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mi1 s.m. (match=bad:NA) vol=6 col=5 line=1
mi2 a., (adv.), s. (match=bad:NA) vol=6 col=5 line=15
mińost s.m. und f. (match=better) vol=6 col=6 line=18
miauder v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=7 line=7
m´auer v. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=7 line=13
miaulŰiz s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=7 line=22
miaulison s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=7 line=27
miautir v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=7 line=32
miautriz s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=7 line=38
m´avril s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=8 line=9
micanon s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=8 line=16
micaresme s.m. und f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=8 line=31
miche s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=8 line=46
michete s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=10 line=16
michier v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=10 line=19
microcosme s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=10 line=28
midi s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=10 line=46
mie1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=13 line=34
mie2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=17 line=37
m´ee s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=17 line=42
m´ejambe s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=17 line=51
miel s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=18 line=7
mielaz s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=20 line=8
mielÚ a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=20 line=14
mielee s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=20 line=24
mielos a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=20 line=28
m´emement adv. (match=exact) vol=6 col=20 line=48
mien pron. poss.. (match=exact) vol=6 col=21 line=1
m´enuit s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=23 line=50
mier a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=24 line=34
miŔs s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=25 line=29
miesanter v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=26 line=8
miesier s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=26 line=16
miessee s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=26 line=19
m´estÚ s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=26 line=21
m´ete s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=26 line=25
mieus adv., s., a., comp. (match=exact) vol=6 col=26 line=51
mievre a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=37 line=50
mignŰor s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=38 line=13
mignier v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=38 line=17
mignol a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=38 line=19
mignon a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=38 line=21
mignoner v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=38 line=30
mignot a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=38 line=39
mignoterie s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=40 line=31
mignotet a. (match=better) vol=6 col=40 line=37
mignotie s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=40 line=42
mignotise s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=41 line=4
migraigne a., s. (match=exact) vol=6 col=41 line=32
migras s.m. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=42 line=1
mijor s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=42 line=6
mil1 Zahlwort (match=bad:NA) vol=6 col=42 line=29
mil2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=47 line=1
milante Zahlwort (match=exact) vol=6 col=47 line=19
milfueil s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=47 line=28
mil´aire s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=47 line=49
milier s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=48 line=19
miliere s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=49 line=51
miliesme ordin. (match=exact) vol=6 col=50 line=1
milieu s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=50 line=15
milieue s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=52 line=7
mil´on1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=52 line=10
mil´on2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=52 line=33
mille s.f. und m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=52 line=44
millet s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=53 line=10
millete s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=53 line=19
millot s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=53 line=23
mil÷ain a. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=53 line=30
milsoudor a., s. (match=exact) vol=6 col=53 line=38
mimai s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=55 line=1
mimarz s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=55 line=10
mimatinee s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=55 line=13
minage s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=55 line=16
minagŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=55 line=32
mince1 a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=55 line=36
mince2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=55 line=41
mince3 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=55 line=46
mincŰoir a., s. (match=exact) vol=6 col=56 line=11
mincier v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=56 line=17
mindoke s. (match=exact) vol=6 col=56 line=46
mine1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=57 line=4
mine2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=57 line=48
mine3 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=59 line=32
mine4 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=59 line=48
mine5 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=60 line=3
mine6 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=60 line=10
minee s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=60 line=30
minel s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=60 line=34
minŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=60 line=38
miner1 v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=61 line=18
miner2 v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=61 line=26
mineral a. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=63 line=5
mineroi s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=63 line=7
minete s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=63 line=11
minetier s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=63 line=28
mini s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=63 line=31
minier1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=63 line=32
minier2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=63 line=35
miniere s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=63 line=38
minime s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=64 line=10
ministrable a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=64 line=19
ministrac´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=64 line=21
ministrance s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=64 line=24
min÷er v. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=64 line=29
minon1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=64 line=33
minon2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=64 line=36
minos a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=64 line=47
minot1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=65 line=1
minot2 a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=65 line=6
minotel s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=65 line=10
minŘer v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=65 line=13
minŘoir v. (match=bad:2) vol=6 col=65 line=35
minute s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=65 line=51
minuter v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=66 line=17
mipartir v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=66 line=21
mipartissŰure s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=67 line=25
mipiÚ s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=67 line=28
mir a. (match=bad:NA) vol=6 col=67 line=33
mirabile a. (match=better) vol=6 col=67 line=36
mirabille s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=67 line=41
mirabillos a. (match=better) vol=6 col=68 line=11
mirable a. (match=better) vol=6 col=68 line=39
mirabolan s.m. (match=bad:2) vol=6 col=69 line=23
mirac s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=69 line=40
miracle s.m. und f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=69 line=47
miraculos a. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=71 line=35
mirail s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=71 line=41
miraillier s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=72 line=9
mirasol s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=72 line=14
mire1 s.m. (auch f.) (match=better) vol=6 col=72 line=30
mire2 3. subj. prs. (match=exact) vol=6 col=77 line=19
mire3 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=77 line=21
miree s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=77 line=28
mirement s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=77 line=33
mirŰoir s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=77 line=37
mirŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=79 line=1
mirer v. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=81 line=10
mirerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=84 line=22
miresse s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=84 line=26
mirgie s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=85 line=4
mirgier v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=85 line=10
mir´ene s. (match=exact) vol=6 col=85 line=18
mirmande s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=85 line=24
miroirier s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=86 line=3
mirolÚ a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=86 line=6
mirolet s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=86 line=10
mirre s.f. und m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=86 line=18
mirte s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=88 line=8
mirtille s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=88 line=37
misaille s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=88 line=44
mise s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=88 line=47
misŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=91 line=14
miseptembre s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=91 line=26
miserable a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=91 line=36
miserac´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=91 line=43
miserance s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=92 line=14
misere s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=92 line=19
miserere s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=93 line=1
misericordable a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=93 line=38
misericorde s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=93 line=42
misericord´able a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=96 line=3
misericord´os a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=96 line=5
misericort a., s. (match=exact) vol=6 col=96 line=23
miserin a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=96 line=47
miss´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=97 line=29
miste a., s. (match=exact) vol=6 col=97 line=50
mistere1 s.m. und f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=98 line=18
mistere2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=99 line=13
mister´al a. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=99 line=22
mist´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=99 line=25
mist´oner v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=99 line=37
mistique a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=99 line=40
misture s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=99 line=48
mitaille s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=100 line=17
mitaine s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=100 line=22
mitant s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=100 line=42
mite1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=100 line=46
mite2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=101 line=7
mite3 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=101 line=13
mite4 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=101 line=22
mitement s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=102 line=1
mitem÷e a., s. (match=exact) vol=6 col=102 line=3
miterrain a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=102 line=15
mitier s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=102 line=22
mitigatif a., s. (match=exact) vol=6 col=102 line=25
mitiger v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=102 line=44
miton s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=102 line=48
mitrait s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=103 line=4
mitre1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=103 line=8
mitre2 s.f. (auch m.) (match=exact) vol=6 col=103 line=12
mitrÚ pc. pf. pass. (match=exact) vol=6 col=104 line=18
mivoie s.f., adv. (match=exact) vol=6 col=104 line=28
mobile s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=105 line=10
mobilitÚ s.f. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=105 line=14
mochŰoir s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=105 line=26
mocheron s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=105 line=31
mocheroncel s.m. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=105 line=40
mochier v. (match=better) vol=6 col=105 line=47
moc´on s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=106 line=20
mode s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=107 line=7
modequin s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=107 line=11
moderac´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=107 line=15
moderance s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=107 line=23
moderement s.m. (match=bad:2) vol=6 col=107 line=26
moderŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=107 line=29
moderer v. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=107 line=32
modeste a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=107 line=38
modestie s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=107 line=43
modificac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=107 line=46
modif´er v. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=107 line=49
modoal s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=108 line=8
m÷e1 s.f. (match=bad:NA) vol=6 col=108 line=11
m÷e2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=108 line=29
moelequin s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=110 line=22
moelequinier s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=111 line=33
moer s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=111 line=38
m÷ete s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=111 line=40
moflart a., s. (match=exact) vol=6 col=111 line=44
mofle1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=111 line=51
mofle2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=112 line=9
moflet a., s. (match=exact) vol=6 col=113 line=49
mohestre s.m. oder f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=114 line=13
moi pron. pers. (match=exact) vol=6 col=114 line=20
moicheresse s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=120 line=13
moie1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=120 line=19
moie2 onomat. (match=exact) vol=6 col=121 line=13
moienable a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=121 line=19
moienel s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=121 line=22
moienement s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=122 line=38
moienŰor s.m. (match=bad:2) vol=6 col=122 line=42
moiener v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=123 line=4
moieneresse s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=123 line=32
moienetÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=123 line=50
moienier s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=124 line=24
moiete s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=124 line=27
moignon a., s. (match=exact) vol=6 col=124 line=31
moiien a., s. (match=exact) vol=6 col=125 line=13
moiier1 v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=128 line=45
moiier2 v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=129 line=21
moillerÚ pc. pf. a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=129 line=32
moillerois a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=129 line=47
moilleron s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=130 line=1
moillŰure s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=130 line=11
moillier1 v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=130 line=25
moillier s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=133 line=31
moilon1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=136 line=3
moilon2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=136 line=23
moinat s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=137 line=13
moine1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=137 line=18
moine2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=141 line=9
moinel1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=141 line=11
moinel2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=141 line=16
m÷inel s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=141 line=38
moinerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=141 line=39
moinet1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=141 line=42
moinet2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=141 line=48
moing a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=142 line=6
moins comp. neutr. (match=exact) vol=6 col=142 line=13
moinsnÚ a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=151 line=49
moinsnŰece s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=153 line=10
moinsnesse a. s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=153 line=14
moinsnetÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=153 line=19
moinssouffisance s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=153 line=24
moinsvaillance s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=153 line=27
moire s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=153 line=32
moiron s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=153 line=37
mois s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=153 line=38
mois2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=153 line=39
mois3 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=156 line=23
mois4 a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=156 line=31
moise s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=156 line=43
moisne s. (match=exact) vol=6 col=156 line=48
moisnel s.m. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=157 line=1
moisnet s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=157 line=16
moison s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=157 line=31
m÷ison s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=158 line=1
moison1 s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=158 line=17
moison2 s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=158 line=24
moisonier s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=158 line=27
moissart a. (match=better) vol=6 col=158 line=30
moisseron1 s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=158 line=45
moisseron2 s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=158 line=48
moissine s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=159 line=7
moisson1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=159 line=15
moisson2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=160 line=21
moissonŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=161 line=3
moissoner v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=161 line=17
moissonerresse s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=162 line=8
moissonier s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=162 line=10
moiste a. (auch s.) (match=exact) vol=6 col=162 line=13
moistece s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=163 line=41
moistir v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=163 line=44
moistor s.f. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=164 line=1
moistre v. (match=better) vol=6 col=164 line=28
moisture s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=165 line=16
moitain a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=165 line=23
moitange a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=165 line=26
moitŰenc a. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=165 line=29
moiterece s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=165 line=33
moitiÚ s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=165 line=42
moitier s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=169 line=17
moitoiage s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=169 line=21
moitoiŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=169 line=25
moitoiere s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=169 line=27
moitoierie s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=169 line=29
moitoiien a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=169 line=47
moitoiier1 v. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=169 line=51
moitoiier2 a., s. (match=bad:2) vol=6 col=170 line=27
moiturier a., s. (match=exact) vol=6 col=171 line=18
moiuel1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=171 line=22
moiuel2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=172 line=4
mol a., s. (match=exact) vol=6 col=172 line=34
molage1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=176 line=1
molage2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=176 line=4
molardel s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=176 line=8
mole1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=176 line=15
mole2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=176 line=33
molece s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=176 line=34
molee s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=176 line=50
moleine s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=177 line=8
molŰiz a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=177 line=17
molel s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=177 line=22
molenc s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=177 line=27
molŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=177 line=39
molestac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=177 line=46
moleste1 a. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=178 line=1
moleste2 s.f. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=178 line=14
molestŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=179 line=40
molester v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=179 line=42
molet a., s. (match=exact) vol=6 col=180 line=11
molete1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=180 line=30
molete2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=180 line=38
molier s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=180 line=47
moliere1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=180 line=50
moliere2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=181 line=1
molille s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=181 line=17
molin s.m. (auch f.) (match=exact) vol=6 col=181 line=18
molinel s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=183 line=6
moliner v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=183 line=17
molinet s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=183 line=20
molinŰure s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=183 line=22
molinier s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=183 line=33
mollage s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=183 line=35
molle1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=183 line=38
molle2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=185 line=18
mollŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=185 line=25
moller v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=185 line=41
mollet s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=188 line=5
moloi s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=188 line=11
moment s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=188 line=23
mon2 adv. (match=exact) vol=6 col=193 line=47
monage s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=197 line=13
monant s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=197 line=15
monarche1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=197 line=19
monarche2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=197 line=23
monarch´al a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=197 line=26
monarchie s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=197 line=31
monastere s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=197 line=42
monastique a. (match=better) vol=6 col=198 line=1
moncel s.m. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=198 line=6
moncelet s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=199 line=9
moncien s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=199 line=21
mondain a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=199 line=25
mondatif a. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=200 line=21
monde1 s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=200 line=25
monde2 a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=205 line=1
mondef´ement s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=206 line=26
mondefiier v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=206 line=31
monder1 v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=206 line=45
monder2 v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=206 line=49
mondificac´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=208 line=4
mondificatif a., s. (match=exact) vol=6 col=208 line=12
mondillon s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=208 line=39
monŰage s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=208 line=45
moneŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=208 line=51
monŰer v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=209 line=3
moneste s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=209 line=45
monestement s.m. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=210 line=1
monester v. (match=better) vol=6 col=210 line=7
mon´age s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=210 line=18
mon´al a., s. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=211 line=5
monic´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=211 line=35
monitoire a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=212 line=4
monjoie s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=212 line=7
monoceros s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=215 line=18
monocorde s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=215 line=28
monoie s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=215 line=49
monoiŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=217 line=6
monoiier s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=217 line=8
monongle a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=217 line=50
monopole s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=218 line=8
monostique a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=218 line=12
Monpancier nom prop. (match=exact) vol=6 col=218 line=17
monstrŘos a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=218 line=28
mont s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=218 line=39
montable a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=221 line=32
montaigne s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=221 line=37
montain a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=222 line=35
montais a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=222 line=43
montance s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=222 line=48
montant s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=223 line=39
montardin a., s. (match=exact) vol=6 col=223 line=47
monte s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=224 line=8
montee s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=226 line=9
monte-foi s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=227 line=13
montel s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=227 line=20
montement s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=227 line=22
montenier a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=227 line=51
montŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=228 line=27
monter v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=228 line=48
montŰure s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=242 line=41
montignos s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=242 line=45
montoi s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=242 line=48
montoire s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=242 line=51
montorin a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=243 line=1
montŘos a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=243 line=4
monument s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=243 line=9
monumente s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=243 line=51
moque s.f. (match=bad:3) vol=6 col=244 line=4
moquŰiz s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=244 line=17
moquement s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=244 line=23
moquŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=244 line=28
moquer v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=244 line=43
moquerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=246 line=44
moquerresse s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=247 line=34
moquiier v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=247 line=42
moquois s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=247 line=46
mor1 s.m., a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=248 line=6
mor2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=248 line=32
moraille1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=248 line=41
moraille2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=248 line=51
morailles s.f. pl. (match=exact) vol=6 col=249 line=8
moraine s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=249 line=14
moral a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=249 line=19
moraliser v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=249 line=37
moralitÚ s.f. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=250 line=1
morance s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=250 line=25
morandin a. (match=better) vol=6 col=250 line=34
morautÚ s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=250 line=40
mordable a. (match=better) vol=6 col=250 line=43
mordant s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=250 line=48
mordef´er v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=251 line=34
mordement s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=251 line=41
mordŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=251 line=48
mordŰure s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=252 line=5
mordicatif a. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=252 line=14
mordificatif a. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=252 line=15
mordre1 v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=252 line=19
mordre2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=255 line=36
mordrement s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=257 line=20
mordrŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=257 line=24
mordrerresse s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=258 line=38
mordrie s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=258 line=41
mordrier s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=258 line=49
mordriere s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=259 line=43
mordrir v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=260 line=1
mordrisŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=262 line=44
mordrisserresse s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=263 line=10
more1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=263 line=16
more2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=263 line=23
more3 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=263 line=41
more4 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=265 line=49
morÚ1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=267 line=45
morÚ2 a., s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=268 line=50
moree s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=269 line=11
moreine s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=269 line=15
morel1 a., s. (match=exact) vol=6 col=269 line=31
morel2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=270 line=25
morele1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=270 line=30
morele2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=270 line=35
morelet a., s. (match=exact) vol=6 col=271 line=12
morement s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=271 line=21
morer v. (match=better) vol=6 col=271 line=25
moresque s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=271 line=31
moreton s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=271 line=35
morfea s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=271 line=47
morfondre v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=271 line=50
morfonture s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=272 line=10
morgage s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=272 line=16
morgeline s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=272 line=20
morgengave s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=272 line=26
morghemesse s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=272 line=30
morie s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=272 line=35
mor´en s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=272 line=50
morier s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=273 line=1
morigenÚ a. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=273 line=34
morigerat a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=273 line=45
morille1 a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=274 line=1
morille2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=274 line=5
morillon1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=274 line=19
morillon2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=274 line=23
morillon3 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=274 line=34
morillos a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=275 line=3
morine s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=275 line=6
moriner v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=275 line=43
morinos a. (match=better) vol=6 col=275 line=51
morir v. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=276 line=6
moritif a. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=285 line=45
mormaistre s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=286 line=3
mornanteis s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=286 line=11
morne a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=286 line=14
mornÚ pc. pf. a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=287 line=45
morni pc. pf. a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=288 line=1
mornoiier v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=288 line=8
moroi s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=288 line=11
morois a., s. (match=exact) vol=6 col=288 line=14
moron1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=288 line=32
moron2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=288 line=42
morose a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=289 line=6
morquin s.m., a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=289 line=11
morre s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=289 line=17
mors1 s.m. oder f. pl. (match=exact) vol=6 col=289 line=25
mors2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=291 line=37
morsel s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=293 line=22
morsele s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=295 line=11
morselet s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=295 line=15
morsier a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=295 line=27
morsilliee s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=295 line=32
morsillier v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=295 line=37
morsure s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=295 line=49
morsurete s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=296 line=20
mort s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=296 line=29
mortable a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=305 line=6
mortaille s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=305 line=13
mortaise s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=305 line=20
mortaisier v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=305 line=28
mortalitÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=305 line=33
mortef´ement s.m. (match=bad:2) vol=6 col=306 line=37
mortefiŰor s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=306 line=51
mortefiier v. (match=bad:2) vol=6 col=307 line=4
mortel a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=307 line=23
mortelerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=310 line=23
mortelier s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=310 line=27
morteruel s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=310 line=39
morticine s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=311 line=15
mortier s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=311 line=29
mortoiier v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=313 line=39
mortoire s.m. und f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=313 line=44
mortoise s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=314 line=34
mortŘable a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=314 line=40
mortŘage s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=314 line=45
mortŘaire s.m. oder f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=314 line=48
mortŘel a. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=315 line=3
mortŘore1 ? (match=exact) vol=6 col=315 line=10
mortŘore2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=315 line=17
morue s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=315 line=20
morŘel s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=315 line=26
morve s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=315 line=35
morvel s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=315 line=41
morvine s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=315 line=44
morvos a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=315 line=48
mosche1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=316 line=5
mosche2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=317 line=46
moscheron s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=317 line=50
moschet1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=318 line=9
moschet2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=318 line=14
moschete s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=319 line=10
moscheter v. (match=bad:3) vol=6 col=320 line=3
moschon s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=320 line=8
moschote s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=320 line=12
mosle s.f. oder m. (match=better) vol=6 col=320 line=16
moslete s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=320 line=40
mosse1 s.f. (match=bad:2) vol=6 col=320 line=44
mosse2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=321 line=34
mosseron s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=321 line=37
mossu a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=321 line=42
most s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=323 line=28
mostage s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=324 line=4
mostaison s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=324 line=7
mostarde s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=324 line=12
mostardier1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=325 line=6
mostardier2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=325 line=14
mostardiere s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=325 line=16
mostelete s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=325 line=23
mostelot s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=325 line=28
moster v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=325 line=34
mosteret s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=325 line=41
mostier s.m. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=326 line=1
mostoile s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=328 line=37
mostrable a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=329 line=31
mostraison s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=329 line=35
mostrance s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=330 line=19
mostre1 s.m. oder f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=331 line=1
mostre2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=332 line=9
mostree s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=333 line=43
mostrement s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=334 line=20
mostrŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=334 line=42
mostrer v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=334 line=47
mot s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=339 line=50
mote s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=350 line=32
motel s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=352 line=21
motele s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=352 line=32
motelÚ a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=352 line=36
motelete s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=352 line=40
motet s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=352 line=42
motete s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=354 line=1
motible a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=354 line=6
motif a., s. (match=exact) vol=6 col=354 line=12
motir v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=354 line=31
motoiier v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=354 line=50
mou s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=355 line=6
moudrage s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=355 line=22
moudre1 v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=355 line=24
moudre2 v. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=358 line=41
mounee s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=359 line=14
mounier s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=359 line=21
mouniere s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=360 line=4
mouquillon s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=360 line=7
moussier s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=360 line=14
mousson1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=360 line=19
mousson2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=360 line=20
mout a., adv. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=360 line=24
moute1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=366 line=21
moute2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=366 line=30
moutepl´able a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=366 line=35
moutepl´ance s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=366 line=47
mouteplicement s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=367 line=5
moutepl´ement s.m. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=367 line=8
moutepliier v. (match=better) vol=6 col=367 line=19
moutepl´os a. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=370 line=27
moutir v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=370 line=36
moutisme adv. (match=exact) vol=6 col=370 line=38
mouton s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=370 line=42
moutonage s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=373 line=37
moutoncel s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=373 line=40
moutonin a. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=373 line=44
mouturance s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=373 line=50
mouture s.f. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=374 line=1
mouturer v. (match=better) vol=6 col=374 line=12
movable a. (match=better) vol=6 col=374 line=15
movabletÚ s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=375 line=6
movŰiz a., s. (match=exact) vol=6 col=375 line=12
movement s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=375 line=17
movŰor s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=376 line=20
moverresse s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=376 line=28
movoir v. (match=better) vol=6 col=376 line=33
mu1 a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=386 line=4
mu2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=390 line=10
mŘable a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=390 line=15
mŘabletÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=391 line=7
mŘaison s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=391 line=33
mŘance s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=392 line=9
mŘas s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=392 line=42
mušaille s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=392 line=44
mušamment adv. (match=exact) vol=6 col=392 line=50
mušance s.f. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=393 line=1
muce s.f. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=393 line=4
mucelote s.f. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=393 line=13
mucement s.m. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=393 line=19
mucete s.f. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=393 line=23
mucŰure s.f. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=393 line=28
mucier v. (match=better) vol=6 col=393 line=31
mušoire s.f. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=397 line=12
mušote s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=397 line=20
mucre a. (match=better) vol=6 col=397 line=25
mucrir v. (match=better) vol=6 col=397 line=43
mŘe s.f. (match=bad:NA) vol=6 col=397 line=50
mueblage s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=400 line=1
mueble a., s. (match=exact) vol=6 col=400 line=4
muebler v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=400 line=44
muef1 s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=401 line=13
muef2 s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=401 line=35
mŘel a. (match=bad:2) vol=6 col=401 line=41
muele s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=403 line=1
mŘele s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=404 line=7
mŘement s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=404 line=12
mŘer v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=405 line=7
mŘet a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=413 line=33
muete s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=414 line=18
mŘete s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=417 line=5
muetir v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=417 line=11
mugelaine s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=417 line=25
mugir v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=417 line=28
mugissement s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=417 line=33
mugue1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=417 line=40
mugue2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=417 line=43
muguet s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=418 line=5
mui s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=418 line=46
muie s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=421 line=24
muiee s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=421 line=29
muiement s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=421 line=33
muiŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=421 line=39
muier a. (auch s.) (match=exact) vol=6 col=421 line=42
mŘir1 v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=422 line=49
mŘir2 v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=423 line=11
muire1 v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=423 line=17
muire2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=424 line=12
muiron s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=424 line=16
muis s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=424 line=19
muisir v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=424 line=25
muisissure s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=424 line=51
muit s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=425 line=5
muitir v. (match=better) vol=6 col=425 line=7
mul1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=425 line=10
mul2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=425 line=19
mul3 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=425 line=24
mulace a., s. (match=exact) vol=6 col=427 line=12
mulain s.m. (match=bad:2) vol=6 col=427 line=17
mulane s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=427 line=26
mule1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=427 line=29
mule2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=427 line=34
mule3 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=427 line=41
mule4 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=428 line=29
mule5 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=428 line=35
mulet1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=429 line=34
mulet2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=429 line=43
mulet3 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=430 line=11
mulete1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=430 line=35
mulete2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=430 line=49
mulger v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=431 line=3
mulirege s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=431 line=5
mulon s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=431 line=12
mulot1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=431 line=35
mulot2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=431 line=45
multe s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=431 line=50
multiple a. (match=bad:2) vol=6 col=432 line=1
multiplicac´on s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=432 line=6
multiplicitÚ s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=432 line=14
multitÚ s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=432 line=26
multitude s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=432 line=34
mune s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=433 line=38
munerer v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=433 line=45
munic´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=433 line=48
munificence s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=434 line=1
muniment s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=434 line=4
munir v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=434 line=18
mur s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=434 line=31
murage s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=436 line=24
murail s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=436 line=34
muraille s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=437 line=8
mural a., s. (match=exact) vol=6 col=437 line=13
murel s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=437 line=31
muremile s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=437 line=42
murŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=437 line=45
murer v. (match=better) vol=6 col=438 line=1
muret1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=438 line=37
muret2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=438 line=40
murgier s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=439 line=1
murien s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=439 line=7
murillos s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=439 line=9
murique s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=439 line=13
murmelante s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=439 line=20
murmeler v. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=439 line=30
murmillier v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=439 line=43
murmurac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=439 line=50
murmurance s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=440 line=13
murmure s.m. oder f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=440 line=16
murmurŰiz s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=441 line=24
murmurement s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=441 line=29
murmurŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=441 line=45
murmurer v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=441 line=47
murmur´er v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=442 line=35
murmuros a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=442 line=41
muroi s.m. (match=bad:2) vol=6 col=442 line=46
muron s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=443 line=9
musable a. (match=bad:2) vol=6 col=443 line=13
musage s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=443 line=18
musaine s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=444 line=49
musardel s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=445 line=1
musarder v. (match=better) vol=6 col=445 line=7
musardie s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=445 line=13
musart a., s. (match=better) vol=6 col=446 line=6
musc s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=448 line=38
muscade a.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=448 line=48
muscadÚ pc. pf. a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=449 line=45
muscat s.m. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=450 line=1
muscelin a. (match=better) vol=6 col=450 line=15
muscle s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=450 line=21
musclos a. (match=better) vol=6 col=450 line=38
muse1 s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=450 line=43
muse2 s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=450 line=47
muse3 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=451 line=4
muse4 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=451 line=51
Muse-en-cort s.m. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=452 line=49
muse-en-pastez s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=453 line=3
musÚ a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=453 line=9
musee s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=453 line=18
musel1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=453 line=21
musel2 s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=454 line=15
musele s.f. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=454 line=21
muselee s.f. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=454 line=31
musembert s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=454 line=42
musement s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=454 line=48
musŰoire s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=455 line=3
musŰor1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=455 line=11
musŰor2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=455 line=17
muser1 v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=455 line=24
muser2 v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=458 line=37
museraz s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=459 line=1
muserie s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=459 line=11
muserresse s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=459 line=22
muset1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=459 line=25
muset2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=459 line=29
musete s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=459 line=34
musetŰor s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=460 line=1
museter1 v. (match=better) vol=6 col=460 line=4
museter2 v. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=460 line=10
musgode s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=460 line=15
musg÷er v. (match=better) vol=6 col=460 line=31
musgot s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=460 line=35
musicant a. (match=better) vol=6 col=460 line=40
musiciien a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=461 line=14
musillage s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=461 line=17
musique1 a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=461 line=24
musique2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=461 line=46
musquel´as s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=463 line=9
mustabet s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=463 line=28
mustadole s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=463 line=47
mustel s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=463 line=51
musteliere s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=465 line=2
mutabilitÚ s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=465 line=13
mutac´on s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=465 line=24
mutatoire s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=465 line=50
mutelote s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=466 line=12
muteret s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=466 line=15
muterne s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=466 line=20
mutilac´on s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=466 line=31
mutiler v. (match=better) vol=6 col=466 line=35
mutilŰure s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=466 line=43
mutissement s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=466 line=46
mutre s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=466 line=48
n s.f. (match=bad:NA) vol=6 col=467 line=5
n' Negat. (match=bad:NA) vol=6 col=467 line=10
na (match=exact) vol=6 col=467 line=12
nacaire s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=467 line=16
mutŘel a. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=468 line=1
nacele s.f. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=468 line=18
nacelee s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=469 line=3
nacelete s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=469 line=7
nache s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=469 line=13
nacherel s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=471 line=1
nachier s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=471 line=8
nachos a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=471 line=18
nac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=471 line=21
nacis s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=473 line=13
nadir s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=473 line=16
nńel a. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=473 line=19
nńer v. (match=bad:2) vol=6 col=473 line=24
nage s. (match=exact) vol=6 col=473 line=27
nagement s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=474 line=37
nagŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=474 line=42
nagier v. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=475 line=6
naie s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=479 line=4
nńif a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=479 line=36
naiier v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=483 line=3
nain s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=483 line=17
naisir v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=484 line=48
naissance s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=485 line=4
naissement s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=486 line=12
naistre v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=487 line=7
nńitÚ s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=493 line=13
nńivetÚ s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=493 line=32
najable a. (match=better) vol=6 col=493 line=38
naje Negat. (match=better) vol=6 col=493 line=40
naliere s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=495 line=4
namiier v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=495 line=16
nan s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=495 line=19
nancete s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=496 line=16
nanter v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=496 line=23
nantir v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=496 line=30
nantissement s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=496 line=40
nantois s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=496 line=48
nńon s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=497 line=5
napage s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=497 line=15
nape s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=497 line=19
napele s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=499 line=28
napelete s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=499 line=40
naperie s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=499 line=43
naperon s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=499 line=48
napier s.m. (match=bad:3) vol=6 col=500 line=5
napte s.m. oder f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=500 line=7
naque s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=500 line=13
naquier v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=500 line=15
narcis s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=500 line=26
narcisin a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=500 line=31
narcotique a., s. (match=exact) vol=6 col=500 line=45
narde s.m. oder f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=501 line=1
nardier s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=501 line=9
nardin a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=501 line=17
nares s.f. pl. (match=exact) vol=6 col=501 line=25
nar´es s.f. pl. (match=exact) vol=6 col=501 line=41
naril s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=502 line=3
narilement s.m. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=502 line=16
narille s.f. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=502 line=21
narillier v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=503 line=6
narine s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=503 line=10
nariner v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=504 line=1
narrac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=504 line=14
narrative s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=504 line=36
narrer v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=504 line=41
nascac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=504 line=49
nase s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=505 line=1
nasel s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=505 line=7
nasier s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=507 line=26
nasiere s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=507 line=32
nasil s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=507 line=42
nasilles s.f. pl. (match=exact) vol=6 col=508 line=1
nasines s.f. pl. (match=exact) vol=6 col=508 line=13
nasquison s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=508 line=23
nasquissement s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=508 line=28
nasse s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=508 line=29
nassŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=510 line=1
nasturce s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=510 line=8
natal s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=510 line=11
natatoire s.m. oder f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=510 line=27
nate1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=510 line=31
nate2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=510 line=47
nateme s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=511 line=47
nater1 v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=511 line=48
nater2 v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=512 line=1
nateron s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=512 line=6
natete s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=512 line=10
natier s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=512 line=15
natif a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=512 line=23
nativel a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=512 line=25
nativital s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=512 line=31
nativitÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=512 line=36
natre a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=514 line=3
naturable a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=515 line=11
naturalitÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=515 line=21
nature s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=515 line=28
naturece s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=524 line=33
naturel a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=525 line=5
naturer v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=529 line=12
naturete s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=530 line=10
naturier a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=530 line=16
naturiien s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=530 line=21
naturos a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=530 line=50
navage s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=531 line=10
naval a. (match=better) vol=6 col=531 line=20
nave1 s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=531 line=24
nave2 s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=531 line=31
navee s.f. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=532 line=46
navel1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=533 line=40
navel2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=533 line=47
navele1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=534 line=28
navele2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=534 line=34
navelier s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=534 line=36
navet s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=534 line=39
navete1 s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=535 line=1
navete2 s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=535 line=6
navetier s.m. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=535 line=11
nav´able a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=535 line=13
nav´age s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=535 line=16
navie s.m. und f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=535 line=28
nav´ement s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=537 line=36
naviŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=537 line=39
navier s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=537 line=44
naviere1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=537 line=47
naviere2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=537 line=50
navigac´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=538 line=1
naviguer v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=538 line=5
naviier v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=538 line=14
navÝlie s.m. oder f. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=538 line=41
navine s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=540 line=6
navirŰor s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=540 line=9
naviron s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=540 line=11
navoi s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=540 line=45
navre s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=541 line=16
navree s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=541 line=23
navrer v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=541 line=28
navrŰure s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=543 line=50
ne1 Negat (match=bad:NA) vol=6 col=544 line=26
ne2 negat. Verbindungsartikel (match=exact) vol=6 col=552 line=51
necessaire a., s. (match=exact) vol=6 col=565 line=44
necessitÚ s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=566 line=37
nedel s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=568 line=7
nŰel1 s..m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=568 line=12
nŰel2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=569 line=7
nŰele s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=569 line=14
nŰelŰiz a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=569 line=48
nŰeler v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=570 line=1
nŰelŰure s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=572 line=1
nŰelier s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=572 line=14
nŰelois1 a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=572 line=16
nŰelois2 a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=572 line=20
nef1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=572 line=28
nef2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=572 line=40
nefande a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=575 line=38
nefaste a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=575 line=42
negac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=575 line=46
negatif a. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=576 line=23
negative s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=576 line=30
negier v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=576 line=39
neglect a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=577 line=48
negligence s.f. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=578 line=1
negligent a. (match=better) vol=6 col=578 line=43
negligier v. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=579 line=15
neglijos a. (match=better) vol=6 col=579 line=26
negoce s.m. (auch f.) (match=better) vol=6 col=579 line=39
negoc´ac´on s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=580 line=11
negoc´ateur s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=580 line=17
negoc´atoire a. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=580 line=21
negocier v. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=580 line=24
negun pron. indef. (match=better) vol=6 col=580 line=34
nehel s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=581 line=42
neige s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=581 line=46
nŰille s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=582 line=12
nŰis u. a. adv. (match=exact) vol=6 col=582 line=15
nel (match=exact) vol=6 col=587 line=25
nen Negat. (match=exact) vol=6 col=587 line=27
nenil Negat. (match=exact) vol=6 col=587 line=32
nenufar s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=590 line=30
neporcant advers. conjunct. (match=exact) vol=6 col=590 line=40
neporce advers. conjunct. (match=exact) vol=6 col=593 line=10
neporent advers. conjunct. (match=exact) vol=6 col=593 line=27
neportant advers. conjunct. (match=exact) vol=6 col=593 line=30
neporuec advers. conjunct. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=594 line=15
nequedent advers. conjunct. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=594 line=39
nequice s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=597 line=41
nerciier v. (match=better) vol=6 col=597 line=46
nercir v. (match=better) vol=6 col=598 line=22
neršon s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=601 line=24
neršor s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=601 line=32
neret a., s. (match=exact) vol=6 col=602 line=1
nerf s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=602 line=34
nerir v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=604 line=47
neroiier v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=605 line=8
neron s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=605 line=10
neror s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=605 line=16
nerprun s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=605 line=25
nertÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=605 line=33
nertume s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=606 line=32
nervÚ pc. pf. a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=606 line=39
nervŰure s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=606 line=50
nervos a. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=607 line=7
nervositÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=607 line=14
nervu a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=607 line=22
nes (match=bad:NA) vol=6 col=607 line=36
nÚs s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=607 line=39
nesc´ent a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=611 line=43
nesfle s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=612 line=4
nesflier s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=612 line=40
nestorin s.m. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=613 line=15
nesun pron. indef. (match=exact) vol=6 col=613 line=27
net1 Negat. (match=exact) vol=6 col=615 line=27
net2 a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=615 line=28
nete s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=619 line=43
netŰÚ s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=619 line=48
netef´er v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=621 line=24
netelet a. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=621 line=26
neter v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=621 line=40
netir v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=622 line=9
netoiage s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=622 line=12
netoiement s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=622 line=15
netoiŰure s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=622 line=25
netoiier v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=622 line=29
nŰul a., pron. indef. (match=bad:2) vol=6 col=623 line=15
neume s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=623 line=39
neutrale s.f. (match=bad:3) vol=6 col=623 line=47
neutralitÚ s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=623 line=50
neutre a. (match=better) vol=6 col=624 line=1
never v. (match=bad:3) vol=6 col=624 line=10
nevo s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=624 line=16
nevošon s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=627 line=23
nevois (en, a) ? (match=doubt) vol=6 col=627 line=31
ni1 negat. Verbindungsartikel (match=bad:NA) vol=6 col=627 line=35
ni2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=627 line=36
ni3 s.m. (match=bad:NA) vol=6 col=629 line=11
n´age s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=630 line=7
n´ais a., s. (match=better) vol=6 col=630 line=10
n´ance s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=630 line=49
n´art a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=631 line=17
nic interj. (match=bad:NA) vol=6 col=631 line=28
nice a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=631 line=35
nicelet a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=633 line=43
nicelot a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=633 line=49
Niceroles fing. Stadtname (match=exact) vol=6 col=633 line=51
nicet a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=634 line=14
nicetÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=634 line=35
niche1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=635 line=21
niche2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=635 line=26
nichet s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=635 line=38
nichier v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=635 line=42
nicole s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=636 line=18
nidifiier v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=636 line=25
nid´once s. (match=exact) vol=6 col=636 line=35
nie1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=636 line=42
nie2 s.f. (match=bad:NA) vol=6 col=636 line=46
nieble s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=636 line=49
niece s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=637 line=17
niecete s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=638 line=35
n´ee s.f. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=638 line=42
n´ement s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=639 line=23
n´ence s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=639 line=26
n´ent Negat. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=639 line=33
n´entage s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=657 line=9
n´entaille s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=657 line=19
n´entcessaument adv. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=657 line=23
n´entÚ s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=657 line=25
n´entel a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=657 line=35
n´entir v. (match=bad:2) vol=6 col=657 line=42
n´entmortalitÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=657 line=45
n´entnuisable a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=657 line=50
n´entnuisance s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=658 line=1
n´entos a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=658 line=5
n´entsńolable a. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=658 line=10
n´entstavletÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=658 line=15
n´entutle a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=658 line=19
n´entvŰable a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=658 line=26
n´er v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=658 line=31
nieule1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=658 line=44
nieule2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=659 line=37
nieulee s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=660 line=17
nieulier s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=660 line=29
nieulos a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=660 line=33
n´eus a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=660 line=40
nifler v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=660 line=43
nigremance s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=660 line=50
nigremancŰor s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=663 line=10
nigremancie s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=663 line=13
nigremanciien s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=663 line=20
nigromantique a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=663 line=32
nimpole s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=663 line=50
ninfe s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=664 line=7
niorictore s. (match=exact) vol=6 col=664 line=21
nique s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=664 line=30
niquet s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=665 line=6
niquier v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=665 line=15
nis s.m. (match=bad:NA) vol=6 col=665 line=25
niticorace s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=665 line=39
nitre s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=666 line=1
nitros a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=666 line=15
nive s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=666 line=28
niveler v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=666 line=38
nivelois s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=666 line=46
nivos a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=667 line=3
no1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=667 line=14
no2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=671 line=33
n÷able a. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=672 line=15
n÷aillor a. comp. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=672 line=23
n÷aus neutr. comp. adv. s. (match=exact) vol=6 col=673 line=1
nobÝle a. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=676 line=1
nobilitac´on s.f. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=677 line=1
nobilitÚ s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=677 line=4
nobiliter v. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=677 line=45
noble1 a. (match=better) vol=6 col=677 line=48
noble2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=680 line=10
noblece s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=680 line=23
noblerie s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=682 line=26
noblet a. (match=better) vol=6 col=682 line=30
nobletÚ s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=682 line=43
nobloi s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=683 line=29
nobloie s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=684 line=19
nobloiier v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=684 line=29
noc s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=684 line=35
nošailles s.f. pl. (match=exact) vol=6 col=685 line=9
noce s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=685 line=25
nocŰable a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=688 line=11
nocŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=688 line=15
noche s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=688 line=22
nochet1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=688 line=26
nochet2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=688 line=29
nochier v. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=688 line=47
nochiere s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=688 line=50
nochierete s.f. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=689 line=6
noc´el a. (match=better) vol=6 col=689 line=9
nocier v. (match=better) vol=6 col=689 line=13
nošoiement s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=689 line=29
nošoiier v. (match=better) vol=6 col=689 line=45
nocturnal a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=691 line=2
nocturne a., s. (match=exact) vol=6 col=691 line=19
nocure s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=691 line=41
nodositÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=691 line=44
nodra s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=691 line=47
n÷e1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=692 line=3
n÷e2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=692 line=21
n÷e3 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=692 line=32
n÷e4 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=692 line=37
n÷ee1 s.f. (match=bad:2) vol=6 col=693 line=6
n÷ee2 s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=693 line=9
n÷eillon s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=693 line=19
n÷eillos a. (match=bad:2) vol=6 col=693 line=31
n÷el s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=694 line=1
n÷eler v. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=696 line=18
n÷ement s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=696 line=27
noŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=696 line=33
n÷er1 v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=696 line=36
n÷er2 v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=699 line=31
n÷er3 v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=701 line=38
n÷erie s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=702 line=7
n÷erresse s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=702 line=11
n÷et s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=702 line=16
n÷ete s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=702 line=19
noŰure s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=702 line=22
nofaine s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=702 line=30
noiable a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=702 line=39
noiel s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=702 line=44
noielet s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=705 line=25
noieloiz s.m. (match=bad:2) vol=6 col=705 line=41
noiement s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=705 line=51
noier s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=706 line=13
noiere s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=706 line=35
noieŘre s.f. (match=bad:2) vol=6 col=706 line=39
noif s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=706 line=44
noiier1 v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=710 line=4
noiier2 v. (match=better) vol=6 col=713 line=42
noiier3 v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=716 line=37
noillŰiz s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=717 line=49
noinz s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=718 line=4
noir a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=718 line=18
noirastre a. (match=better) vol=6 col=726 line=50
noirat a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=727 line=7
noirece s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=727 line=14
noiree s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=727 line=32
noiron a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=727 line=36
nois adv. (match=exact) vol=6 col=727 line=42
noisance s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=727 line=46
noise s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=728 line=1
noisee s.f. (match=bad:2) vol=6 col=732 line=3
n÷isel s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=732 line=9
noisement s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=732 line=15
noisŰor s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=732 line=26
noisete s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=732 line=33
noisible a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=733 line=14
noisier1 v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=733 line=17
noisier2 a. (s.) (match=exact) vol=6 col=734 line=43
noisier3 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=734 line=48
noisif a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=735 line=3
noisille s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=735 line=8
noisor s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=735 line=12
noisos a. (match=better) vol=6 col=735 line=16
noiz s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=736 line=11
nol1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=738 line=17
nol2 (match=exact) vol=6 col=738 line=23
nole s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=738 line=24
nolee s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=738 line=35
nolet s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=738 line=40
nom s.m. (match=bad:NA) vol=6 col=738 line=42
nomble s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=753 line=34
nomblel s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=754 line=4
nomblet s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=754 line=12
nombrable a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=754 line=32
nombrage s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=754 line=41
nombre s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=754 line=46
nombree s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=756 line=24
nombrement s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=756 line=34
nombrŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=756 line=42
nombrer v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=756 line=45
nombrier s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=758 line=34
nombril s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=758 line=39
nombrillet s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=759 line=45
nome s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=760 line=3
nomee s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=760 line=8
nomement s.m. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=760 line=26
nomŰor s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=760 line=31
nomer v. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=760 line=34
nominac´on s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=766 line=25
nominatif s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=766 line=30
non Negat. (match=exact) vol=6 col=767 line=4
nonńage s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=773 line=17
nonagenaire a. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=773 line=21
nonail s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=773 line=29
nonante Zahlwort (match=exact) vol=6 col=773 line=32
nonantisme ordin. (match=exact) vol=6 col=774 line=25
nonšage s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=774 line=28
noncal´ositÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=774 line=34
noncement s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=774 line=37
noncŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=774 line=43
noncertain a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=774 line=50
noncertÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=775 line=1
noncessable a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=775 line=7
nonchalance s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=775 line=13
nonchalant a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=775 line=26
nonchalif a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=775 line=28
nonchaloir v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=775 line=31
nonchaste a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=776 line=35
nonchastŰÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=776 line=41
nonciat´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=776 line=49
noncier1 v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=777 line=3
noncier2 a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=778 line=42
nonciier v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=778 line=49
nonc´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=779 line=12
noncir v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=779 line=19
nonconcevable a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=779 line=25
noncontinence s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=779 line=31
noncontinent a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=779 line=36
noncontrestant a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=779 line=44
noncrŰable a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=780 line=2
noncrŰant a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=780 line=14
noncuper v. (match=better) vol=6 col=780 line=17
noncure s.f. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=780 line=20
nondigne a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=780 line=28
nondisable a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=780 line=48
nondivis s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=781 line=3
nondroiturier a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=781 line=6
none1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=781 line=16
none2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=784 line=14
nonemete s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=786 line=28
nones s.f. pl. (match=exact) vol=6 col=786 line=36
nonesc´ent s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=786 line=49
nonestable a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=787 line=3
nonete s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=787 line=7
nonfŰeil a. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=787 line=18
nonfeint a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=787 line=30
nonfoi s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=787 line=35
nongrÚ s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=788 line=2
nongrÚsachance s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=788 line=9
nongrÚsachant a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=788 line=15
nonjuge s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=788 line=20
nonjuste a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=788 line=28
nonjustice s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=788 line=33
nonmortel a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=788 line=37
nonnoble a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=788 line=39
nonnobletÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=788 line=51
nonnuisance s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=789 line=7
nonnuisant a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=789 line=15
nonnuisible a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=789 line=29
nonobstance s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=789 line=32
nonobstant a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=789 line=37
nonobstantÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=789 line=46
nonpareil a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=790 line=6
nonper a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=790 line=43
nonp´etÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=792 line=17
nonp÷able a. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=792 line=22
nonp÷ant a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=792 line=27
nonpoissable a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=793 line=10
nonpoissance s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=793 line=18
nonpoissant a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=793 line=28
nonp÷oir s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=793 line=41
nonporvŰance s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=794 line=15
nonpur a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=794 line=23
nonpurtÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=794 line=28
nonque adv. (match=bad:3) vol=6 col=794 line=39
nonraison s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=794 line=48
nonrepairant a. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=795 line=5
nonreprenable a. (match=better) vol=6 col=795 line=9
nonsachance s.f. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=795 line=16
nonsachant a. (match=better) vol=6 col=795 line=29
nonsage a. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=796 line=47
nonsńolable a. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=797 line=6
nonsavance s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=797 line=14
nonsavant a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=797 line=20
nonsavoir s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=797 line=49
nonsc´ent a. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=798 line=38
nonsens s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=798 line=50
nonsŰu pc. pf. pass., s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=799 line=8
nonsofisance s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=799 line=17
nonsofisant a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=799 line=21
nonsofrance s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=799 line=28
nonsuite s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=799 line=33
nonusance s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=799 line=36
nonvaillance s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=799 line=41
nonvaillant a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=799 line=51
nonvŰable a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=800 line=5
nonvŰant a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=800 line=16
nonverable a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=800 line=40
nonv´able a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=800 line=50
n÷os a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=801 line=4
noper v. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=801 line=11
noquet s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=801 line=15
normandos a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=801 line=23
normant a., s. (match=exact) vol=6 col=801 line=26
norme s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=802 line=5
norois a., s. (match=exact) vol=6 col=802 line=19
norrešon s.f. und m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=804 line=34
norrement s.m. (match=bad:3) vol=6 col=806 line=15
norreture s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=806 line=27
norrice s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=811 line=35
norricerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=813 line=38
norricier1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=813 line=41
norricier2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=813 line=48
norriciere s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=814 line=10
norrišon s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=814 line=20
norrier s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=814 line=38
norriier v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=814 line=43
norrin s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=814 line=50
norr´on s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=815 line=9
norrir v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=815 line=12
norrissable a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=822 line=19
norrissance s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=822 line=23
norrissement s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=822 line=31
norrissŰor s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=823 line=45
norriz s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=823 line=52
nort s.m. (auch a., adv.) (match=exact) vol=6 col=824 line=4
northest s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=825 line=19
northwest s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=825 line=24
nos1 pron. pers. 1. pers. pl. (match=exact) vol=6 col=825 line=32
nos2 (match=exact) vol=6 col=827 line=30
nos3 pron. poss. (match=exact) vol=6 col=827 line=31
nosche s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=827 line=32
nostre pron. poss., a., s. (match=exact) vol=6 col=828 line=40
nostrÚ a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=833 line=38
nota s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=834 line=18
notabilitÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=834 line=26
notable a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=834 line=29
notac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=835 line=27
notaire s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=835 line=31
notairie s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=836 line=10
note s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=836 line=14
notece s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=839 line=7
notefiier v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=839 line=11
notelete s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=839 line=22
notŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=839 line=27
noter1 v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=839 line=37
noter2 v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=842 line=34
notetÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=843 line=49
notŰure s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=843 line=52
notic´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=844 line=4
notier1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=844 line=9
notier2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=844 line=12
notir v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=844 line=20
notoire a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=844 line=23
noton s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=845 line=5
notonage s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=845 line=29
notonerie s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=845 line=34
notonier s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=845 line=37
notŘe s.f. (match=bad:2) vol=6 col=847 line=8
nou (match=exact) vol=6 col=847 line=15
nous2 (match=exact) vol=6 col=847 line=18
novac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=847 line=20
novacle s.f. (und m.) (match=exact) vol=6 col=847 line=24
novage s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=847 line=43
novaime ordin. (match=exact) vol=6 col=847 line=46
novain ordin. (match=exact) vol=6 col=848 line=1
novaine s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=848 line=16
novales s.f. pl. (match=exact) vol=6 col=848 line=25
novaliz s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=848 line=32
novel a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=848 line=40
novele s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=856 line=14
novelece s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=859 line=40
novelement s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=859 line=44
novelŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=860 line=1
noveler1 v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=860 line=8
noveler2 v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=860 line=25
novelerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=861 line=8
novelet a. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=861 line=39
noveletÚ s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=862 line=13
novelier1 a., s. (match=exact) vol=6 col=863 line=42
novelier2 a., s. (match=exact) vol=6 col=865 line=3
novelison s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=865 line=47
novembre s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=865 line=49
novend´al a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=866 line=19
novice a. s. (m.f.) (match=exact) vol=6 col=866 line=24
novicerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=867 line=25
novicetÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=867 line=28
noviesme ordin. (match=exact) vol=6 col=867 line=36
noviligier v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=867 line=50
novitÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=868 line=1
noxer v. (match=better) vol=6 col=868 line=10
noz1 pron. pers. (match=exact) vol=6 col=868 line=18
noz2 pron. poss. (match=exact) vol=6 col=868 line=19
nu1 a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=868 line=21
nu2 (match=exact) vol=6 col=877 line=32
nŘaille s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=877 line=33
nŘance s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=877 line=40
nub´al a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=877 line=45
nubilos a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=877 line=49
nublant a., s. (match=exact) vol=6 col=878 line=1
nuble a., s. (match=exact) vol=6 col=878 line=4
nublece s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=878 line=28
nubletÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=879 line=23
nubliere s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=879 line=27
nubliier v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=879 line=33
nublos a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=879 line=36
nuche s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=879 line=44
nuditÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=880 line=1
nŘe s.f. (match=bad:NA) vol=6 col=880 line=13
nŘece s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=882 line=9
nŘee s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=882 line=19
nuef1 Zahlwort (match=exact) vol=6 col=883 line=10
nuef2 a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=884 line=5
nuefme ordin. (match=exact) vol=6 col=885 line=29
nŘel s.m. (match=bad:2) vol=6 col=886 line=27
nŘele s.f. (match=bad:2) vol=6 col=886 line=33
nŘer1 v. (match=bad:2) vol=6 col=886 line=37
nŘer2 v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=886 line=47
nŘesche s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=887 line=3
nŘet a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=887 line=12
nŘete s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=887 line=30
nueve s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=887 line=35
nuevisme ordin. (match=exact) vol=6 col=887 line=43
nugac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=888 line=6
nugatoire a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=888 line=10
nuiere s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=888 line=17
nuire v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=888 line=28
nuisable a. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=892 line=40
nuisance s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=893 line=29
nuisart s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=894 line=40
nuisement s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=894 line=45
nuisŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=895 line=32
nuisible a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=895 line=46
nuisif a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=896 line=5
nuis´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=896 line=8
nuisos a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=896 line=12
nuit s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=896 line=28
nuital a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=904 line=19
nuitance s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=904 line=24
nuitant s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=904 line=27
nuitantre adv. (match=exact) vol=6 col=904 line=34
nuitel a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=905 line=18
nuitiee s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=905 line=23
nuitier inf. s. (match=exact) vol=6 col=906 line=7
nuitre s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=906 line=14
nuitrenel a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=906 line=21
nuitrenier a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=906 line=34
nul pron. indef. (match=exact) vol=6 col=906 line=39
nuliu adv. (match=exact) vol=6 col=915 line=6
nullŰiz s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=915 line=9
nuller v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=915 line=16
nun pron. indef. (match=exact) vol=6 col=915 line=23
nŘos a. (match=bad:2) vol=6 col=917 line=1
nupc´al a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=917 line=4
nure (match=exact) vol=6 col=917 line=11
nutric´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=917 line=17
o1 s.m. (match=bad:NA) vol=6 col=917 line=19
o2 interj. (match=bad:NA) vol=6 col=917 line=31
nutritif a. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=918 line=3
nuvol s.f. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=918 line=12
o3 conj. disjunct. (match=bad:NA) vol=6 col=918 line=43
o4 praep. (match=exact) vol=6 col=923 line=16
o5 pron. demonstr. neutr. (match=exact) vol=6 col=929 line=50
÷an adv. (match=exact) vol=6 col=932 line=21
obcontempler v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=934 line=39
obed´ence s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=934 line=45
obed´encier a., s. (match=exact) vol=6 col=936 line=16
obed´ent a. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=936 line=29
obed´er v. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=937 line=3
obŰir v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=937 line=9
obŰissable a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=939 line=31
obŰissance s.f. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=939 line=37
obŰissement s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=940 line=1
obicier v. (match=better) vol=6 col=940 line=5
obic´on s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=940 line=20
obin s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=940 line=24
obit s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=940 line=30
objecc´on s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=940 line=50
object s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=941 line=10
objecter v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=941 line=13
objurgac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=941 line=17
oblac´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=941 line=22
oblee s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=942 line=14
obli s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=943 line=29
obl´able a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=944 line=34
obl´age s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=944 line=41
obl´ance s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=944 line=45
oblie s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=946 line=17
obl´ee s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=946 line=31
obl´ement s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=946 line=47
obl´er v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=947 line=8
obl´eson s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=952 line=46
obl´ete s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=952 line=50
obligac´on s.f. (match=bad:2) vol=6 col=953 line=7
obligatoire a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=953 line=18
obligement s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=953 line=30
obligier v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=953 line=44
obligir v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=955 line=5
oblijance s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=955 line=12
obl´os a. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=955 line=20
oblique a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=955 line=38
obliv´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=956 line=26
oblocuc´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=956 line=34
obloiŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=956 line=38
obloierie s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=956 line=43
obloiier s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=956 line=47
obnubiler v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=957 line=26
obnublir v. (match=bad:2) vol=6 col=957 line=34
obole s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=957 line=37
obombrac´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=958 line=3
obombrer v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=958 line=12
obrŘer v. (match=bad:2) vol=6 col=958 line=25
obsecrac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=958 line=31
obsecrer v. (match=better) vol=6 col=958 line=35
obsŔs a. (match=better) vol=6 col=958 line=42
obsid´on s.f. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=958 line=46
obsomogar s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=958 line=49
obsone s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=959 line=6
obtalmie s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=959 line=12
obtalm´us s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=959 line=17
obtemperer v. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=959 line=22
obtenebrer v. (match=better) vol=6 col=959 line=31
obtenir v. (match=better) vol=6 col=959 line=35
obtester v. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=959 line=42
obtique a. (match=better) vol=6 col=959 line=46
obtrectac´on s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=959 line=52
obvenc´on s.f. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=960 line=6
obvenir v. (match=better) vol=6 col=960 line=10
obv´er v. (match=better) vol=6 col=960 line=14
ocas´on s.f. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=960 line=41
ocas´onel a. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=961 line=17
ocas´oner v. (match=better) vol=6 col=961 line=20
ocŰan s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=961 line=27
ocŰane a. (match=better) vol=6 col=961 line=43
oceille s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=962 line=1
ocŰiz s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=962 line=6
ochaison s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=962 line=9
ochaisonos a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=967 line=50
ochoisonable a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=968 line=30
ochoisonement s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=968 line=34
ochoisoner v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=968 line=38
oci interj. (match=exact) vol=6 col=970 line=4
oc´able a. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=971 line=18
oc´ance s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=971 line=26
ocident s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=971 line=30
ocidental a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=973 line=1
oc´e s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=973 line=14
oc´ement s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=973 line=19
oc´ent s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=973 line=33
ociŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=973 line=43
oc´os a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=974 line=3
ocire v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=974 line=5
ocise s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=977 line=4
ocisŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=977 line=37
ocis´on s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=978 line=1
ocorre v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=979 line=9
ocre s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=979 line=14
octembre s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=979 line=19
octuple a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=979 line=38
ocult a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=979 line=42
ocultÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=980 line=24
oculter v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=980 line=27
ocupac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=980 line=30
ocupement s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=981 line=7
ocuper v. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=981 line=11
odi s.m. (match=bad:NA) vol=6 col=982 line=12
od´os a. (match=better) vol=6 col=982 line=15
odor s.m. und f. (match=better) vol=6 col=982 line=19
odorable a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=983 line=29
odorement s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=983 line=45
odorer v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=984 line=28
odorete s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=985 line=27
÷e s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=985 line=32
÷eille1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=987 line=9
÷eille2 s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=987 line=14
oest s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=988 line=52
ofecine s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=989 line=32
ofende s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=990 line=18
ofendicule s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=990 line=23
ofendre v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=990 line=27
ofens s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=991 line=35
ofensable a. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=991 line=38
ofense s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=991 line=42
ofens´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=992 line=6
oferte s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=992 line=17
ofertoire s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=992 line=21
of´ace s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=992 line=31
ofice s.m. (auch f.) (match=exact) vol=6 col=992 line=44
ofic´al s.m. (auch a.) (match=exact) vol=6 col=994 line=38
ofic´alitÚ s.f. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=995 line=31
oficier1 v. (match=better) vol=6 col=995 line=35
oficier2 s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=995 line=40
oficiere s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=996 line=14
oflange s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=996 line=22
ofler v. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=996 line=25
ofre1 a. (match=better) vol=6 col=996 line=34
ofre2 s.m. (auch f.) (match=better) vol=6 col=996 line=45
ofrement s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=997 line=48
ofrende s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=997 line=51
ofrir v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1000 line=43
ofusquement s.m. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=1005 line=17
ofusquer v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1005 line=19
ogelent s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1005 line=28
ogive s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1005 line=32
ogre s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1005 line=41
ogulle s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1006 line=1
ohÚ interj. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1006 line=2
ohi interj. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1006 line=13
oiable a. (match=better) vol=6 col=1007 line=11
oiance s.f. (match=bad:3) vol=6 col=1007 line=15
oiancier v. (match=better) vol=6 col=1008 line=35
o´e s.f. (match=bad:NA) vol=6 col=1008 line=44
oiement s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1011 line=24
oiŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1011 line=34
oier s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=1012 line=11
oignement s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1012 line=20
oignison s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1015 line=34
oignon s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1015 line=40
oignonee s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1016 line=41
oignonet s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1016 line=48
oignonete s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1017 line=7
oignonier s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1017 line=13
÷il Bejahungspart. (match=bad:NA) vol=6 col=1017 line=18
oillet s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1019 line=27
oilleter v. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=1019 line=42
oillier1 v. (match=better) vol=6 col=1020 line=3
oillier2 s.m. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=1020 line=8
oilliere s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1020 line=14
oindre v. (match=bad:3) vol=6 col=1020 line=51
oint s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1025 line=4
ointerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1025 line=49
ointier s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1025 line=52
ointiere s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1026 line=3
ointu a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1026 line=12
ointure s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1026 line=24
oir s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1027 line=35
÷ir v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1030 line=23
oire a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1037 line=45
oirer v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1038 line=38
oirie s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1038 line=41
oisdif a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1038 line=47
oisdive s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1039 line=20
oisdivece s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1040 line=40
oisdiver v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1041 line=3
oisdivetÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1041 line=17
oiseillon s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1041 line=27
oiseillonet s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=1042 line=25
oisel s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=1042 line=31
oisele s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=1046 line=32
oiselŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1046 line=40
oiseler v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1047 line=29
oiselerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1049 line=17
oiselet s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1049 line=22
oiselete s.f. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=1051 line=1
oiselier s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=1051 line=11
oiselon s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=1051 line=15
oiselot s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=1051 line=28
oiserie s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=1051 line=36
oisever v. (match=better) vol=6 col=1051 line=44
oisevie s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=1051 line=50
oisif a. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=1052 line=6
oisivetÚ s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=1052 line=14
oison s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=1052 line=25
oisonet s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1053 line=3
oisos a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1053 line=8
oisose s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1055 line=6
oisosetÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1057 line=28
oisserer v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1057 line=46
oissiÚ ps. pf. pass. a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1058 line=3
oissor s.f. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=1058 line=9
oiste s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1059 line=24
oite s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1060 line=18
oitier v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1060 line=27
ol1 pron. demonstr. neutr. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1060 line=38
ol2 Bejahungspart. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1061 line=21
ole s.f. (match=bad:NA) vol=6 col=1061 line=24
oleaginos a. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=1061 line=50
oleandre s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=1062 line=3
olee s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=1062 line=9
olete s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=1062 line=14
oliban s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=1062 line=17
olier s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=1062 line=26
olieresse s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=1062 line=30
ol´ete s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=1062 line=33
olif s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=1062 line=45
olifant s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1063 line=1
oligarchie s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1066 line=14
oligarchique a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1066 line=19
oligarchiser v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1066 line=22
olimp´ade s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1066 line=26
olive s.f. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=1067 line=1
oliveroie s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=1068 line=29
Olivet nom. propr. (match=better) vol=6 col=1068 line=36
olivete s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=1068 line=47
olivier1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1069 line=6
olivier2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1070 line=7
olocauste s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1070 line=37
olografe s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1071 line=3
oloir v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1071 line=8
olor s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1073 line=8
olve s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=1074 line=9
omace a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1074 line=14
omage s.m. (selten f.) (match=exact) vol=6 col=1074 line=29
omal a. (match=better) vol=6 col=1078 line=35
ombil s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=1078 line=42
ombrable a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1079 line=19
ombrage1 a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1079 line=23
ombrage2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1080 line=50
ombragier v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1081 line=31
ombrail s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1081 line=50
ombraille s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1082 line=11
ombrajos a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1082 line=17
ombre s.f. und m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1082 line=24
ombrel s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1087 line=3
ombrelenc s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1087 line=6
ombrement s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1087 line=11
ombrer v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1087 line=15
ombrier s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1087 line=44
ombrin a. (match=bad:2) vol=6 col=1087 line=50
ombr´os a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1088 line=5
ombroi s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1088 line=9
ombroie s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1088 line=13
ombroiier v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1088 line=16
ombros a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1090 line=37
ombru a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1090 line=41
ome s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1090 line=44
omece s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1095 line=44
omecide s.m. und f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1096 line=3
omee s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1096 line=47
ome jor s.m. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=1097 line=1
omel s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1097 line=12
omelet s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1097 line=20
omelie s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1097 line=27
omenagier v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1097 line=48
omenois s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1097 line=50
omesse s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1098 line=9
omet s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1098 line=12
ometre v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1098 line=16
omicid´al a. (match=bad:3) vol=6 col=1098 line=23
omif a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1098 line=25
omiss´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=1098 line=28
omnipotence s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1098 line=36
omnipotent a. (match=bad:3) vol=6 col=1098 line=41
omodoxie s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1100 line=1
omogenÚ a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1100 line=5
omple a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1100 line=10
on pron. indef. (nom. sg.) (match=exact) vol=6 col=1100 line=19
onagre s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1103 line=3
once1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1103 line=16
once2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1103 line=30
once3 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1104 line=39
oncele s.f. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=1104 line=46
oncelee s.f. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=1104 line=50
onc´aire a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1105 line=6
onc´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1105 line=9
oncle s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1105 line=50
onctŘos a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1108 line=2
onde s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1108 line=8
ondee s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1110 line=26
onder v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1111 line=7
ondier a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1111 line=34
ondoi s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1111 line=40
ondoiement s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1111 line=47
ondoiier v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1111 line=50
ondrable a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1113 line=10
ondrement s.m. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=1113 line=11
oneros a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1113 line=13
onestance s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=1113 line=20
oneste a. (match=better) vol=6 col=1113 line=26
onestÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1115 line=37
onestetÚ s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=1116 line=46
ongart s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1117 line=10
onge s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1117 line=15
ongier2 v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1117 line=17
ongier2 v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1117 line=21
ongle s.f. und m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1118 line=32
onglet s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1123 line=3
onguet s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1123 line=7
oni a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1123 line=18
oniche s.f. oder m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1126 line=41
onichinon s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1127 line=42
on´etÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1127 line=50
oniier v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1128 line=1
onique s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1128 line=5
onlant s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1128 line=15
onor s.f. (seltener m.) (match=exact) vol=6 col=1128 line=19
onorable a. (match=better) vol=6 col=1135 line=40
onorablece s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1137 line=8
onorabletÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1137 line=14
onorage s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1137 line=31
onoral a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1137 line=34
onorance s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1137 line=41
onoree s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=1139 line=11
onorement s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=1139 line=16
onorer v. (match=better) vol=6 col=1139 line=24
onque adv. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1142 line=46
onqu´ele s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1147 line=30
ont adv.interrog. relat. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1147 line=38
onublir v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1150 line=8
onzain a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1150 line=10
onzaine s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1150 line=13
onze Zahlwort (match=exact) vol=6 col=1150 line=20
onziesme ordin. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1151 line=3
opc´on1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1151 line=45
opc´on2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1152 line=4
operac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1152 line=20
operateur s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1152 line=31
operatif a. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=1152 line=34
opifice s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1152 line=37
opilac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1152 line=40
opinatif a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1152 line=47
opin´on s.f. (auch m.) (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=1152 line=50
opin´oner v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1153 line=25
opoponac s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1153 line=28
Oportet lat. personif. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1153 line=33
oportun a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1153 line=42
oportunitÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1153 line=45
oposŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1153 line=50
oposer v. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=1154 line=1
oposic´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1156 line=25
oposite a., s. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1156 line=42
opositeur s.m. (match=bad:3) vol=6 col=1157 line=40
opresser v. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=1157 line=42
opress´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1158 line=7
opressor s.m. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=1158 line=25
opriembre v. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=1158 line=31
oprimer v. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=1158 line=46
oprobre s.m. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=1159 line=1
oprobrier v. (match=better) vol=6 col=1159 line=22
opslare s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=1159 line=32
optal s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=1159 line=36
optatif s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=1159 line=50
opugnac´on s.f. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=1160 line=5
opulent a. (match=better) vol=6 col=1160 line=8
oquet s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=1160 line=12
or1 s.m. (match=bad:NA) vol=6 col=1160 line=18
or2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1163 line=46
or3 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1165 line=31
or4 adv. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1165 line=34
oracle s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1172 line=36
orage s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1173 line=4
oraille s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=1174 line=37
orainz adv. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1175 line=4
oraison s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1176 line=32
oraisonier s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1179 line=34
oraite s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1179 line=39
orajos a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1179 line=45
orange s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1179 line=49
orangier s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1180 line=7
oranjat s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1180 line=10
oratoire s.m. und f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1180 line=19
orator s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1181 line=10
orauche s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1181 line=14
orbaison s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1181 line=17
orbatŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1181 line=23
orbaterie s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=1181 line=32
orbaterresse s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1181 line=35
orbatre v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1181 line=38
orbe1 s.m. oder f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1181 line=41
orbe2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1182 line=1
orbe3 a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1182 line=15
orbeillon s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1183 line=1
orbel a., s. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1183 line=6
orbet a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1183 line=14
orbetÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1183 line=26
orbevoie s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1183 line=30
orbiculaire a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1183 line=33
orbillon s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1183 line=39
orbir v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1183 line=42
orbite s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1183 line=47
orbos a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1184 line=4
orcassin s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1184 line=8
orce s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1184 line=15
orcel s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1185 line=7
orcele s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=1185 line=23
orcelee s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=1185 line=33
oršoiier v. (match=better) vol=6 col=1185 line=37
oršuel s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=1185 line=43
ordece s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=1186 line=17
ordŰÚ s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=1186 line=20
ordenable a. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=1186 line=51
ordenance s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1187 line=5
ordenee s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1188 line=35
ordenement s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1188 line=41
ordenŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1189 line=37
ordener v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1190 line=20
ordenerresse s.f. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=1195 line=23
ordŰor s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=1195 line=34
order v. (match=better) vol=6 col=1195 line=38
orderresse s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=1196 line=24
ordetÚ s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=1196 line=27
ordŰure s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=1196 line=35
ordier s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=1196 line=45
ordiere s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=1196 line=49
ordinac´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=1197 line=40
ordinaire a., s. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1198 line=7
ordinaison s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1198 line=34
ordir1 v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1198 line=41
ordir2 v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1199 line=34
ordive s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1200 line=4
ordoiement s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1200 line=14
ordoiier1 v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1200 line=25
ordoiier v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1201 line=17
ordoios a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1201 line=23
ordoir s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1201 line=30
ordon s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1201 line=34
ordor s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1201 line=48
ordos a. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=1202 line=1
ordre s.m. oder f. (match=better) vol=6 col=1202 line=16
ordril s.f. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=1207 line=52
ordure s.f. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=1208 line=8
ore1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1209 line=27
ore2 s.f. (match=bad:NA) vol=6 col=1210 line=15
ore3 s.f. (match=bad:NA) vol=6 col=1210 line=35
orÚ1 a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1227 line=9
orÚ2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1229 line=15
orÚ3 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1229 line=21
orŰant s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1229 line=31
oree1 s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=1229 line=36
oree2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1229 line=42
oreille s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1230 line=22
oreillet s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=1235 line=25
oreillete s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1235 line=28
oreilleur a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1235 line=43
oreilliee s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1235 line=48
oreillier1 v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1236 line=12
oreillier2 v. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=1237 line=44
oreillier3 s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=1237 line=48
oreillier4 a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1239 line=33
oreilliere s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=1239 line=44
oreillon s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1239 line=50
oreillu a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1240 line=7
oreilluel s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1240 line=13
orel1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1240 line=19
orel2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1240 line=36
orement s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1240 line=48
orendroit aadv. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1241 line=7
orentresque adv. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1241 line=10
orŰor1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1241 line=15
orŰor2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1241 line=26
orer1 v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1241 line=30
orer2 v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1241 line=41
oresson s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1244 line=36
oreste s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1244 line=39
oret s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1245 line=1
orete s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1245 line=7
orfalise s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1245 line=23
orfanu a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1245 line=27
orfaverie s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=1245 line=29
orfaverresse s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=1245 line=49
orfavril s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=1246 line=4
orfe s.m. oder f. (auch a.) (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=1246 line=7
orfelinet a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1246 line=28
orfenin s., a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1246 line=31
orfenitÚ s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=1248 line=3
orfentÚ s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=1248 line=6
orfergiÚ a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1248 line=49
orfŔvre s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1249 line=1
orfin s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1249 line=22
orfrŔs s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1249 line=30
orfroie s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1249 line=39
orfrois s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1249 line=43
orfroisel s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1252 line=12
orfroiseler v. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=1252 line=18
orfroisier1 v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1252 line=23
orfroisier2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1252 line=50
organel s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1253 line=3
organical a. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=1253 line=9
organier s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1253 line=16
organique a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1253 line=19
organisement s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1253 line=35
organiser v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1253 line=38
organon s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1253 line=46
orge s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1254 line=5
orgenable a. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=1255 line=23
orgenal a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1255 line=26
orgene s.m. und f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1256 line=2
orgenement s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=1257 line=45
orgenŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1257 line=48
orgener v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1257 line=51
orgenerie s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=1259 line=3
orgeniste s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=1259 line=9
orgiee s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=1259 line=20
orgiere s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=1259 line=24
orgin a. (match=better) vol=6 col=1259 line=32
orgoillier v. (match=better) vol=6 col=1259 line=38
orgoillir v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1261 line=6
orgoillos a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1262 line=3
orgoillosel a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1265 line=49
orgoilloset a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1266 line=3
orgueil s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1266 line=9
or´ent s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=1270 line=39
or´ental a. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=1272 line=28
or´ente s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=1272 line=42
or´entos a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1273 line=1
orier1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1273 line=6
orier2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1273 line=14
oriere1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1273 line=18
oriere2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1273 line=21
orifice s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1273 line=51
oriflambe s.f. (auch m.) (match=exact) vol=6 col=1274 line=3
oriflan s.f. (und m.) (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=1276 line=19
oriflor s.f. und m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1276 line=24
origan s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1277 line=18
originaire a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1277 line=40
original a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1277 line=43
originalitÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1278 line=15
originance s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1278 line=18
oriien a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1278 line=21
oriiene s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1278 line=27
oriier v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1278 line=31
oril s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1278 line=35
orin a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1278 line=44
orinail s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1279 line=20
orinal a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1279 line=44
orinde s. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1280 line=1
orine1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1280 line=4
orine2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1280 line=8
orine3 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1280 line=14
orine4 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1281 line=47
orine5 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1283 line=11
oriner v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1283 line=18
or´ol1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1283 line=49
or´ol2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1284 line=46
or´ole s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1285 line=9
orir v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1285 line=16
orison s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1285 line=26
orite s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1285 line=35
or´uel a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1285 line=48
orjaz s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1286 line=3
orlage s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1286 line=7
orlaz s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1286 line=16
orle s.m. und f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1286 line=22
orlŰice s.f. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=1288 line=5
orlenois a., s. (match=better) vol=6 col=1288 line=9
orler v. (match=better) vol=6 col=1288 line=39
orlet s.m. (match=bad:3) vol=6 col=1290 line=10
orlŰure s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1290 line=17
orline s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1290 line=39
orloge s.m. und f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1290 line=42
orlogŰor s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=1292 line=3
orlogier s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=1292 line=6
orlois s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=1292 line=22
orme s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=1292 line=28
ormel s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1293 line=9
ormelet s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1293 line=22
ormeroi s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1293 line=33
ormetel s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1293 line=40
ormiere s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=1293 line=48
ormissel s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1294 line=1
ormoi s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1294 line=11
ormoie s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1294 line=14
orne s.m. und f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1294 line=22
ornel s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1295 line=38
ornement s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1295 line=40
orner v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1296 line=10
ornerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1296 line=23
ornicle s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1296 line=25
ornoil s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1296 line=41
orobe s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1296 line=43
orobus s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1297 line=7
oroiŰor s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=1297 line=13
oroieresse s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1297 line=14
orp a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1297 line=20
orpel s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1298 line=30
orpiment s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1298 line=44
orpimenter v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1299 line=52
orpin s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1300 line=4
orpiner v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1300 line=20
orprŔs s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1300 line=30
orquenois a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1300 line=39
orrende a. (match=better) vol=6 col=1301 line=1
orrible a. (match=better) vol=6 col=1301 line=4
orribletÚ s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=1302 line=38
orripilac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1303 line=23
orripilier v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1303 line=27
orrir v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1303 line=40
orror s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1303 line=45
orros a. (match=better) vol=6 col=1304 line=25
ors s.m. (match=bad:NA) vol=6 col=1304 line=29
orse s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1306 line=45
orsel s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1307 line=29
orselet s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1307 line=44
orset s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1307 line=52
orsetel s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1308 line=5
orsier s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1308 line=12
orsiere s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1308 line=23
ort1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1308 line=26
ort2 a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1308 line=27
ort2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1311 line=46
ort3 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1312 line=23
orteil s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1312 line=27
ortel s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1314 line=36
ortelage s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1315 line=10
ortelerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1315 line=13
ortie s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1315 line=16
ortier s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1316 line=50
ortiere s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=1317 line=1
ort´ete s.f. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=1317 line=5
ortigometra s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=1317 line=8
ortiier1 s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=1317 line=26
ortiier2 s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=1317 line=29
ortillier v. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=1318 line=1
ortiz a. (match=better) vol=6 col=1318 line=7
ortografie s.f. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=1318 line=11
orture s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=1318 line=17
orvale1 s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=1318 line=29
orvale2 s.f. (match=bad:2) vol=6 col=1318 line=46
orvede s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=1318 line=48
os1 a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1319 line=2
os2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1320 line=38
os3 verbalform (match=bad:NA) vol=6 col=1324 line=23
os4 (match=exact) vol=6 col=1324 line=25
os5 pers. pron. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1324 line=27
os6 pers. pron. (match=bad:NA) vol=6 col=1324 line=28
os7 s.m. (match=bad:NA) vol=6 col=1324 line=31
osanne s.m. oder f. (match=better) vol=6 col=1324 line=32
oschage s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=1324 line=44
osche s.f. (match=bad:2) vol=6 col=1324 line=48
oschier v. (match=bad:3) vol=6 col=1325 line=42
oscle s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=1326 line=29
oscur a. (match=better) vol=6 col=1326 line=33
oscurac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1330 line=13
oscurcier v. (match=better) vol=6 col=1330 line=16
oscurcir v. (match=better) vol=6 col=1330 line=19
oscurcissement s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1331 line=8
oscurdance s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1331 line=15
oscurdos a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1331 line=24
oscure s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1331 line=27
oscurement s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1331 line=35
oscurer v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1331 line=43
oscurir v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1333 line=18
oscurissement s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1333 line=33
oscuror s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1333 line=36
oscurtÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1333 line=45
osÚ s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1334 line=47
osee s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1335 line=4
oseille s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=1335 line=7
osele s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1335 line=22
osement s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1335 line=25
oser v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1335 line=42
oserie s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1338 line=20
oseroi s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1338 line=23
oseroie s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=1338 line=26
oseron s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=1338 line=32
osier s.m. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=1338 line=35
osiere s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1339 line=4
osil s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1339 line=43
osmer v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1340 line=2
osmonde s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1340 line=22
osmor s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1340 line=33
osnublir v. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=1340 line=45
ospice s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=1341 line=3
ospitac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1341 line=9
ospital s.m., a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1341 line=12
ospitalier s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1342 line=36
ospitalitÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1343 line=24
ospiter v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1344 line=10
osse s.f. (pl.) (match=exact) vol=6 col=1344 line=14
ossel s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1344 line=51
osselement s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1345 line=24
osselemente s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1345 line=27
osselet s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1345 line=32
ossement s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1345 line=42
ossemente s.f. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=1346 line=4
osseque s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1346 line=19
osservac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1346 line=52
osservance s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=1347 line=4
osserver v. (match=better) vol=6 col=1347 line=16
osset s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=1347 line=30
osson s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1348 line=4
ossos a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1348 line=7
ossu a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1348 line=10
ossŘos a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1348 line=48
ost s.m. und f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1349 line=4
ostable a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1351 line=42
ostacle s.m. (match=bad:2) vol=6 col=1351 line=46
ostade s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1352 line=10
ostage1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1352 line=15
ostage2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1352 line=21
ostagement s.m. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=1357 line=26
ostagerie s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=1357 line=33
ostagier1 s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=1357 line=37
ostagier2 v. (match=better) vol=6 col=1358 line=5
ostarde s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=1360 line=45
oste s.m. und f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1361 line=29
ostel s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1364 line=31
ostelage s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1370 line=36
ostelain s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1370 line=43
ostelaine s.f. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=1371 line=12
ostelee s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=1371 line=15
ostelement s.m. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=1371 line=25
osteler v. (match=better) vol=6 col=1371 line=32
osteleresse s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=1373 line=45
ostelerie s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=1373 line=48
ostelet s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=1374 line=39
ostelier a., s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=1374 line=50
osteliere a., s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1375 line=37
osteloi s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1376 line=1
ostement s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1376 line=8
ostendre v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1376 line=14
ostensif a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1376 line=18
ostens´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=1376 line=24
ostentac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1376 line=35
ostŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1376 line=38
oster1 v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1376 line=43
oster2 v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1376 line=52
osterain s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1385 line=44
osterin a., s. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1385 line=49
osterine s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1387 line=34
ostesse s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1387 line=40
ostevent s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1388 line=27
ostŔz s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1388 line=31
ostil s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1388 line=35
ostille s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1390 line=19
ostillement s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1390 line=33
ostillier1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1390 line=42
ostillier2 v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1390 line=46
ostinac´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=1390 line=52
ostinat a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1391 line=14
ostiner v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1391 line=23
ostise s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=1391 line=33
ostisel s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1392 line=3
ostoiement s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1392 line=22
ostoiŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1392 line=26
ostoiier1 v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1392 line=30
ostoiier2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1393 line=32
ostor s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1393 line=34
ostorier s.m. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=1396 line=26
ostoroir s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=1396 line=50
ostre s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1397 line=3
Ostrevant nom. propr. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1397 line=19
ostricel s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1397 line=31
ostruce s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1397 line=34
ostrucesse s.f. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=1398 line=6
ostrucier a. (match=better) vol=6 col=1398 line=14
ostruz s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=1398 line=19
otr´age s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=1398 line=29
otrise s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=1398 line=37
otroi s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=1398 line=43
otroiance s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1401 line=11
otroie s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1401 line=32
otroiement s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=1401 line=43
otroiier v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1402 line=13
otroioison s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1406 line=23
ou1 pron. pers. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1406 line=28
ou2 (match=exact) vol=6 col=1406 line=29
adv. interrog., relat. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1406 line=30
ouche s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1413 line=8
ouchier v. (match=bad:3) vol=6 col=1413 line=16
oupil s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1413 line=23
Ourri nom. propr. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1413 line=26
ous1 pron. pers. cas. obl. pl. masc. (betont) (match=exact) vol=6 col=1413 line=46
ous2 pron. pers. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1414 line=4
outrage s.m. (auch f.) (match=exact) vol=6 col=1414 line=7
outragement s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1418 line=12
outragŰor a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1418 line=18
outragier a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1418 line=25
outrajos a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1418 line=30
outrance s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1419 line=50
outre1 adv., praep. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1420 line=23
outre2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1429 line=21
outre- ? (match=doubt) vol=6 col=1429 line=24
outrebondir v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1429 line=40
outrebort adv. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1429 line=47
outrecuidaison s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1429 line=49
outrecuidance s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1430 line=7
outrecuidancier v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1430 line=22
outrecuidement s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1430 line=28
outrecuidŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1430 line=33
outrecuiderie s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1430 line=38
outrecuidiee s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1431 line=18
outrecuidier v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1431 line=22
outrecuidos a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1433 line=46
outredevise s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1433 line=52
outredoter v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1434 line=7
outree interj. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1434 line=20
outrŰer v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1434 line=42
outrejet s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1434 line=48
outrelancier v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1434 line=50
outrelever v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1435 line=3
outremarchier v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1435 line=9
outremarin a., s. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1435 line=18
outremarinois s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1436 line=9
outremener v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1436 line=13
outrement s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1436 line=22
outremontain s.m. (match=doubt) vol=6 col=1436 line=31
outren÷er v. (match=better) vol=6 col=1436 line=34
outrepasse s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=1436 line=38
outrepasser v. (match=better) vol=6 col=1436 line=43
outrepenser v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1437 line=24
outrepercier v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1437 line=29
outreplus s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=1437 line=36
outrer v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1437 line=48
outresalir v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1445 line=35
outrevin s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1445 line=40
outrevoiier v. (match=bad:2) vol=6 col=1445 line=48
ovaillin a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1446 line=2
ovanque ? (match=exact) vol=6 col=1446 line=10
ove s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1446 line=18
ovÚ a., s. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1446 line=21
ovee s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1446 line=38
overresse1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1447 line=4
overresse2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1447 line=7
overture s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1447 line=13
ovet s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1447 line=31
ovier s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1447 line=39
oviere s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1447 line=42
ovrable1 a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1448 line=9
ovrable2 a. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1448 line=13
ovrage s.m. (auch f.) (match=exact) vol=6 col=1448 line=22
ovraigne s.f. oder m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1448 line=48
ovraille s.f. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1451 line=11
ovree s.f. (match=better) vol=6 col=1451 line=20
ovrement s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=1451 line=24
ovrŰoir s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=1451 line=31
ovrŰor1 s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=1452 line=9
ovrŰor2 s.m. (match=better) vol=6 col=1452 line=23
ovrer v. (match=better) vol=6 col=1452 line=40
ovrete s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=1458 line=21
ovrier1 s.m. (u. a.) (match=exact) vol=6 col=1458 line=23
ovrier2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1459 line=50
ovriere s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=6 col=1460 line=1
ovrir v. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1460 line=28
oximel s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1465 line=33
oximi s.m. (match=exact) vol=6 col=1466 line=9