line=6
sedic´os a. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=320 line=14
sedil s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=320 line=18
seducc´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=320 line=29
seductor s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=321 line=12
seduire v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=321 line=15
seduiresse s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=321 line=24
seduisŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=321 line=27
seduitor s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=321 line=30
sŰeillier v. (match=bad:2) vol=9 col=321 line=38
sŰeillos a. (match=better) vol=9 col=322 line=40
sŰel1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=323 line=1
sŰel2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=323 line=32
sŰelaison s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=325 line=26
sŰelee1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=325 line=29
sŰelee2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=325 line=32
sŰelŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=325 line=38
sŰeler v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=326 line=5
sŰelerie1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=329 line=11
sŰelerie2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=329 line=15
sŰelet1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=329 line=18
sŰelet2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=329 line=21
sŰement s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=329 line=25
seŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=329 line=30
sefoine s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=329 line=40
segier1 s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=330 line=8
segier2 v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=330 line=12
segine s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=330 line=18
segraiage s.m. (match=bad:3) vol=9 col=330 line=36
segraial a. (match=better) vol=9 col=330 line=37
segraier1 s.m. (match=doubt) vol=9 col=330 line=39
segraier2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=330 line=46
segraierie s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=330 line=51
segŘe s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=331 line=6
seguior s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=331 line=8
sei s.m. oder f. (match=bad:NA) vol=9 col=331 line=16
seic ? (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=331 line=17
seiŰor s.m. (match=bad:3) vol=9 col=331 line=24
seignable s.m. (match=bad:3) vol=9 col=331 line=27
seignage s.m. (match=bad:2) vol=9 col=331 line=33
seignal s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=331 line=37
seigniee s.f. (match=bad:2) vol=9 col=332 line=1
seignier v. (match=better) vol=9 col=332 line=8
seigniere s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=336 line=14
seignor s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=336 line=28
seignorable a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=344 line=5
seignorage s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=344 line=9
seignorance s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=345 line=52
seignorÚ1 a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=346 line=23
seignorÚ2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=346 line=39
seignorÚ3 s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=346 line=44
seignorel a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=347 line=1
seignorement s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=347 line=21
seignorŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=348 line=1
seignorer v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=348 line=9
seignoret s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=348 line=44
seignori a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=348 line=50
seignorie s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=349 line=37
seignoriier v. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=352 line=13
seignoril a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=352 line=45
seignorir v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=354 line=1
seignorissable a. (match=doubt) vol=9 col=355 line=3
seignorissŰor s.m. (match=doubt) vol=9 col=355 line=4
seignorisserresse s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=355 line=5
seignoritÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=355 line=7
seil s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=355 line=8
seille1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=355 line=18
seille2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=356 line=11
seillerie s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=356 line=18
seillet s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=356 line=23
seillete s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=356 line=26
seilliee s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=356 line=31
seillier1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=356 line=36
seillier2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=356 line=39
seillier3 v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=356 line=45
seilliz s.m. (match=bad:2) vol=9 col=356 line=48
seillon s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=356 line=52
seillonet s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=357 line=14
seillot s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=357 line=20
seim a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=357 line=23
sein s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=357 line=31
seing s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=359 line=17
seizain ordin. (match=exact) vol=9 col=361 line=21
seize Zahlwort (match=exact) vol=9 col=361 line=27
seizime ordin. (match=exact) vol=9 col=361 line=47
sejor s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=362 line=26
sejornee s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=367 line=10
sejornelment s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=367 line=16
sejornement s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=367 line=18
sejornŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=367 line=25
sejorner v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=367 line=31
sejornison s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=372 line=19
sel1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=372 line=22
sel2 (match=exact) vol=9 col=374 line=34
sele s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=374 line=35
seler v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=376 line=50
selerie s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=377 line=5
selete s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=377 line=8
selŰure s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=377 line=17
selier1 s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=377 line=19
selier2 s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=377 line=26
seliere s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=377 line=37
selonc praep., adv. (match=better) vol=9 col=377 line=40
selvain a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=382 line=19
selve s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=382 line=26
semail s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=383 line=37
semaille s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=383 line=39
semaine s.f. (match=doubt) vol=9 col=384 line=1
semainier a., s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=385 line=52
semainiere s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=386 line=7
semaison s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=386 line=12
semblable a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=386 line=19
semblabletÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=386 line=37
semblance s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=386 line=45
semblant s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=389 line=43
semble a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=397 line=16
semblÚ s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=397 line=31
semblee s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=397 line=34
semblŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=397 line=37
sembler v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=397 line=41
sembletune s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=403 line=8
semblor s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=403 line=13
seme s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=403 line=22
semÚ s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=403 line=28
semel s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=403 line=34
semele s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=403 line=37
semeler v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=404 line=24
semelete s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=404 line=27
semelier s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=404 line=36
semelin a., s. (match=exact) vol=9 col=404 line=42
semence s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=404 line=49
semencier1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=406 line=26
semencier2 v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=406 line=31
semŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=407 line=15
semer1 v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=407 line=34
semer2 v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=409 line=45
semer3 v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=409 line=52
semeresse s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=410 line=4
semergot! Beteuerungsformel (match=exact) vol=9 col=410 line=7
semŰur a. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=410 line=13
semŰure s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=410 line=16
semibreve s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=410 line=25
semille s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=410 line=31
semillier v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=411 line=16
semillos a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=411 line=34
seminal a. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=412 line=4
seminalitÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=412 line=8
seminer v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=412 line=12
seminos a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=412 line=20
sem´onc´aire a. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=412 line=26
semir v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=412 line=29
semispere s.m. und f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=412 line=40
semiton s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=413 line=5
semoir s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=413 line=20
semonable a. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=413 line=25
semondre v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=413 line=30
semonement s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=417 line=26
semonŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=417 line=33
semoner v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=418 line=3
semoneresse s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=418 line=8
semonic´on s.f. (match=bad:2) vol=9 col=418 line=12
semonse s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=418 line=15
semonte s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=419 line=26
semont´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=420 line=1
semontoire a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=420 line=4
semoste s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=420 line=15
semoster v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=420 line=19
sempiternel a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=420 line=23
sempre adv. (match=better) vol=9 col=420 line=30
sen1 (match=exact) vol=9 col=423 line=22
sen2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=423 line=24
senace s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=429 line=40
senais s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=429 line=47
senal s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=430 line=1
senat s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=430 line=11
senat consult s.m. (match=doubt) vol=9 col=430 line=26
senat Velleyen s.m. (match=doubt) vol=9 col=430 line=27
senatoire1 a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=430 line=29
senatoire2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=430 line=32
senatoire3 s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=430 line=38
senator s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=430 line=44
senatoresse s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=431 line=36
senatorie s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=431 line=39
senaut s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=431 line=43
senÚ1 s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=431 line=48
senÚ2 a. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=432 line=25
senÚ3 s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=434 line=32
senechier v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=434 line=36
senešon s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=435 line=6
senef´ance s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=435 line=37
seneficac´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=438 line=1
senef´e s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=438 line=29
senef´ement s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=438 line=34
senefiŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=439 line=6
senefiier v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=439 line=13
sener v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=441 line=17
senes adv. (match=exact) vol=9 col=441 line=19
seneschal s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=441 line=40
seneschalesse s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=443 line=45
seneschalie s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=443 line=48
seneschalitÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=443 line=52
seneschaucesse s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=444 line=3
seneschaucie s.f. (match=doubt) vol=9 col=444 line=13
seneschaudie s.f. (match=doubt) vol=9 col=444 line=46
senestral a., s. (match=exact) vol=9 col=445 line=4
senestre a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=445 line=13
senestrer v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=450 line=14
senestrier a., s. (match=exact) vol=9 col=450 line=22
senestrois a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=451 line=5
senestror a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=451 line=9
senevÚ s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=451 line=15
sengler s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=451 line=50
senne s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=455 line=6
sens s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=456 line=13
sensable a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=465 line=12
sensac´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=465 line=18
sensain s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=465 line=23
sense s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=465 line=27
sensiblable a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=465 line=38
sensible a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=465 line=42
sensibletÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=466 line=17
sensif a. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=466 line=36
sensifiier v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=466 line=48
sensitif a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=467 line=5
sensŘal a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=467 line=19
sensŘalitÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=467 line=24
sent s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=467 line=38
sentable a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=467 line=39
sente1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=467 line=43
sente2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=468 line=7
sentele s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=469 line=18
sentelee s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=469 line=52
sentelet s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=470 line=3
sentelete s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=470 line=11
sentelote s.f. (match=doubt) vol=9 col=470 line=37
sentement s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=470 line=40
sentence s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=471 line=40
sentenc´aument adv. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=474 line=21
sentenciier v. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=474 line=25
sentenc´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=474 line=35
sentenc´os a. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=474 line=39
senter v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=474 line=47
senteret s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=475 line=1
senterete s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=475 line=13
senterot s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=475 line=15
sentible a. (match=bad:2) vol=9 col=475 line=18
sentier s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=475 line=21
sentif a. (match=better) vol=9 col=477 line=10
sentil s.m. (match=doubt) vol=9 col=477 line=12
sentine1 s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=477 line=19
sentine2 s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=477 line=26
sentinee s.f. (match=doubt) vol=9 col=478 line=42
sentir v. (match=better) vol=9 col=478 line=45
sentor s.f. (match=doubt) vol=9 col=487 line=20
senuec adv. (match=better) vol=9 col=487 line=29
senve s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=488 line=24
senzfege a. (match=better) vol=9 col=488 line=40
senzfegerie s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=488 line=50
sŰoir v. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=489 line=7
sŰon s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=498 line=41
sŰonaille s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=499 line=5
sŰoner v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=499 line=10
sep Zahlwort (match=exact) vol=9 col=499 line=46
sepande s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=499 line=47
separac´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=500 line=14
separer v. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=500 line=20
sepoultir v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=500 line=46
sepouture s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=501 line=1
sepouturer v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=502 line=29
sepsaumes s.f. pl. (match=exact) vol=9 col=502 line=32
septe s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=502 line=38
septentr´on s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=502 line=41
septentr´onal a. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=503 line=27
septentr´onÚ s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=503 line=30
septre s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=503 line=34
septuagisme s.m. und f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=503 line=35
sepulcre s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=503 line=50
sepulcrer v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=505 line=4
sequace s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=505 line=7
sequele s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=505 line=16
sequence s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=505 line=20
sequencier s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=505 line=50
sequestre s.m., a. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=506 line=1
sequestrer v. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=506 line=4
serafin s.m. (auch a.) (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=506 line=12
serancier v. (match=doubt) vol=9 col=506 line=49
serapin s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=506 line=52
seree s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=507 line=16
serein a., s. (match=exact) vol=9 col=507 line=24
sereine s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=509 line=7
serel s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=510 line=46
serenissime a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=511 line=3
serenitÚ s.f. (match=bad:2) vol=9 col=511 line=7
serf s.m., a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=511 line=12
serf÷ir v. (match=better) vol=9 col=513 line=23
seri1 a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=513 line=28
seri2 a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=513 line=36
serier s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=519 line=20
ser´et a. (match=doubt) vol=9 col=519 line=25
ser´etÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=519 line=31
seril s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=519 line=34
ser´os a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=519 line=44
serjant s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=519 line=47
serjante s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=523 line=34
serjantel s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=523 line=42
serjantement s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=523 line=45
serjanter v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=523 line=48
serjanterel s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=524 line=11
serjanterie s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=524 line=16
serjantet s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=525 line=1
serjantie s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=525 line=3
serjantil a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=525 line=10
serjantise s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=525 line=13
serjon s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=525 line=18
sermenteur s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=525 line=22
sermentois a., s. (match=exact) vol=9 col=525 line=25
sermocinac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=525 line=35
sermon s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=525 line=43
sermonage s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=528 line=14
sermonement s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=528 line=18
sermonŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=528 line=38
sermoner v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=528 line=48
sermonerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=531 line=31
sermonier s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=531 line=34
sermonois s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=532 line=15
sermontain s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=532 line=21
seron praep. (match=exact) vol=9 col=532 line=29
seror s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=532 line=31
serorge1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=535 line=33
serorge2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=536 line=41
serpent s.m. und f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=537 line=10
serpentaille s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=540 line=3
serpentaire1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=540 line=12
serpentaire2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=540 line=24
serpental a. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=540 line=28
serpente s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=540 line=33
serpentel s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=540 line=52
serpentele s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=541 line=13
serpenter v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=541 line=38
serpentere s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=541 line=49
serpentier s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=542 line=1
serpentin a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=542 line=4
serpentinal a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=542 line=34
serpentine s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=542 line=37
serpille s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=543 line=43
serpill´e s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=543 line=48
serpillier v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=544 line=1
serraille s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=544 line=8
serraillŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=544 line=12
serrant s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=544 line=15
serratilet a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=544 line=18
serre1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=544 line=26
serre2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=545 line=8
serree s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=548 line=7
serrement s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=548 line=11
serrŰor s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=548 line=17
serrer v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=548 line=20
serrŰure s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=554 line=46
serrŰurerie s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=555 line=33
serrŰurier s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=555 line=36
serrŰuriere s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=555 line=40
serrier s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=555 line=46
serruron s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=555 line=52
sert s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=556 line=3
sert-de l'eaue s.m. (match=doubt) vol=9 col=556 line=8
serte s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=556 line=17
sertissure s.f. (match=doubt) vol=9 col=556 line=20
servable a. (match=better) vol=9 col=556 line=23
servage s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=556 line=26
servagier1 a., s. (match=exact) vol=9 col=558 line=6
servagier2 v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=558 line=11
servaille s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=558 line=14
servais a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=558 line=25
servance s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=558 line=32
servant1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=558 line=41
servant2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=559 line=35
servantage s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=559 line=43
servantaille s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=559 line=46
serve1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=559 line=50
serve2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=560 line=6
serve3 s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=560 line=28
servement s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=560 line=35
serventois s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=560 line=40
servŰoir s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=562 line=28
servŰor1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=562 line=32
servŰor2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=562 line=43
server v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=563 line=8
serverresse s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=563 line=33
servesse s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=563 line=36
servetÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=563 line=39
serv´able a. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=563 line=47
servic´al a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=564 line=9
servie s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=564 line=13
serv´ete s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=564 line=18
servil a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=564 line=25
servir v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=564 line=32
servis s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=570 line=11
servisable a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=570 line=25
servisant a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=570 line=44
servise s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=570 line=47
servison s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=576 line=1
servitage s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=576 line=7
serviteresse s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=576 line=13
servitor s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=576 line=21
servitude s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=576 line=36
servituit s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=577 line=10
servitume s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=577 line=20
servone s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=577 line=29
ses (match=bad:NA) vol=9 col=577 line=34
seseler v. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=577 line=38
seselos a. (match=bad:2) vol=9 col=578 line=17
sesime1 ordin. (match=exact) vol=9 col=578 line=25
sesime2 ordin. (match=exact) vol=9 col=578 line=26
sess´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=578 line=28
sesson1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=578 line=35
sesson2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=578 line=37
seste s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=578 line=40
sesteran s.m. (match=bad:2) vol=9 col=578 line=41
sestier s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=578 line=47
sestiere s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=580 line=21
set cardin. (match=exact) vol=9 col=580 line=32
setafisagie s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=582 line=5
setain a., s. (match=exact) vol=9 col=582 line=8
setaine s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=582 line=31
setante cardin. (match=exact) vol=9 col=582 line=34
sete s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=583 line=2
setembre s.m. (auch f.) (match=exact) vol=9 col=583 line=36
setembresche s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=584 line=23
setenaire a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=584 line=45
sethin s.m. (a.) (match=exact) vol=9 col=584 line=48
setisme ordin. (match=exact) vol=9 col=585 line=9
setme ordin. (match=exact) vol=9 col=585 line=34
setuagisme s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=587 line=4
setueille s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=587 line=16
sŰu s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=587 line=36
sŰuiel s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=589 line=28
sŰuier s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=589 line=32
seule s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=589 line=38
sŰur1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=589 line=40
sŰur2 a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=590 line=18
sŰurable a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=595 line=47
sŰurain a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=596 line=1
sŰurance s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=596 line=28
sŰurconduit s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=597 line=6
sŰure s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=597 line=11
sŰurement s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=597 line=14
sŰurer v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=597 line=20
sŰurestat s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=597 line=22
sŰurtage s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=597 line=27
sŰurtain a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=597 line=31
sŰurtance s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=597 line=34
sŰurtÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=598 line=25
sŰuz s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=600 line=32
seve s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=601 line=3
sevelir v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=601 line=23
sevelissement s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=602 line=30
sever a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=602 line=39
several a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=602 line=48
severautÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=603 line=16
severitÚ s.f. (match=bad:2) vol=9 col=603 line=19
severonde s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=603 line=26
severondel s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=603 line=50
severose s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=604 line=3
seviaus adv. (match=exact) vol=9 col=604 line=7
sevil s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=606 line=25
sevrable a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=606 line=33
sevraille s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=606 line=40
sevrance s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=606 line=43
sevree s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=607 line=19
sevrement s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=607 line=23
sevrer v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=607 line=32
sexagenaire a. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=610 line=45
sexagesime s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=610 line=50
sexe s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=611 line=4
seymÚ s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=611 line=25
sez s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=611 line=35
si adv. (match=bad:NA) vol=9 col=613 line=20
s´atique a. (match=bad:2) vol=9 col=626 line=12
sible s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=626 line=18
sibler v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=626 line=28
siblet s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=626 line=36
sicle s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=626 line=44
sidoine s.m. oder f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=627 line=1
sidor s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=627 line=52
sidre s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=628 line=6
siÚ s.m. und f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=628 line=21
siecle s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=629 line=50
siecler v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=634 line=43
sieclos a. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=635 line=3
siege s.m. und f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=635 line=13
sieget s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=638 line=9
sien pron. poss. 3. pers. sg. (betonte Form) (match=exact) vol=9 col=638 line=13
sieue pron. poss. 3. pers. f. sg. (betonte Form) (match=exact) vol=9 col=639 line=21
sifac s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=640 line=17
sifait a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=640 line=23
sifaitierement adv. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=641 line=30
sifle s.m. (auch f.) (match=exact) vol=9 col=641 line=50
siflee s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=642 line=9
siflement s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=642 line=12
sifler v. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=642 line=21
siflerie s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=642 line=46
siflet s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=643 line=1
siflot s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=643 line=18
sifoine s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=643 line=23
sifon s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=643 line=30
sifonie s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=643 line=33
sifonistre s.m. (match=bad:2) vol=9 col=644 line=27
siglas s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=644 line=30
siglaton s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=644 line=36
sigle s.m. (auch f.) (match=exact) vol=9 col=646 line=5
sigler v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=647 line=18
siglŰure s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=648 line=47
signable s.m., a. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=649 line=1
signac´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=649 line=5
signacle s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=649 line=8
signage s.m. (match=bad:2) vol=9 col=650 line=1
signaire s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=650 line=4
signatŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=650 line=8
signe1 s.m. oder f. (match=bad:3) vol=9 col=650 line=11
signe2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=652 line=45
signe4 s.f. (match=doubt) vol=9 col=653 line=6
signement s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=653 line=10
signeportant s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=653 line=16
signerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=653 line=24
signet s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=653 line=30
signier v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=653 line=52
significat s.m. (match=doubt) vol=9 col=654 line=2
signot s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=654 line=32
sigognole s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=654 line=35
silabe s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=654 line=40
silaber v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=655 line=20
sileement adv. (match=exact) vol=9 col=655 line=26
silence s.m. oder f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=655 line=29
silenite s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=656 line=23
siler v. (match=bad:2) vol=9 col=656 line=30
sillement s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=656 line=33
sillŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=656 line=42
sillier v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=656 line=47
sillogisme s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=657 line=14
sillogiser v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=657 line=32
sillogiste a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=657 line=35
siloc s.m. (match=doubt) vol=9 col=657 line=38
silvestre a., s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=657 line=45
silvinien s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=658 line=9
simagree s.f. (match=bad:2) vol=9 col=658 line=13
simble s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=658 line=27
sime a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=658 line=31
simel s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=658 line=50
simenel s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=659 line=3
similitÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=659 line=39
similitude s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=659 line=46
simillant a. (match=bad:2) vol=9 col=660 line=18
simle s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=660 line=20
simon s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=660 line=34
simon´al a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=660 line=38
simon´aque a. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=661 line=19
simonie s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=661 line=25
simoniier v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=662 line=5
simple a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=662 line=9
simplece s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=665 line=40
simplet a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=666 line=17
simpletÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=666 line=29
simplicitÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=667 line=6
simpliier v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=667 line=24
simulac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=667 line=40
simulacre s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=668 line=8
simulatif a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=668 line=37
simulator s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=668 line=43
simuler v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=668 line=46
sinagogue s.f. (auch m.) (match=exact) vol=9 col=669 line=1
sincope s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=669 line=34
sincopin s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=669 line=49
sincopisier v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=670 line=5
sindŰer v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=670 line=9
sine s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=670 line=16
sines s.f. pl. (match=exact) vol=9 col=670 line=38
sing1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=671 line=12
sing2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=671 line=15
singe s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=671 line=18
singel s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=672 line=46
singerie s.f. (match=bad:2) vol=9 col=673 line=4
singerot s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=673 line=9
singesse s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=673 line=12
singet s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=673 line=41
singetel s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=673 line=47
singnos a. (match=bad:3) vol=9 col=674 line=2
singulain a. (match=better) vol=9 col=674 line=6
singulaire a. (match=better) vol=9 col=674 line=10
singularitÚ s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=674 line=13
singuler1 a. (match=better) vol=9 col=674 line=24
singuler2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=675 line=5
singulertÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=675 line=14
sinistre a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=675 line=19
sinistrer v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=675 line=24
sinjaille s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=675 line=35
sinjoiement s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=675 line=38
sinjoiier v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=675 line=42
sinjot s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=675 line=45
sinne s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=676 line=11
sinoche s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=676 line=12
sinonime s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=676 line=20
sinople s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=676 line=28
sintasme s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=677 line=42
s´on s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=677 line=46
sipier s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=678 line=4
sipon s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=678 line=12
siques praep. (match=exact) vol=9 col=678 line=16
sire1 adv. (match=exact) vol=9 col=678 line=29
sire2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=678 line=34
siron s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=678 line=52
sirop s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=679 line=33
sis1 (match=exact) vol=9 col=680 line=9
sis2 Zahlwort (match=exact) vol=9 col=680 line=10
sisain a., s. (match=exact) vol=9 col=681 line=19
sisaine s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=681 line=33
sisamins a. pl. (match=exact) vol=9 col=681 line=37
sise s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=681 line=44
sisiesme ord. (match=exact) vol=9 col=681 line=49
sisne s.m. oder f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=682 line=18
siste ordin. (match=exact) vol=9 col=682 line=19
site s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=683 line=33
sitŘac´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=683 line=39
sitŘÚ a. (match=bad:2) vol=9 col=683 line=42
siu s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=683 line=46
siunable a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=684 line=18
siunaille s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=684 line=24
siuver v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=684 line=33
sivance s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=684 line=37
sivant s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=684 line=44
sivŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=684 line=49
sivre v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=685 line=4
so s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=688 line=10
s÷abletÚ s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=688 line=21
s÷age s.m. (auch f.) (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=688 line=35
s÷agetÚ s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=688 line=40
s÷agier v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=688 line=47
s÷al s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=689 line=1
s÷atÚ s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=689 line=8
s÷atisme s.m. oder f. (match=better) vol=9 col=689 line=14
s÷atume s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=689 line=24
s÷avet a. (match=better) vol=9 col=690 line=22
s÷avine s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=691 line=48
s÷avitÚ s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=691 line=52
sobaudrŰure s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=692 line=14
sobit a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=692 line=26
sobitain a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=693 line=23
sobite s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=694 line=1
sobiter v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=694 line=10
soble s.f. oder m. (match=bad:2) vol=9 col=694 line=33
sobre a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=694 line=41
sobrecais s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=695 line=10
sobrece s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=695 line=15
sobreplus s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=695 line=20
sobresaillant s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=695 line=26
sobretÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=695 line=30
sobrident s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=695 line=35
sobr´etÚ s.f. (match=bad:2) vol=9 col=695 line=40
sobrievetÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=696 line=3
sobriier v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=696 line=6
soc1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=696 line=22
soc2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=696 line=25
sošable a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=697 line=4
socage s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=697 line=7
soces s.m. pl. (match=exact) vol=9 col=697 line=11
soche s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=697 line=17
sochet s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=698 line=26
sochier s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=698 line=36
sochiier v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=698 line=39
sochon s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=698 line=42
soc´able a. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=698 line=45
soc´ac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=699 line=3
soc´al a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=699 line=6
soc´ene s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=699 line=12
soc´etÚ s.f. (match=bad:2) vol=9 col=699 line=16
sošoire v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=699 line=33
sošon s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=699 line=48
sošonerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=699 line=52
socr´on s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=700 line=9
socroistre v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=700 line=16
sodain a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=700 line=20
sodainetÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=701 line=11
sodaistre s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=701 line=14
sodal s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=701 line=19
sodalitÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=701 line=23
sode1 a. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=701 line=26
sode2 s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=702 line=39
soder v. (match=better) vol=9 col=702 line=47
sodivement adv. (match=exact) vol=9 col=703 line=35
sodoinaz a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=703 line=42
sodoine a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=703 line=52
sodomerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=704 line=6
sodomie s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=704 line=9
Sodomiien nom. propr. (match=exact) vol=9 col=704 line=21
sodomiste s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=704 line=24
Sodomite nom. propr. (match=exact) vol=9 col=704 line=27
sodomiterie s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=705 line=17
Sodomois nom. propr. (match=exact) vol=9 col=705 line=25
sodos a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=705 line=32
s÷e s.f. (match=bad:NA) vol=9 col=705 line=49
s÷ef a., adv. (match=bad:2) vol=9 col=706 line=3
s÷eillier v. (match=better) vol=9 col=710 line=52
s÷entre adv., praep. (match=exact) vol=9 col=711 line=9
sofaschier v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=712 line=22
sofe s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=713 line=24
soferte s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=713 line=29
sofic´ence s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=713 line=39
sofic´ent a. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=713 line=49
sof´er v. (match=doubt) vol=9 col=714 line=1
sofire v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=714 line=25
sofisable a. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=717 line=52
sofisance s.f. (match=doubt) vol=9 col=718 line=23
sofisement adv. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=719 line=22
sofisme s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=719 line=26
sofismement s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=720 line=18
sofisque a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=720 line=25
sofiste s., a. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=720 line=43
sofisterie s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=721 line=7
sofisticac´on s.f. (match=bad:2) vol=9 col=721 line=16
sofistece s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=721 line=24
sofistique s., a. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=721 line=27
sofistiquer v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=721 line=43
soflace s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=721 line=49
soflaison s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=722 line=1
sofle s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=722 line=5
soflŰiz s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=722 line=21
soflement s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=722 line=24
soflŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=723 line=10
sofler v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=723 line=21
soflerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=726 line=3
soflet s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=726 line=8
sofletostee s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=726 line=47
soflŰure s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=726 line=52
soflier s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=727 line=3
soflor s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=727 line=6
soflot s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=727 line=8
sofrable a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=727 line=11
sofragant s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=727 line=45
sofrage s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=727 line=50
sofraindre v. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=728 line=6
sofrait s.m. (match=doubt) vol=9 col=729 line=1
sofraitable a. (match=better) vol=9 col=729 line=9
sofraite s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=729 line=13
sofraitier v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=731 line=25
sofraitor s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=731 line=32
sofraitos a. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=731 line=35
sofraiture s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=733 line=10
sofrance s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=733 line=16
sofrŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=735 line=41
sofriment s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=735 line=49
sofrir v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=736 line=1
sogire v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=744 line=50
sogitac´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=746 line=31
soglacier v. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=746 line=39
sohaidŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=747 line=6
sohaidier v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=747 line=17
sohait s.m. (match=doubt) vol=9 col=749 line=1
sohaite s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=750 line=14
soi1 betont. pron. refl. 3. pers. (acc. o. dat.) (match=bad:NA) vol=9 col=750 line=25
soi2 s.f. und m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=753 line=37
soi3 s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=755 line=16
soiage s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=756 line=13
soie1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=756 line=20
soie2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=756 line=25
soie3 s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=758 line=25
soiÚ pc. pf. a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=758 line=43
soiŰiz a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=758 line=50
soiŰoire s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=759 line=4
soiŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=759 line=9
soieresse s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=759 line=28
soierie s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=759 line=31
soiŰure s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=759 line=35
soigle s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=759 line=39
soignable a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=760 line=14
soignaison s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=760 line=20
soignance s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=760 line=23
soignant s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=760 line=31
soignantage s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=761 line=41
soignantier s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=762 line=52
soignantiere s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=763 line=4
soignantise s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=763 line=7
soigne1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=763 line=10
soigne2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=763 line=12
soigne3 s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=763 line=39
soigne4 s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=764 line=9
soignement s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=764 line=18
soignerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=764 line=22
soigniee1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=764 line=25
soigniee2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=764 line=30
soignier1 s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=764 line=46
soignier2 v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=764 line=49
soignolent a., s. (match=exact) vol=9 col=765 line=41
soignos a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=765 line=44
soiier v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=766 line=47
soil s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=768 line=15
soiletos a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=768 line=45
soillardaille s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=768 line=49
soillart s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=769 line=1
soillement s.m. (match=bad:2) vol=9 col=769 line=8
soillerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=769 line=17
soillŰure s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=769 line=20
soillier v. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=769 line=32
soillir v. (match=bad:2) vol=9 col=771 line=1
soing s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=771 line=7
soir s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=773 line=8
soissantaine s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=775 line=47
soissante Zahlwort (match=exact) vol=9 col=776 line=1
soissantisme ordin. a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=777 line=36
soissonois s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=777 line=48
soistÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=778 line=4
soistŰiz s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=778 line=22
soit s.f. oder m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=778 line=27
soi(p)tor s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=778 line=28
soiture s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=778 line=30
soivre1 a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=778 line=34
soivre2 s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=779 line=18
soivre3 s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=779 line=24
sol1 a. (match=bad:NA) vol=9 col=779 line=36
sol2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=786 line=25
sol3 s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=786 line=46
solable a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=786 line=48
solašable a. (match=better) vol=9 col=787 line=1
solašant a. (match=doubt) vol=9 col=787 line=4
solace s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=787 line=7
solacement s.m. (match=doubt) vol=9 col=787 line=10
solacier v. (match=better) vol=9 col=787 line=19
solaciier v. (match=better) vol=9 col=788 line=10
solac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=789 line=16
solašos a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=789 line=19
solaire a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=789 line=30
solairier s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=789 line=34
solaz s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=789 line=38
sole s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=791 line=49
solecisme s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=792 line=41
soleil s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=792 line=52
soleillier v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=795 line=51
soleire s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=796 line=6
solel s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=796 line=19
solement s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=796 line=22
solemne a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=796 line=25
solemnel a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=796 line=34
solemner v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=797 line=3
solemnier v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=797 line=16
solemnisac´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=797 line=19
solemnisier v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=797 line=22
solemnitÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=797 line=33
solemnos a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=798 line=17
soler1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=798 line=26
soler2 v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=800 line=29
soler3 v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=800 line=32
solerce s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=800 line=38
solercie s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=800 line=49
solerel s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=800 line=52
soleret s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=801 line=13
solert a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=801 line=31
solet1 a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=801 line=37
solet2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=802 line=1
solete s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=802 line=10
soletÚ s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=802 line=13
soletier s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=802 line=17
solŰure s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=802 line=20
solfer v. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=802 line=23
solfiier v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=802 line=29
solicitaire a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=802 line=43
solicitement adv. (match=exact) vol=9 col=802 line=48
solicitŰor s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=803 line=1
soliciter v. (match=doubt) vol=9 col=803 line=4
solicitos a. (match=better) vol=9 col=803 line=11
solicitude s.f. (match=doubt) vol=9 col=803 line=20
solide a. (match=better) vol=9 col=803 line=29
solidee s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=803 line=39
solider v. (match=better) vol=9 col=803 line=41
soliditÚ s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=803 line=47
solier s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=804 line=1
solin s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=805 line=44
solir v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=805 line=47
solitaire a., s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=805 line=50
solitÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=806 line=24
solitude s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=806 line=37
solive s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=806 line=43
solivel s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=807 line=13
soliver v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=807 line=20
soloir v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=807 line=23
soloissier v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=810 line=12
soloit s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=810 line=22
soloite s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=810 line=30
solor s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=810 line=37
solstice s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=810 line=47
solstic´al a. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=810 line=52
solstic´un s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=811 line=7
soluble a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=811 line=13
soluce s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=811 line=29
soluc´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=811 line=35
som1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=812 line=6
som2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=812 line=9
som3 s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=812 line=10
somac (en) adv. (match=doubt) vol=9 col=812 line=11
somac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=812 line=20
somade s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=812 line=28
somage s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=812 line=31
somairement adv. (match=exact) vol=9 col=812 line=35
somart s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=812 line=40
somartras s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=812 line=44
sombre1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=812 line=48
sombre2 a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=813 line=3
sombrer v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=813 line=10
some1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=813 line=14
some2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=814 line=24
some3 s.f. (auch m.) (match=exact) vol=9 col=816 line=7
some4 s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=819 line=45
somÚ pc. pf. a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=819 line=49
somece s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=820 line=21
somešon s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=820 line=30
somee s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=820 line=50
someiier v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=821 line=1
someil s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=821 line=7
someillement s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=821 line=47
someillier v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=822 line=6
someillon s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=823 line=15
someillos a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=823 line=21
somelier s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=823 line=50
someliere s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=824 line=5
somement s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=824 line=9
somer v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=824 line=15
someree s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=825 line=22
somergier v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=825 line=25
someril s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=825 line=33
someron s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=825 line=35
somers´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=826 line=11
somet s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=826 line=14
somete s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=827 line=6
sometier s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=827 line=9
sometiere s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=827 line=18
somier1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=827 line=21
somier2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=827 line=31
somier3 s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=828 line=50
somiere s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=829 line=5
somierement adv. (match=exact) vol=9 col=829 line=16
somitÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=829 line=22
somnolence s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=829 line=27
somon s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=829 line=31
somptŘos a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=829 line=38
son1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=829 line=41
son2 praep. (match=exact) vol=9 col=830 line=45
son3 s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=831 line=29
sonable a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=833 line=47
sonage s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=833 line=50
sonail s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=834 line=1
sonaille s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=834 line=14
sonaillier s.m., a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=834 line=19
sonant s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=834 line=37
sonde s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=834 line=44
sonder v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=835 line=1
sondre s.m. und f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=835 line=4
sonŰiz s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=835 line=22
sonement s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=835 line=38
sonŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=835 line=48
soner v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=836 line=1
sonerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=839 line=37
sonet s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=839 line=48
sonete s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=840 line=31
sonetement s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=841 line=23
soneter v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=841 line=26
songe s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=841 line=30
songŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=842 line=37
songerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=842 line=44
songiee s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=842 line=47
songier v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=842 line=49
songif a. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=844 line=11
songison s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=844 line=14
soniier v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=844 line=18
sonite s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=844 line=30
sonjant s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=844 line=34
sonjos a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=844 line=37
sonor s.f. und m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=844 line=41
sonoritÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=844 line=50
sope s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=845 line=4
sopelete s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=846 line=18
sopement s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=846 line=22
sopŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=846 line=27
soper v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=846 line=30
soperie s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=847 line=39
soperon s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=847 line=44
sopir v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=847 line=50
sople a. (match=doubt) vol=9 col=848 line=52
soplece s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=849 line=7
soplŰer v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=849 line=14
soploi s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=849 line=24
soploiement1 s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=849 line=26
soploiement2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=849 line=29
soploiier v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=849 line=45
soquet s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=851 line=3
sor1 a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=851 line=7
sor2 praep. (match=exact) vol=9 col=854 line=29
sorabondance s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=863 line=43
sorabonder v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=864 line=4
sorachater v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=864 line=17
soracomplir v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=864 line=30
soradditement s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=864 line=36
sorage s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=864 line=39
sorain a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=865 line=5
sorajoste s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=865 line=12
soraler v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=865 line=16
soramer v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=865 line=22
sorannÚ a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=865 line=26
sorńoite s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=865 line=39
soraparance s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=865 line=42
sorapeler v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=865 line=50
sorargenter v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=866 line=9
soratendre v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=866 line=39
sorbatre v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=866 line=52
sorbe s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=867 line=3
sorbee s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=867 line=13
sorbement s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=867 line=16
sorber v. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=867 line=20
sorbier s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=867 line=27
sorbile a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=867 line=34
sorbir v. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=867 line=40
sorbissable a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=868 line=16
sorbissement s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=868 line=19
sorbiter v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=868 line=25
sorblont a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=868 line=28
sorboivre v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=868 line=32
sorbrandir v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=868 line=38
sorceindre v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=868 line=46
sorceint s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=868 line=49
sorceinte s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=869 line=7
sorcel s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=869 line=15
sorcelerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=869 line=19
sorcelier s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=869 line=27
sorceliere s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=869 line=30
sorcengle s.m. oder f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=869 line=34
sorcengler v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=869 line=48
sorcens s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=870 line=1
sorcŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=870 line=12
sorceresse s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=870 line=25
sorcerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=870 line=28
sorceron s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=872 line=9
sorchant s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=872 line=24
sorchargier v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=872 line=27
sorchauz s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=872 line=31
sorchŰoir v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=872 line=44
sorchŰor s., a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=872 line=48
sorchŰure s.f. (match=bad:2) vol=9 col=873 line=3
sorchier v. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=873 line=10
sorci s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=873 line=25
sorc´al a. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=873 line=29
sorcier s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=873 line=32
sorciere s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=873 line=48
sorcil s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=874 line=12
sorcille s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=875 line=35
sorcillŰure s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=876 line=10
sorcillier1 v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=876 line=13
sorcillier2 v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=876 line=23
sorcilliere s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=876 line=29
sorcoilli pc. pf. a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=876 line=35
sorconseillier v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=876 line=41
sorcot s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=876 line=45
sorcote s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=878 line=4
sorcotel s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=878 line=6
sorcotelet s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=878 line=17
sorcr´er v. (match=better) vol=9 col=878 line=25
sorcroissance s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=878 line=32
sorcroist s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=878 line=41
sorcroistre v. (match=doubt) vol=9 col=878 line=44
sorcuidance s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=879 line=4
sorcuidee s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=879 line=29
sorcuidement s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=879 line=35
sorcuiderie s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=879 line=46
sorcuidier v. (match=better) vol=9 col=880 line=7
sorcuis s.m. (match=doubt) vol=9 col=881 line=37
sordance s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=882 line=1
sordant s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=882 line=8
sordece s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=882 line=11
sordeille s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=882 line=18
sordeillos a. (match=better) vol=9 col=882 line=31
sordemander v. (match=better) vol=9 col=882 line=36
sordemant s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=882 line=40
sordent s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=882 line=43
sorder1 v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=883 line=8
sorder2 v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=883 line=13
sordine s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=883 line=32
sordire2 v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=883 line=42
sordis s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=884 line=26
sordit s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=884 line=31
sordoble s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=884 line=43
sordoior a. s. comp. (match=exact) vol=9 col=884 line=46
sordois neutr. comp. adv. a. s. (match=exact) vol=9 col=885 line=34
sordoison s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=887 line=12
sordoloir v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=887 line=15
sordon s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=887 line=28
sordossier s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=887 line=36
sordoter v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=887 line=44
sordre v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=887 line=47
sorduire v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=890 line=1
sorduisŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=890 line=18
sore adv. (match=exact) vol=9 col=890 line=22
sorŰagiÚ a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=891 line=36
sorel a. s. (match=exact) vol=9 col=891 line=48
sorelever v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=892 line=13
soremplir v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=892 line=16
sorentrer v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=892 line=22
sorenv´er v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=892 line=27
sorer v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=892 line=32
soreslever v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=892 line=42
sorespandre v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=892 line=46
soresperer b. (match=exact) vol=9 col=893 line=8
soressaucier v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=893 line=13
sorestamer v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=893 line=22
sorestin a. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=893 line=27
sorestre v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=893 line=29
soret a., s. (match=exact) vol=9 col=893 line=35
sorfaire v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=894 line=7
sorf÷ir v. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=896 line=5
sorfrire v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=896 line=10
sorge a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=896 line=16
sorhaucier v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=896 line=26
sorhŘer v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=897 line=1
sorice s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=897 line=3
soricele s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=897 line=14
soricete s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=897 line=20
soriciere s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=897 line=26
sor´ete s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=897 line=30
sorin a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=897 line=34
soringue s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=897 line=38
sorir v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=897 line=42
sorire v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=897 line=49
sorissir v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=898 line=33
soriz s.f. und m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=898 line=46
sorjet s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=899 line=52
sorjeter1 v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=900 line=5
sorjeter2 v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=900 line=11
sorj÷er v. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=900 line=23
sorj÷ir v. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=900 line=36
sorjon s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=900 line=44
sorlever v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=901 line=43
sorlonge s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=902 line=18
sormangier v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=902 line=28
sormarchier v. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=902 line=37
sormeignon s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=903 line=12
sormener v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=903 line=18
sormetre v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=904 line=1
sormirer v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=904 line=9
sormise s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=904 line=13
sormontable a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=904 line=30
sormontance s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=904 line=36
sormonte s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=904 line=41
sormontee s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=904 line=47
sormontement s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=905 line=15
sormonter v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=905 line=19
sormonteresse s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=906 line=49
sormoster v. (match=better) vol=9 col=907 line=1
sormosteur s.m. (match=doubt) vol=9 col=907 line=4
sormule s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=907 line=7
sormulet s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=907 line=11
sornagier v. (match=better) vol=9 col=907 line=14
sornegier v. (match=better) vol=9 col=907 line=22
sorn÷er v. (match=better) vol=9 col=907 line=26
sornoillier v. (match=better) vol=9 col=907 line=34
sornom s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=907 line=42
sornombrÚ a. (match=better) vol=9 col=908 line=42
sornomer v. (match=better) vol=9 col=908 line=45
soroiier v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=909 line=7
soronder v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=909 line=12
sorondoiier v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=910 line=36
sororer v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=910 line=42
soros s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=911 line=13
sorparlŰor s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=911 line=50
sorparler v. (match=better) vol=9 col=912 line=3
sorparlier a., s. (match=better) vol=9 col=912 line=37
sorpartir v. (match=better) vol=9 col=912 line=41
sorpeliz s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=912 line=44
sorpendre v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=913 line=23
sorpeser v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=913 line=32
sorplanter v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=913 line=35
sorplumer v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=914 line=1
sorplus s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=914 line=6
sorpoint s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=915 line=43
sorpois1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=915 line=49
sorpois2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=916 line=1
sorp÷oir v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=916 line=10
sorportee s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=916 line=44
sorporter v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=916 line=50
sorpost s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=917 line=30
sorprendre v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=917 line=33
sorprestre s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=918 line=49
sorpresure s.f. (match=doubt) vol=9 col=919 line=1
sorprise s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=919 line=9
sorprison s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=919 line=17
sorpuiier v. (match=better) vol=9 col=919 line=24
sorpuisier v. (match=better) vol=9 col=919 line=31
sorpuissant a. (match=better) vol=9 col=919 line=34
sorquerre v. (match=better) vol=9 col=919 line=40
sorqueu s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=920 line=20
sorrente s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=920 line=27
sors s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=920 line=31
sorsalie s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=920 line=39
sorsalir v. (match=better) vol=9 col=920 line=46
sorsaner v. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=921 line=26
sorsanŰure s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=921 line=45
sorsaut s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=922 line=8
sorse s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=922 line=33
sorsŰance s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=923 line=16
sorsŰant s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=923 line=19
sorsele s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=923 line=22
sorsemaine s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=923 line=36
sorsembler v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=923 line=41
sorsemer v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=924 line=17
sorsŰoir v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=924 line=50
sorsin s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=925 line=10
sorsise s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=925 line=22
sorsome s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=925 line=27
sort1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=925 line=36
sort2 a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=925 line=40
sort3 s.m. oder f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=927 line=28
sorte1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=930 line=49
sorte2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=931 line=1
sortenir v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=931 line=39
sorter v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=931 line=42
sortie s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=931 line=51
sortilege s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=932 line=3
sortir v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=932 line=20
sortissement s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=934 line=23
sortissŰor s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=934 line=26
sortraire v. (match=better) vol=9 col=934 line=48
sortribler v. (match=better) vol=9 col=934 line=51
sorvaillance s.f. (match=doubt) vol=9 col=935 line=1
sorveille s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=935 line=3
sorveincre v. (match=better) vol=9 col=935 line=21
sorvendengier v. (match=better) vol=9 col=935 line=46
sorvendre v. (match=better) vol=9 col=935 line=49
sorvenir v. (match=better) vol=9 col=935 line=52
sorvenŘe s.f. (match=bad:2) vol=9 col=937 line=5
sorvŰoir v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=937 line=17
sorvŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=938 line=16
sorvers a adv. (match=bad:2) vol=9 col=938 line=19
sorverse s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=938 line=26
sorvers´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=938 line=32
sorvesiier v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=938 line=39
sorveste s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=939 line=4
sorvivre v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=939 line=25
sorvous s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=939 line=43
sorzine s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=939 line=46
sos (match=bad:NA) vol=9 col=939 line=51
sosńide s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=940 line=3
sosain a. (match=better) vol=9 col=940 line=6
sosaisseler v. (match=better) vol=9 col=940 line=9
sosannac´on s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=940 line=14
sosanner v. (match=better) vol=9 col=940 line=22
sosaumosnier s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=940 line=31
sosbaillif s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=940 line=34
sosblanc a. (match=better) vol=9 col=940 line=37
sosborsier s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=940 line=44
soscanie s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=940 line=47
sosceler v. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=942 line=3
soscelerier s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=942 line=12
soscengle s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=942 line=16
soschambre s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=942 line=30
soschant s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=942 line=33
soschantre s.m. s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=942 line=39
soschauz s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=942 line=47
soschement s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=943 line=1
soschier v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=943 line=4
soscitÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=943 line=44
soscitŰain s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=943 line=47
sosclave s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=943 line=52
soscliner v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=944 line=17
sosclochier v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=944 line=35
soscolastre s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=944 line=44
soscollecteur s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=944 line=47
soscomite s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=944 line=50
soscriembre v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=944 line=52
soscrire v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=945 line=11
sosdelegat s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=945 line=14
sosd´acre s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=945 line=26
sosdoiien s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=946 line=1
sosŰage s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=946 line=10
sosŰagiÚ a. (match=better) vol=9 col=946 line=16
sosentrer v. (match=better) vol=9 col=946 line=22
sosescrit pc. pf. a. (match=better) vol=9 col=946 line=27
sosestablir v. (match=better) vol=9 col=946 line=30
sosestamer v. (match=better) vol=9 col=946 line=50
sosfimement s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=947 line=9
sosf÷ir v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=947 line=13
sosgesir v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=947 line=25
sosglot s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=947 line=30
sosgloter v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=947 line=36
sosgorge s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=947 line=45
sosgorjon s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=948 line=7
soshaucement s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=948 line=18
soshaucier v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=948 line=22
sosj÷er v. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=949 line=16
sosjuguerie s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=949 line=27
soslegement s.m. (match=doubt) vol=9 col=949 line=30
soslegier v. (match=better) vol=9 col=949 line=33
soslevement s.m. (match=doubt) vol=9 col=949 line=50
soslever v. (match=doubt) vol=9 col=950 line=6
sosmaistre s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=951 line=17
sosmanant s.m.. (match=exact) vol=9 col=951 line=21
sosmarchier v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=951 line=23
sosmentonal s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=951 line=35
sosmetre1 v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=951 line=41
sosmetre2 v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=953 line=7
sosmonit´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=953 line=13
sosmovoir v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=953 line=16
sososte s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=953 line=19
sosouest s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=953 line=30
sospape s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=953 line=34
sosparler v. (match=doubt) vol=9 col=954 line=1
sospecier v. (match=better) vol=9 col=954 line=10
sospešon s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=954 line=31
sospešonable a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=955 line=43
sospešonal a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=955 line=46
sospešonement s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=955 line=49
sospešonŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=956 line=3
sospešoner v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=956 line=6
sospešonos a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=956 line=48
sospešonositÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=957 line=44
sospešos a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=957 line=46
sospendement s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=957 line=50
sospendre v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=958 line=1
sospene s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=958 line=29
sospens s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=958 line=38
sospense s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=958 line=43
sospens´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=958 line=49
sospente s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=959 line=11
sospercevoir v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=959 line=16
sospeser v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=959 line=19
sospir s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=960 line=6
sospirail s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=960 line=49
sospiree s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=961 line=3
sospirŰiz s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=961 line=9
sospirement s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=961 line=12
sospirer v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=961 line=17
sospiros a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=963 line=1
sospite s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=963 line=5
sosplantac´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=963 line=12
sosplantŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=963 line=17
sosplanter v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=963 line=25
sosplantos a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=964 line=19
sosplongier v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=964 line=23
sospoial s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=964 line=29
sospoiier v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=964 line=35
sospois s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=965 line=1
sosporter v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=965 line=41
sosportiere s.f. (match=doubt) vol=9 col=966 line=1
sosprendement s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=966 line=4
sosprendre v. (match=better) vol=9 col=966 line=7
sospresure s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=968 line=2
sospr´or s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=968 line=34
sospr´ose s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=968 line=40
sosprison s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=968 line=45
sosqueus s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=969 line=1
sosrous a. (match=better) vol=9 col=969 line=9
sossele s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=969 line=17
sossivre v. (match=better) vol=9 col=969 line=26
sostÚ s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=969 line=33
sostenable a. (match=better) vol=9 col=969 line=39
sostenage s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=969 line=44
sostenail s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=969 line=47
sostenaille s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=970 line=1
sostenance s.f. (match=doubt) vol=9 col=970 line=5
sostenant s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=971 line=3
sostenement s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=971 line=6
sostenŰor s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=971 line=25
sosteneresse s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=971 line=35
sostenŰure s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=971 line=42
sostenir v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=971 line=46
sostentac´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=974 line=21
sostenter v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=974 line=24
sostentor s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=974 line=33
sostenu s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=974 line=37
sostenŘe s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=974 line=40
sosterrain a., s. (match=exact) vol=9 col=974 line=45
sosterre s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=975 line=6
sosterrer v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=975 line=13
sosterrier s.m. (match=bad:2) vol=9 col=975 line=22
sosterrin a., s. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=975 line=25
sosterrine s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=976 line=19
sostien s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=976 line=22
sostirer v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=976 line=30
sostoitŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=976 line=36
sostoitier v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=976 line=39
sostract´on s.f. (match=bad:2) vol=9 col=977 line=15
sostraiance s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=977 line=17
sostraiement s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=977 line=19
sostraire v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=977 line=25
sostrait s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=979 line=25
sostrÚ s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=979 line=27
sostrenchier v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=979 line=32
sosventriere s.f. (match=doubt) vol=9 col=979 line=36
sot a., s. (match=bad:NA) vol=9 col=979 line=39
sotart a., s. (match=exact) vol=9 col=981 line=30
sote1 s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=981 line=39
sote2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=981 line=50
sote3 s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=982 line=6
sotelet a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=982 line=7
soterel1 s., a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=982 line=11
soterel2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=983 line=6
soterie s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=983 line=13
sotet s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=983 line=16
sotie s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=983 line=19
sotil a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=984 line=8
sotilable a. (match=bad:2) vol=9 col=988 line=7
sotilance s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=988 line=10
sotilece s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=988 line=28
sotilement s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=988 line=43
sotilet a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=988 line=45
sotiletÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=988 line=50
sotiliier v. (match=better) vol=9 col=989 line=46
sotillier v. (match=better) vol=9 col=990 line=15
Sotin nom. propr. (match=exact) vol=9 col=991 line=18
sotinaz a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=991 line=21
sotir v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=991 line=29
sotise s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=991 line=36
sotiver v. (match=better) vol=9 col=991 line=45
sotivetÚ s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=992 line=3
sot÷art s.m. (match=doubt) vol=9 col=992 line=21
sotois s.m., a. (match=doubt) vol=9 col=992 line=23
sou- prńfix (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=992 line=36
sou s.m. (match=bad:NA) vol=9 col=992 line=38
souage s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=994 line=29
soubassement s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=994 line=32
souci s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=994 line=35
soucie s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=995 line=18
souciÚ s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=995 line=25
souciier v. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=995 line=33
souc´os a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=996 line=16
soucir v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=996 line=21
souciz s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=996 line=36
soudal s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=996 line=43
soudan s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=996 line=47
soudanin s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=997 line=36
soudart s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=997 line=40
soude1 a.m. und f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=997 line=44
soude2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=998 line=5
soude3 s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=998 line=10
soudÚ pc. pf. pass. a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=998 line=16
soudee s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=998 line=20
soudŰiz a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1001 line=20
soudener v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1001 line=27
soudenier s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1001 line=33
soudŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1001 line=39
souder1 v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1001 line=43
souder2 v. (match=better) vol=9 col=1003 line=1
souder3 v. (match=doubt) vol=9 col=1003 line=6
souderesse s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=1003 line=29
souderie1 s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=1003 line=32
souderie2 s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=1003 line=35
souderin s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=1003 line=41
soudŰure s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=1003 line=45
soudier s.m., a. (match=better) vol=9 col=1004 line=10
soudoierie s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=1004 line=21
soudoiier1 s.m. (auch a.) (match=better) vol=9 col=1004 line=31
soudoiier2 v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1006 line=23
soudoiiere s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1007 line=1
soudoior s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1007 line=34
soudre v. (match=doubt) vol=9 col=1008 line=1
souduiable a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1011 line=40
souduiance s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1011 line=43
souduiement s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1011 line=46
souduiŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1012 line=13
souduire v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1012 line=29
souduisement s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1014 line=49
souduison s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1015 line=1
souduitor s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1015 line=19
soue1 pron. poss. f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1015 line=36
soue2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1015 line=37
soufre s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1015 line=41
soufrer v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1016 line=30
soufrin a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1016 line=35
soundre s.m. und f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1017 line=4
sousse s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1017 line=29
soussi s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1017 line=41
soussie s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1018 line=14
souss´ete s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=1019 line=10
soussir v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1019 line=14
soutain1 a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1019 line=22
soutain2 a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1019 line=25
soutainetÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1020 line=46
soutais a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1020 line=52
soute s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1021 line=8
soutement adv. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1021 line=43
soutif a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1021 line=50
soutivetÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1023 line=22
souz1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1023 line=39
souz2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1023 line=43
sovenable a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1024 line=9
sovenance s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1024 line=16
sovendier a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1024 line=23
sovenet adv. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1024 line=26
sovenier a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1024 line=33
sovenierement adv. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1025 line=1
sovenir v., s. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1025 line=18
sovent adv., a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1027 line=18
soventer v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1029 line=33
soventin a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1029 line=38
sovenŘe s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1029 line=46
soverain a., s. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1030 line=1
soverainetÚ s.f. (match=bad:2) vol=9 col=1032 line=34
soverc´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1033 line=22
supercle a. (match=bad:2) vol=9 col=1033 line=24
sovin a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1033 line=26
sovinaillier v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1034 line=33
soviner v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1034 line=38
sovrer v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1035 line=34
soz adv. praep. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1035 line=48
spadon s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1038 line=22
specificatif a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1038 line=33
spectacle s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1038 line=40
speculac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1039 line=4
speculatif a. (match=better) vol=9 col=1039 line=10
speculator s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1039 line=16
speculer v. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=1039 line=20
spicanarde ? (match=doubt) vol=9 col=1039 line=24
spondille ? (match=doubt) vol=9 col=1039 line=25
(s)pod´en s.m. (match=doubt) vol=9 col=1039 line=29
splendor s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1039 line=35
spondee s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=1040 line=4
spongios a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1040 line=11
spongiositÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1040 line=17
spontain a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1040 line=24
spontanÚ a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1040 line=29
spume marine s.f. (match=doubt) vol=9 col=1040 line=32
squame s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=1040 line=34
stabilitÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1040 line=46
stable a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1041 line=5
stabletÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1041 line=7
stac´onaire a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1041 line=15
statif a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1041 line=24
statŘer v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1041 line=30
stell´on s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=1041 line=35
stephanin a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1041 line=44
stercurias s.f. pl. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1042 line=4
sterile a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1042 line=14
sterilitÚ s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=1042 line=19
stile s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1042 line=30
stiler v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1042 line=52
stimuler v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1043 line=4
stipendier s.m. (match=bad:2) vol=9 col=1043 line=9
stipuler v. (match=better) vol=9 col=1043 line=12
stocqvisch s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=1043 line=15
st÷icien a. (match=bad:2) vol=9 col=1043 line=19
strepissement s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=1043 line=26
strepit s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1043 line=29
strylet s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1043 line=33
st˙die pl. neutr. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=1043 line=36
stupide a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1043 line=42
stupre s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1043 line=44
su s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1043 line=46
sŘaire s.m. (match=bad:2) vol=9 col=1044 line=38
sŘance s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1045 line=39
suas´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1045 line=46
subare s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1045 line=49
subcitrin a. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=1046 line=4
subdeleguer v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1046 line=11
subdeputÚ s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1046 line=12
subdic´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=1046 line=13
subdivis´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=1046 line=18
subduc´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1046 line=24
subhastac´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=1046 line=39
subic´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1046 line=46
subilon s.m. (match=doubt) vol=9 col=1047 line=1
subjectement adv. (match=better) vol=9 col=1047 line=13
subjecter v. (match=better) vol=9 col=1047 line=15
subjectif a. (match=bad:3) vol=9 col=1047 line=19
subject´on s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=1047 line=23
subjet1 s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=1048 line=34
subjet2 a., s. (match=better) vol=9 col=1048 line=39
subjonctif a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1049 line=1
subjuguer v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1049 line=5
subler v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1049 line=9
sublime a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1049 line=20
sublimer v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1049 line=26
sublimitÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1049 line=48
submergier v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1050 line=1
subministratif a. (match=doubt) vol=9 col=1050 line=21
subministrer v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1050 line=23
submonic´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1050 line=33
subombrer v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1050 line=36
suborner v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1050 line=43
subrepc´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1051 line=12
subreptice a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1051 line=17
subrogier v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1051 line=23
subsequemment adv. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1051 line=30
subsequent a. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=1051 line=42
subside s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1051 line=46
subsid´able a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1052 line=1
subsolain s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1052 line=5
subterfuge s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1052 line=18
subtil´atif a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1052 line=31
suburbain a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1052 line=41
suburbe s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1052 line=44
suburbie s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1052 line=47
subvenc´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1052 line=52
subvers´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=1053 line=16
subvertir v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1053 line=23
subvisiteur s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1053 line=30
succeder v. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=1053 line=33
succederesse s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1053 line=46
succement s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1053 line=49
successeresse s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1054 line=4
successif a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1054 line=7
success´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=1054 line=27
successor s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=1055 line=1
succ´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=1055 line=28
succomber v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1055 line=34
succositÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1055 line=39
sucier v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1055 line=52
sudeboute adv. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1057 line=35
sŘe s.f. (match=bad:NA) vol=9 col=1057 line=39
suefre s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1057 line=46
sueil1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1058 line=1
sueil2 s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=1059 line=25
sueille s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=1059 line=27
sueillier v. (match=doubt) vol=9 col=1059 line=32
suele s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1059 line=36
suen pron. poss. 3. pers. m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1059 line=44
siene pron. poss. 3. pers. f. (match=better) vol=9 col=1059 line=45
sŘer v. (match=better) vol=9 col=1064 line=14
sŘerie s.f. (match=bad:2) vol=9 col=1065 line=43
sueron s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1065 line=47
suŰure s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1065 line=49
suff÷ir v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1066 line=1
suffosser v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1066 line=8
suffragant s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1066 line=13
suggest´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=1066 line=25
suial s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1066 line=45
suicherie s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1066 line=49
suie s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1066 line=52
suiere s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1067 line=38
suif s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=1068 line=11
suin s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1068 line=46
suire1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1069 line=4
suire2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1069 line=23
suite s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1069 line=40
suitor s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1070 line=43
sujest´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1070 line=48
sulfuros a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1071 line=5
sullent a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1071 line=11
sumac s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1072 line=18
sum´al s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1072 line=23
sŘor1 s.f. (auch m.) (match=exact) vol=9 col=1072 line=26
sŘor2 s.m. (match=bad:2) vol=9 col=1073 line=20
supediter v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1073 line=52
super v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1074 line=45
superabondance s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1075 line=4
superabonder v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1075 line=6
superacquisic´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=1075 line=11
superbe1 a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1075 line=14
superbe2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1075 line=27
superbie s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1075 line=49
supereminence s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1076 line=7
superexcedamment adv. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1076 line=10
superexceller v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1076 line=13
superfice s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1076 line=16
superfic´al a. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=1076 line=35
superflu a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1077 line=4
souperflŘitÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1077 line=29
supergress´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=1078 line=23
super´or a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1078 line=27
superlatif a., s. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1078 line=33
superlatin a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1078 line=50
superlicoquance s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1079 line=4
supernal a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1079 line=7
supernasos a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1079 line=17
superne a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1079 line=22
superscripc´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1079 line=34
superstic´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1079 line=43
superstic´os a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1079 line=48
supin s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1079 line=52
suplie s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=1080 line=10
suplicac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1080 line=13
supl´ement s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=1080 line=43
supliier1 v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1080 line=49
supliier2 v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1081 line=6
suplir v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1081 line=27
suploi s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1081 line=34
suport s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1081 line=42
suportat´on s.f. (match=bad:3) vol=9 col=1081 line=50
suporter v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1081 line=52
suposer v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1082 line=9
supositif a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1083 line=13
suposit´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1083 line=23
supositoire s.m. (match=doubt) vol=9 col=1083 line=30
supost s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=1083 line=35
supracelest´al a. (match=better) vol=9 col=1083 line=45
suppŘail s.m. (match=better) vol=9 col=1083 line=52
sur- prńfix (match=better) vol=9 col=1084 line=6
sur1 praep. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1084 line=7
sur2 a. (match=bad:NA) vol=9 col=1084 line=8
sure s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1085 line=16
surece s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1085 line=24
surele s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1085 line=32
suret a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1085 line=46
surface s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1086 line=5
surg´e s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1086 line=10
surgiien s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1086 line=16
surrect´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1086 line=38
surrexit verbalform (match=exact) vol=9 col=1087 line=36
surtÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1088 line=23
sus- prńfix (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=1088 line=33
sus adv. praep. (match=bad:NA) vol=9 col=1088 line=34
susceptible a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1093 line=10
suscept´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=1093 line=15
susceptor s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1093 line=18
suscitac´on s.f. (match=bad:2) vol=9 col=1093 line=21
suscitement s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1093 line=27
susciter v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1093 line=43
susee! interj. (match=better) vol=9 col=1094 line=36
suspecc´on s.f. (match=better) vol=9 col=1094 line=41
suspect a. (match=better) vol=9 col=1094 line=48
suspensoire s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1095 line=1
suspicat´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1095 line=6
suspic´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=9 col=1095 line=9
suspic´os a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1095 line=13
sustance s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1095 line=17
sustanc´el a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1097 line=3
sustanc´os a. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1097 line=13
sustantif a., s. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1097 line=27
sustentac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1097 line=37
sustenter v. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1098 line=5
sustitŘir v. (match=bad:2) vol=9 col=1098 line=15
sustitut s.m. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1098 line=20
susurrac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=9 col=1098 line=22