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gńaignable a. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=5 line=1
gńaignage1 a. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=5 line=26
gńaignage2 s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=5 line=29
gńaigne s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=6 line=23
gńaignecheval s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=8 line=1
gńaignemńaille s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=8 line=8
gńaignement s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=8 line=18
gńaigneobole s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=8 line=27
gńaignŰor s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=8 line=31
gńaignepain sm. (match=exact) vol=4 col=9 line=18
gńaignerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=10 line=10
gńaignerresse s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=10 line=50
gńaignier1 v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=11 line=3
gńaignier2 s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=14 line=42
gńaigniere s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=14 line=48
gńaing s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=15 line=1
gabaille s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=16 line=46
gabance s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=16 line=50
gabare s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=17 line=1
gabe s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=17 line=6
gabel s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=17 line=11
gabele1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=17 line=22
gabele2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=17 line=24
gabeler1 v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=17 line=34
gabeler2 v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=17 line=37
gabelet s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=17 line=40
gabelete s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=17 line=49
gabement s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=18 line=5
gabŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=18 line=15
gaber v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=18 line=32
gaberie s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=22 line=19
gaberise s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=23 line=9
gabet s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=23 line=19
gabil s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=23 line=27
gable s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=23 line=32
gablŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=24 line=5
gabler1 v. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=24 line=10
gabler2 v. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=24 line=11
gablier s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=24 line=25
gabois s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=24 line=35
gabusement s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=26 line=32
gabuser v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=26 line=38
gabuserie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=26 line=41
gagatŔs s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=27 line=1
gagatromee s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=27 line=14
gage s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=27 line=20
gageler v. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=35 line=21
gagement s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=35 line=24
gagerie s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=35 line=34
gagŰure s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=35 line=37
gagier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=35 line=51
gagiere s.f. (auch m.?) (match=exact) vol=4 col=38 line=21
gai a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=38 line=27
gaie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=39 line=43
gaiet a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=39 line=50
gaietÚ s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=40 line=11
gaietos a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=40 line=29
gaigaie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=40 line=36
gaignart a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=40 line=44
gaigne (en) adv. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=42 line=14
gaignon s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=42 line=23
gaillardie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=44 line=27
gaillart a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=44 line=30
gaille interj. (match=exact) vol=4 col=45 line=30
gaillofre s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=45 line=33
gaimel s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=45 line=40
gaiment s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=45 line=45
gaimentaison s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=46 line=14
gaimentŰiz s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=46 line=19
gaimentement s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=46 line=25
gaimenter v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=46 line=33
gaimentos a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=48 line=47
gńin1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=49 line=1
gńin2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=49 line=7
gńine s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=50 line=45
gńinete s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=51 line=19
gńinier s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=51 line=22
gńiniere s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=51 line=38
gaintrÚ pc. pf .a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=51 line=44
gaios a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=51 line=50
gaire adv. (match=exact) vol=4 col=52 line=3
gaissier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=55 line=9
gait s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=55 line=14
gaitable a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=55 line=44
gaitage s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=55 line=46
gaite s.f. (auch m.) (match=exact) vol=4 col=55 line=48
gńitel s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=57 line=22
gaitement s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=57 line=30
gaitŰor s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=57 line=40
Gaite-tison nom. propr. (match=better) vol=4 col=57 line=46
gaitier v. (match=better) vol=4 col=58 line=3
gaiton s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=61 line=16
gaitos a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=61 line=17
gal s.m. (match=bad:NA) vol=4 col=61 line=26
galaciien a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=61 line=44
galactide s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=62 line=27
galais s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=62 line=33
galanga, s.f. und m. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=62 line=41
galatine s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=62 line=49
galban s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=63 line=50
galcanter s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=64 line=17
gale1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=64 line=18
gale2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=64 line=44
galebrun s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=66 line=1
galee1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=66 line=11
galee2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=66 line=23
galein s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=67 line=34
galer1 v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=68 line=3
galer2 v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=68 line=26
galeran s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=68 line=30
galerie1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=68 line=41
galerie2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=68 line=51
galerne s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=69 line=3
galerresse s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=69 line=44
galeste s.f. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=69 line=49
galet s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=70 line=15
galete s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=70 line=30
galice s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=70 line=46
galie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=71 line=10
gal´ete s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=71 line=27
galifre s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=71 line=34
galiier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=71 line=42
galilee s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=71 line=49
galimafree s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=72 line=6
gal´on s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=72 line=11
gal´ot1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=72 line=16
gal´ot2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=72 line=24
galoche s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=73 line=41
galochier s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=73 line=47
galoface s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=74 line=8
galois a., s. (match=exact) vol=4 col=74 line=15
galon s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=75 line=47
galoner v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=76 line=5
galop s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=77 line=6
galope s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=78 line=20
galopel s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=78 line=24
galoper v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=78 line=36
galoperie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=79 line=31
galopet s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=79 line=33
galopin s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=79 line=35
galopon s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=79 line=44
galos a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=79 line=49
gamais s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=80 line=4
gamńut s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=80 line=13
gambais s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=80 line=27
gambaise s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=81 line=24
gambe a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=81 line=26
gambesier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=81 line=34
gambeson s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=81 line=51
gambesor s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=83 line=23
gambille s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=83 line=27
gambillon s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=83 line=32
game s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=83 line=39
gamite s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=84 line=25
ganche s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=84 line=30
gande s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=84 line=43
gandenge s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=84 line=48
gandie v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=85 line=1
gandillier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=85 line=12
gandir v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=85 line=31
ganguil s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=86 line=26
ganote s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=86 line=32
gant s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=86 line=40
gantece s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=92 line=27
gantelee s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=92 line=36
gantelet s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=92 line=48
ganterie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=93 line=28
gantier1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=93 line=36
gantier2 s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=93 line=39
gap s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=93 line=52
gape a. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=97 line=39
gar interj. (match=exact) vol=4 col=97 line=48
garagnon s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=99 line=11
garait s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=99 line=23
garance1 s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=100 line=11
garance2 s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=100 line=46
garancier v. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=101 line=1
garant s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=101 line=7
garantage s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=103 line=37
garanter v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=103 line=41
garantie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=104 line=5
garantier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=104 line=47
garantir v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=105 line=5
garantise s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=107 line=1
garantison s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=107 line=21
garantissement s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=107 line=48
garantissŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=108 line=4
garat s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=108 line=32
garaut s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=108 line=46
garbeille s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=109 line=7
garbin s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=109 line=10
garce s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=109 line=18
garcelar s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=110 line=21
garcelete s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=110 line=27
garcerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=110 line=32
garcete s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=110 line=35
garcolet s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=110 line=43
garšon s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=111 line=12
garšonaille s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=115 line=9
garšoncel s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=115 line=46
garšonel s.m., a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=116 line=3
garšoner v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=116 line=17
garšonerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=116 line=35
garšonet s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=116 line=38
garšonier a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=117 line=8
garšoniere s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=117 line=43
gardable a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=117 line=49
gardage s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=118 line=1
gardaine s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=118 line=6
gardance s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=118 line=14
garde s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=118 line=23
gardecors s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=133 line=2
gardecoste s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=133 line=46
gardehuche s.f. (und m.) (match=better) vol=4 col=133 line=50
gardemaner v. (match=better) vol=4 col=134 line=1
gardemangier s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=134 line=5
gardement s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=134 line=14
gardenc s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=134 line=20
gardŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=135 line=35
garder v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=136 line=15
garderobe s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=150 line=51
garderobier s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=151 line=27
garderresse s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=151 line=31
gardŰure s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=151 line=36
gard´enetÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=151 line=41
gardier s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=151 line=44
gardiien s.m. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=151 line=47
gardinal s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=152 line=20
gardinge s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=152 line=25
gardon s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=152 line=35
gardorfenes s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=153 line=5
gare1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=153 line=7
gare2 interj. (match=exact) vol=4 col=153 line=13
garec s.m. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=153 line=15
gare, gare interj. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=153 line=34
garennage s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=153 line=47
garenne s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=153 line=49
garetor s.m. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=154 line=26
gargarisier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=154 line=28
gargarisme s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=154 line=32
gargate s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=154 line=39
gargole s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=155 line=47
gargolete s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=155 line=52
garguešon s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=156 line=3
gargueter v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=156 line=19
garguillon s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=156 line=26
garie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=156 line=29
garillant s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=156 line=32
garillier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=156 line=43
gariment s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=156 line=46
garingal s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=157 line=1
garir v. (match=better) vol=4 col=158 line=18
garison s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=168 line=19
garissable a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=172 line=41
garissement s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=172 line=46
garite s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=173 line=7
garitement s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=173 line=37
gariter v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=173 line=40
garlande s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=174 line=15
garlandŰiz s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=174 line=34
garlander v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=174 line=38
garlandesche s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=174 line=50
garlosche a., s. (match=exact) vol=4 col=175 line=22
garloscheter v. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=175 line=25
garlovendier s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=175 line=30
garmadone s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=175 line=36
garmenterie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=175 line=43
garmoisie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=175 line=50
garmos s.m. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=176 line=1
garmosement s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=176 line=12
garmoser v. (match=better) vol=4 col=176 line=15
garnache1 s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=176 line=18
garnache2 s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=176 line=42
garnachele s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=177 line=31
garnement s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=177 line=38
garneture s.f. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=181 line=48
garnir v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=182 line=26
garnison s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=192 line=26
garnissement s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=194 line=12
garnissŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=194 line=36
garnisure s.f. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=195 line=3
garoez s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=195 line=7
garoil s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=195 line=9
garol s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=195 line=13
garote s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=196 line=15
garre a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=196 line=28
garrerul´ement s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=196 line=31
garrete s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=196 line=35
garrochier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=196 line=38
garrois s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=196 line=43
garroquel s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=196 line=52
garrot s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=197 line=3
garrotin s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=197 line=52
garruler v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=198 line=6
garser v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=198 line=12
gart s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=198 line=22
gartier s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=198 line=23
gasaine s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=198 line=27
gascel s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=198 line=32
gascelet s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=198 line=41
gasche s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=198 line=44
gaschŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=198 line=46
gascherer v. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=199 line=1
gaschiÚ1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=199 line=4
gaschiÚ2 s.m. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=199 line=8
gaschier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=199 line=16
gaschiere s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=199 line=30
gasclie (match=better) vol=4 col=199 line=31
gascon a., s. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=199 line=34
gasconois a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=200 line=22
gascort a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=200 line=30
gascru a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=200 line=41
gasigan s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=201 line=2
gasker s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=201 line=7
gasoillier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=201 line=13
gason s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=201 line=26
gaspail s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=202 line=2
gast1 a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=202 line=12
gast2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=204 line=5
gaste a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=205 line=33
Gastebien nom. propr. (match=exact) vol=4 col=206 line=17
Gastebois nom. propr. (match=exact) vol=4 col=206 line=25
Gasteforest nom propr. (match=exact) vol=4 col=206 line=41
gastel s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=206 line=51
gastelerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=208 line=14
gastelet s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=208 line=17
gastelier s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=208 line=33
gastement s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=208 line=42
gastŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=208 line=51
gaster v. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=209 line=40
gastetÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=212 line=52
gastŰure s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=213 line=3
Gastev´ande nom. propr. (match=better) vol=4 col=213 line=9
gastin a. (match=better) vol=4 col=213 line=17
gastine s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=213 line=20
gastinoie s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=214 line=33
gastir v. (match=better) vol=4 col=214 line=37
gaston s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=215 line=11
gastroillier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=215 line=16
gatŰiz a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=215 line=24
gauberge s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=215 line=33
gauche a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=215 line=35
gauchier s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=215 line=39
gaucrer v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=215 line=47
gaude s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=217 line=15
gaudee s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=217 line=28
gaudel s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=217 line=31
gauder v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=217 line=36
gaudie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=217 line=44
gaudine s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=217 line=49
gaudon s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=218 line=49
gaufre s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=219 line=1
gaufrez s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=220 line=10
gaufrier s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=220 line=15
gauhiere s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=220 line=27
gaule1 a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=220 line=34
gaule2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=220 line=38
gauler1 v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=220 line=45
gauler2 v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=220 line=48
gaulerie s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=220 line=51
gaut1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=221 line=5
gaut2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=221 line=11
gavai s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=222 line=43
gavart a. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=223 line=1
gave s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=223 line=9
gavele s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=223 line=22
gavenÚ pc. pf. a. (match=better) vol=4 col=223 line=34
gavenier s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=223 line=38
gaverel s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=223 line=42
gav´on s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=223 line=48
gavle s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=224 line=12
gazel s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=224 line=21
gazele s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=224 line=30
gazofilace s.m. und f. (match=better) vol=4 col=224 line=50
s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=225 line=8
gehenne s.f. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=225 line=18
gein s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=225 line=29
gelace s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=225 line=33
gelÚ s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=225 line=40
gelee s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=225 line=43
geler v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=227 line=18
gelinage s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=228 line=4
gelinaz a. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=228 line=7
geline s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=228 line=14
gelinerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=231 line=9
gelinete s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=231 line=12
gelinier s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=231 line=15
gelinois s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=231 line=27
gemait s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=231 line=36
gemble a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=232 line=1
geme s.f. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=232 line=10
gemÚ pc. pf. a. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=234 line=20
gemele s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=235 line=11
gemement v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=235 line=22
gemer1 v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=235 line=29
gemer2 v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=235 line=32
gemir v. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=235 line=47
gemissement s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=236 line=49
gemite s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=237 line=23
genc´ane s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=237 line=33
gencier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=237 line=47
gencive s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=237 line=49
gendre1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=238 line=40
gendre2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=239 line=22
gendre3 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=240 line=10
gendrement s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=240 line=19
gendrer v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=240 line=24
gendrŰure s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=240 line=37
gene s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=240 line=42
genŰalogie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=241 line=1
generable a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=241 line=6
generace s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=241 line=16
generac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=241 line=33
general a., s. (match=exact) vol=4 col=242 line=17
generale s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=244 line=27
generalitÚ s.f. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=244 line=31
generance s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=245 line=8
generatif a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=245 line=18
generautÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=245 line=32
generer v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=245 line=47
generet s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=246 line=11
generos a. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=246 line=14
genesche s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=246 line=22
geneschier s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=246 line=28
genest s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=246 line=33
geneste s.f. (und m.) (match=exact) vol=4 col=247 line=10
genestÚ s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=248 line=17
genestier s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=248 line=30
genestoi s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=248 line=35
genestoie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=248 line=45
genet s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=248 line=50
genete s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=249 line=11
genetor s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=249 line=24
genevestre s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=249 line=30
genevrier s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=249 line=36
genevroie s.f. (match=bad:3) vol=4 col=249 line=41
genice s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=249 line=48
genitailles s.f. pl. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=250 line=15
genitaire s.m. (und f.) (match=exact) vol=4 col=250 line=27
genital a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=251 line=26
genitier s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=251 line=34
genitif a., s. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=251 line=44
genitor s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=252 line=8
genitris s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=252 line=13
genoil s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=252 line=28
genoille s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=254 line=14
genoilletes (a) adv. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=254 line=19
genoillier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=254 line=28
genoilliere s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=255 line=4
genoillons (a) adv. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=255 line=37
gen÷ir v. (match=better) vol=4 col=257 line=7
genoivre s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=257 line=21
gent1 s.f. (im pl. auch s.m.) (match=bad:3) vol=4 col=258 line=14
gent2 a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=264 line=37
gentelise s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=269 line=27
genterie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=271 line=20
gentil a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=271 line=40
gentilance s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=277 line=3
gentillastre s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=277 line=9
gentillece s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=277 line=21
gentilletÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=279 line=26
gŰomancie s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=279 line=35
gŰometre s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=279 line=40
gŰometrie s.f. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=279 line=44
gŰometriien s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=281 line=32
gŰometrique a. (match=better) vol=4 col=281 line=41
gŰorgique a. (match=better) vol=4 col=281 line=49
gerachite s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=282 line=8
gerce s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=282 line=35
gerine s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=282 line=45
gerir v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=283 line=4
germain a., s. (match=exact) vol=4 col=283 line=14
germandree s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=284 line=21
germanitÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=284 line=26
germe1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=284 line=29
germe2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=284 line=34
germenter v. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=285 line=33
germer v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=285 line=38
germete s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=286 line=41
germin s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=286 line=49
germinement s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=287 line=6
germiner v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=287 line=9
germinon s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=287 line=18
germir v. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=287 line=24
germoiier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=287 line=34
germon s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=287 line=40
gernate a., s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=288 line=3
gernete s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=288 line=7
gest1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=288 line=19
gest2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=288 line=27
geste1 s.f. und m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=288 line=39
geste2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=288 line=44
geste3 s.m. oder f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=295 line=52
geste4 s.m. und f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=296 line=6
gestier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=296 line=7
gestinge s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=296 line=10
gest´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=296 line=16
gestir v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=296 line=21
gestoire s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=296 line=33
geter v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=297 line=13
geude s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=297 line=18
geudier a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=299 line=17
geudon s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=299 line=22
geuse s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=300 line=16
gevrel s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=300 line=33
giagoree s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=300 line=42
giant s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=300 line=44
gibe s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=300 line=47
gibecier1 v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=301 line=12
gibecier2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=302 line=12
gibeciere s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=302 line=15
gibelet s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=302 line=50
giber v. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=303 line=16
giberresse s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=303 line=42
gibet s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=303 line=49
gibeter v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=306 line=9
gibier s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=306 line=13
giboiier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=308 line=27
gibois s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=308 line=51
gibositÚ s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=309 line=11
gibot s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=309 line=21
giede s.m. (match=bad:3) vol=4 col=309 line=24
giel s.m. (match=bad:3) vol=4 col=309 line=28
gielle s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=309 line=51
giembre v. (match=better) vol=4 col=310 line=1
gien1 s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=311 line=19
gien2 s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=311 line=29
gienois s.m. (match=bad:3) vol=4 col=311 line=41
giens s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=311 line=46
gieres adv. (match=better) vol=4 col=313 line=16
giernote s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=314 line=30
gieskerec s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=315 line=6
g´eziterie s.f. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=315 line=11
gifart a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=315 line=32
gife s.f. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=315 line=44
gigant s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=316 line=2
gigantee s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=316 line=10
gigantin a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=316 line=13
gignos a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=316 line=36
gigue s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=316 line=46
giguŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=318 line=34
giguer1 v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=318 line=42
giguer2 v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=318 line=50
Gilain nom propr. (match=exact) vol=4 col=319 line=3
gin s.m. (match=bad:NA) vol=4 col=319 line=10
ginaise s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=319 line=18
ginasie s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=319 line=27
gingembraz s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=319 line=30
gingembre s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=320 line=32
gip s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=322 line=23
gipse s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=322 line=35
gipsÚ pc. pf. (match=better) vol=4 col=323 line=19
gir s.m. (match=bad:NA) vol=4 col=323 line=34
girac´on s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=323 line=38
girafe s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=324 line=11
girart s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=324 line=25
gire s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=324 line=31
girement s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=324 line=38
girer v. (match=better) vol=4 col=324 line=41
girfauc s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=325 line=15
girofle s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=327 line=19
giroflÚ a., s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=328 line=48
giron1 s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=329 line=12
giron2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=333 line=21
gironÚ pc. pf. a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=333 line=24
gironee s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=334 line=49
girovaguer v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=336 line=14
gisant s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=336 line=20
gisarme s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=336 line=23
gisement s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=339 line=6
gisier s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=339 line=17
gissÚ a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=340 line=4
gistaille s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=340 line=14
giste1 s.m. und f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=340 line=16
giste2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=341 line=23
gistel s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=341 line=36
gister v. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=341 line=40
gistif a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=341 line=52
givelier s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=342 line=17
givler v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=342 line=20
givrenele s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=342 line=27
glace s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=342 line=40
glacenment s.m. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=343 line=49
glacier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=344 line=5
glaciere s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=347 line=23
glacif a. (match=better) vol=4 col=347 line=36
glacir v. (match=better) vol=4 col=347 line=40
glašoiier v. (match=better) vol=4 col=347 line=45
glašon s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=348 line=28
glad´ac´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=349 line=3
glad´ator s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=349 line=6
glage s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=349 line=11
glagŰure s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=349 line=28
glagier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=349 line=36
glai s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=349 line=46
glaie s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=352 line=7
glaioi s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=352 line=14
glaiolat s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=352 line=19
glaioler v. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=352 line=26
glaioloi s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=352 line=38
glaire1 s.f. und m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=353 line=4
glaire2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=353 line=20
glairier v. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=353 line=23
glairos1 a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=353 line=26
glairos2 a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=353 line=29
glaison s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=353 line=37
glaiuel s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=353 line=42
glaive s.m. und f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=354 line=34
glandaz s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=359 line=5
glande s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=359 line=8
glandele s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=359 line=34
glander s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=359 line=37
glandos a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=359 line=43
glandre s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=360 line=1
glandulos a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=360 line=11
glanduz s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=360 line=19
glant s.m. und f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=360 line=28
glaon s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=361 line=49
glńon s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=361 line=50
glaper1 v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=362 line=13
glaper2 v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=362 line=16
glapir v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=362 line=21
glapissement s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=362 line=31
glaras interj. (match=exact) vol=4 col=362 line=34
glarie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=362 line=37
glas s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=362 line=40
glat s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=365 line=13
glatŰiz s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=365 line=33
glatin s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=365 line=42
glatir v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=365 line=47
glatison s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=368 line=12
glatissement s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=368 line=22
glavelot s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=368 line=44
glaviier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=368 line=47
glaz1 s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=369 line=1
glaz2 s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=369 line=9
glemure s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=369 line=17
glene s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=369 line=23
glenŰor s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=369 line=49
glener v. (match=better) vol=4 col=369 line=52
glenerresse s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=370 line=38
glenon s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=370 line=45
gleste s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=370 line=48
glet a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=371 line=1
glete s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=371 line=17
gleteron s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=372 line=12
gleteronier s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=372 line=17
gleton s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=372 line=22
gletonier s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=372 line=31
gletoniere s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=372 line=46
gletos a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=372 line=51
glicement s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=373 line=31
glicier v. (match=better) vol=4 col=373 line=34
glišoire s.f. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=374 line=3
gliier v. (match=better) vol=4 col=374 line=6
gl´oire s.f. (match=bad:3) vol=4 col=374 line=20
glise s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=374 line=46
glisŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=375 line=48
glisos a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=376 line=4
globos a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=376 line=8
glochete s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=376 line=14
gl÷e1 s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=376 line=20
gl÷e2 s.f. (match=bad:3) vol=4 col=376 line=49
gl÷ete1 s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=377 line=14
gl÷ete2 s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=377 line=18
gloier s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=377 line=24
gloine s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=377 line=28
gloire s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=377 line=32
glon s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=380 line=41
glorefiier v. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=380 line=45
glor´able a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=381 line=50
glor´ac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=382 line=4
glor´ete s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=382 line=11
glorif´ance s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=382 line=30
glorificac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=382 line=36
glorif´ement s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=382 line=39
gloriier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=382 line=47
glor´os a. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=383 line=23
glose s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=385 line=7
glosŰor s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=386 line=41
gloser v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=387 line=4
glosŰure s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=388 line=40
glot s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=388 line=46
glotee s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=389 line=2
glotement s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=389 line=6
gloter v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=389 line=15
gloterie s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=389 line=20
glotir v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=389 line=24
glotoiier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=389 line=33
gloton s.m., a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=389 line=41
glotonaille s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=394 line=8
glotoncel s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=394 line=14
glotoner v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=394 line=19
glotonerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=394 line=36
glotonessement adv. (match=exact) vol=4 col=394 line=41
glotonie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=394 line=44
glotonos a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=396 line=11
glotornie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=396 line=25
glotos a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=397 line=41
glu s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=397 line=52
glŘance s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=400 line=49
glue s.f. (match=bad:3) vol=4 col=401 line=2
glŘee s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=401 line=15
glŘer v. (match=better) vol=4 col=401 line=21
glui s.m. (auch f.) (match=better) vol=4 col=402 line=15
gluier v. (match=bad:3) vol=4 col=402 line=50
gluiot s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=403 line=4
gluiotage s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=403 line=9
gluioter v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=403 line=13
glŘon s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=403 line=18
glŘos a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=403 line=31
glŘot s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=403 line=43
glutime s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=404 line=15
glutinos a. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=404 line=47
gnif interj. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=405 line=2
gobe a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=405 line=5
gobelet s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=406 line=13
gobelin s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=406 line=22
goberge s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=406 line=28
gobet1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=406 line=30
gobet2 a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=406 line=40
gobeter1 v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=406 line=46
gobeter2 v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=406 line=52
gobine s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=407 line=9
gobon s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=407 line=12
gocet s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=407 line=21
gošon s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=408 line=5
gošot s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=408 line=13
godale s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=408 line=20
godalier s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=409 line=10
godart s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=409 line=15
godehelepe interj. (match=exact) vol=4 col=409 line=18
godeherre interj. (match=exact) vol=4 col=409 line=36
godel s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=409 line=48
godemetin s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=410 line=6
godemine s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=410 line=13
godemite interj. (match=exact) vol=4 col=410 line=27
godendac s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=410 line=36
goder v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=411 line=16
goderie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=411 line=48
godet s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=412 line=3
godin s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=412 line=21
godit÷et interj. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=412 line=24
godot s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=412 line=37
g÷eche s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=412 line=40
g÷esche a. f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=412 line=48
g÷et s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=412 line=52
goffrinech s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=413 line=10
gogoi s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=413 line=25
gogoiier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=413 line=29
gogue1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=413 line=46
gogue2 a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=414 line=22
goguer v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=414 line=32
goherel s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=414 line=42
goherelier s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=415 line=15
goi s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=415 line=17
goiere s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=415 line=23
goille s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=415 line=31
goitron s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=415 line=40
gojon1 s.m. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=416 line=46
gojon2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=417 line=1
gojon3 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=417 line=8
gojonier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=417 line=26
golafre s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=417 line=31
gole s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=417 line=38
golee s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=423 line=39
golenie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=424 line=43
goler v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=424 line=47
goleron s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=425 line=4
golet s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=425 line=9
golŰure s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=425 line=31
golf s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=425 line=35
gol´ardise s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=425 line=44
gol´ardois a., s. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=425 line=47
gol´ardos a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=426 line=22
gol´art s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=426 line=39
goloiier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=427 line=35
golos a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=427 line=40
golosance s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=427 line=48
goloser v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=427 line=51
golosetÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=429 line=18
golot1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=429 line=21
golot2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=429 line=28
golu a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=429 line=34
gome1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=429 line=47
gome2 s.f. (und m.) (match=exact) vol=4 col=429 line=50
gomer1 v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=431 line=8
gomer2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=431 line=17
gomerel s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=431 line=36
gondele s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=431 line=52
gondre v. (match=better) vol=4 col=432 line=3
gone s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=432 line=5
gonel s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=433 line=26
gonele s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=433 line=34
gonelesches s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=434 line=51
gonete s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=435 line=3
gonfanoier s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=435 line=11
gonfanon s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=435 line=25
gonfanoncel s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=437 line=5
gonfanoner v. (match=better) vol=4 col=437 line=8
gonfanonier s.m. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=437 line=12
gont s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=438 line=8
gordaine s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=439 line=1
gordin a., s. (match=exact) vol=4 col=439 line=3
gordine s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=439 line=28
gordingue s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=440 line=4
gordoiier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=440 line=15
gore s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=440 line=27
gorel s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=440 line=32
goret s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=440 line=40
gorfoler v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=440 line=45
gorge s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=441 line=4
gorgelon s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=444 line=21
gorgŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=444 line=28
gorgeret s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=444 line=32
gorgerete s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=444 line=35
gorgerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=444 line=51
gorgeron s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=445 line=4
gorget s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=445 line=15
gorgete s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=445 line=20
gorgiee s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=445 line=50
gorgier1 v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=447 line=26
gorgier2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=447 line=39
gorgiere s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=447 line=43
gorgif a., s. (match=exact) vol=4 col=448 line=28
gorgiiene s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=448 line=34
gorgocier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=448 line=42
gorgošon s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=448 line=49
gorgoiier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=449 line=10
gorgon s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=449 line=40
gorgoz s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=449 line=43
gorgueter v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=449 line=47
gorguillon s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=450 line=1
gorjon s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=450 line=6
gorjos a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=450 line=10
gorju a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=450 line=17
gorle s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=450 line=21
gorlÚ pc. pf. a. (match=better) vol=4 col=451 line=39
gorlel s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=451 line=46
gorlerie s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=452 line=3
gorlier s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=452 line=8
gormandement s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=452 line=12
gormander v. (match=better) vol=4 col=452 line=19
gormanderie s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=452 line=40
gormandeur s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=452 line=52
gormandie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=453 line=9
gormandise s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=453 line=18
gormant a., s. (match=exact) vol=4 col=453 line=21
gorme s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=453 line=33
gormÚ pc. pf. a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=453 line=49
gormel s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=454 line=4
gormon s.m. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=454 line=15
gornaise a.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=454 line=20
gornal s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=454 line=32
gorre s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=455 line=6
gorrÚ pc. pf. a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=455 line=16
gorrerie s.f. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=455 line=24
gorrier a., s. (match=exact) vol=4 col=455 line=26
gorrois s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=455 line=34
gort1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=455 line=43
gort2 a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=457 line=12
gosier s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=457 line=51
gosillier1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=458 line=18
gosillier2 v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=458 line=27
gosse s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=458 line=37
gosset s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=458 line=45
gost s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=459 line=5
gostement s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=460 line=27
goster v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=461 line=6
gote s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=463 line=4
gotÚ1 pc. pf. a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=469 line=4
gotÚ2 pc. pf. a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=470 line=37
gotŰiz s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=470 line=44
gotel s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=470 line=52
gotelete s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=471 line=3
goter v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=471 line=13
gotete s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=471 line=35
gotŰure s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=471 line=44
gotier s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=472 line=3
gotiere s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=472 line=9
gotos a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=473 line=9
gotran s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=473 line=23
goue s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=473 line=27
goufre s.m. und f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=473 line=30
goupil s.m. (match=bad:3) vol=4 col=475 line=37
goupillage s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=478 line=15
goupille s.f. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=478 line=27
goupillŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=479 line=23
goupillerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=479 line=26
goupillet s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=479 line=31
goupillete s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=479 line=39
goupillier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=479 line=49
goupillon s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=480 line=23
goupisel s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=480 line=29
gove s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=480 line=32
gover s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=480 line=47
governac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=481 line=3
governail s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=481 line=7
governaille s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=482 line=6
governance s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=482 line=14
governe s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=482 line=38
governement s.m. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=483 line=3
governŰor s.m. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=484 line=23
governer v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=485 line=51
governerresse s.f. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=490 line=41
governier s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=491 line=14
goz s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=491 line=22
gr- (match=exact) vol=4 col=491 line=46
grńal s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=491 line=48
grabat s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=494 line=21
grabatiz s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=494 line=34
grabaton s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=494 line=40
grace s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=494 line=47
grac´able a. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=500 line=35
gracier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=500 line=38
graciier v. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=500 line=46
grac´os a. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=502 line=44
grac´oset a. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=504 line=32
grade s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=504 line=37
grńel1 s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=504 line=52
grńel2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=505 line=9
grńelier s.m. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=505 line=35
grńerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=505 line=40
grafiere s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=506 line=4
grafiner v. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=506 line=7
gragan s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=506 line=14
graier a., s. (match=exact) vol=4 col=506 line=26
graife s.m. und f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=506 line=42
graifier1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=508 line=42
graifier2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=508 line=51
graigne s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=509 line=5
graignier v. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=509 line=19
graignor a. comp. (match=exact) vol=4 col=509 line=45
graignos a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=513 line=34
grńil s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=513 line=36
grńille s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=514 line=35
grńillier v. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=515 line=8
graim a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=516 line=49
grain s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=518 line=10
grainde a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=520 line=42
graine s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=520 line=48
grńir v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=524 line=12
graisle a., s. (match=exact) vol=4 col=524 line=32
graislel a. (match=better) vol=4 col=527 line=49
graislet a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=528 line=6
graisl´ement s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=528 line=37
graislier s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=528 line=45
graisliier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=529 line=5
graislir v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=530 line=12
graisse s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=530 line=29
graissece s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=530 line=31
gramaire1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=530 line=42
gramaire2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=533 line=30
gramairiien s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=534 line=10
gramatique1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=534 line=22
gramatique2 a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=534 line=36
grame s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=534 line=42
gramece s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=534 line=48
gramenter v. (match=better) vol=4 col=534 line=51
gramir v. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=535 line=4
gramoiement s.m. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=535 line=19
gramoiier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=535 line=28
gramon s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=538 line=10
gramose s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=538 line=19
gramus a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=538 line=25
gran a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=538 line=32
granc s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=538 line=34
grandece s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=538 line=44
grandŰÚ s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=539 line=25
grandelet a. (match=better) vol=4 col=539 line=30
grandet a. (match=better) vol=4 col=539 line=38
grandin a. (match=better) vol=4 col=540 line=1
grandise s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=540 line=7
grandisme a. (match=better) vol=4 col=540 line=10
granditÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=541 line=20
grandoiier v. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=541 line=25
grandor s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=541 line=27
grandure s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=542 line=31
granÚ1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=542 line=34
granÚ2 pc. pf. a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=542 line=50
granel s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=543 line=6
granelet s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=543 line=10
granelin s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=543 line=23
grange s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=543 line=27
grangier s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=545 line=36
grangiere s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=545 line=45
granjage s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=545 line=50
granjoiier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=546 line=1
granor a. comp. (match=exact) vol=4 col=546 line=6
grant a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=546 line=9
grantaison s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=564 line=1
grantÚ1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=564 line=3
grantÚ2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=564 line=14
granter v. (match=better) vol=4 col=564 line=16
grape1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=564 line=18
grape2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=564 line=25
grapŰiz s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=565 line=34
grapele s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=565 line=36
grapeler v. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=565 line=46
graper v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=566 line=10
grapetŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=566 line=32
grapillement s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=566 line=35
grapillier v. (match=better) vol=4 col=566 line=37
grapin1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=566 line=48
grapin2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=567 line=1
grapiner v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=567 line=4
grapon s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=567 line=12
grasillier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=567 line=19
graspois s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=567 line=29
grat a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=567 line=36
grate s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=567 line=37
gratŰiz s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=567 line=45
gratele s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=567 line=47
gratelos a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=568 line=14
gratŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=568 line=17
grater v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=568 line=24
graterie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=571 line=36
grateron s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=571 line=43
gratŰure s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=571 line=44
gratificac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=572 line=6
gratillier v. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=572 line=11
gratiner v. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=572 line=15
gratison s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=572 line=37
gratoner v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=572 line=43
gratuise s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=573 line=1
gratuisier v. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=573 line=9
gratŘitÚ s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=573 line=20
gratŘitos a. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=573 line=29
gratulac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=573 line=37
grau s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=573 line=40
grauer v. (match=better) vol=4 col=574 line=14
grauet s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=574 line=22
grauier s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=574 line=30
gravage s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=574 line=36
grave s.f. (match=bad:3) vol=4 col=574 line=42
gravÚ a., s. (match=exact) vol=4 col=575 line=8
gravel s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=575 line=27
gravele s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=575 line=40
graveliere s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=577 line=36
gravelier s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=577 line=40
gravelos a. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=577 line=43
gravŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=578 line=4
graver1 v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=578 line=8
graver2 v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=578 line=47
graverenc s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=578 line=52
graverie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=579 line=16
graverresse s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=579 line=25
gravŰure s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=579 line=33
gravier s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=579 line=37
graviere s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=581 line=1
gravillŰiz s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=581 line=9
gravillier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=581 line=14
gravir v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=581 line=19
gravitÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=581 line=42
gravoi s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=582 line=9
gravoiere s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=582 line=44
grÚ1 s.m. (match=bad:NA) vol=4 col=582 line=47
grÚ2 s.m. (match=bad:NA) vol=4 col=583 line=22
grŰable a. (match=better) vol=4 col=602 line=40
grŰance s.f. (match=bad:3) vol=4 col=603 line=4
grec a., s. (match=better) vol=4 col=603 line=15
greciien a., s. (match=better) vol=4 col=604 line=13
grecisme s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=604 line=15
gredelir v. (match=better) vol=4 col=604 line=27
gree1 s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=604 line=36
gree2 s.f. (match=bad:3) vol=4 col=604 line=39
greement s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=604 line=41
greŰor s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=604 line=49
grŰer v. (match=better) vol=4 col=605 line=8
grŰerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=607 line=8
grege1 a. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=607 line=19
grege2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=607 line=30
gregier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=607 line=43
gregois a., s. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=609 line=10
greile s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=612 line=44
grejance s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=613 line=3
grejos a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=613 line=11
grelet s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=613 line=33
grenade a.(f.), s. (f.) (match=exact) vol=4 col=613 line=42
grenaille s.f. (match=bad:3) vol=4 col=615 line=5
grenat1 a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=615 line=7
grenat2 a., s. (match=exact) vol=4 col=615 line=14
grenate s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=616 line=7
grener v. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=616 line=19
grenet s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=616 line=35
greneture s.f. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=616 line=47
greneterie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=616 line=50
grenetier s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=617 line=3
grenier s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=617 line=9
grenir v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=618 line=33
grenon s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=618 line=41
grenoner v. (match=better) vol=4 col=624 line=10
grenonet s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=624 line=18
grenu a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=624 line=26
gres1 s.m. (match=bad:3) vol=4 col=624 line=33
gres2 s.m. (und f.) (match=bad:3) vol=4 col=624 line=40
greselir v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=625 line=23
gresil s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=625 line=37
gresille s.f. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=626 line=27
gresillier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=627 line=11
gresillon1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=627 line=40
gresillon2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=628 line=14
gresillon3 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=628 line=41
gresillos a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=628 line=49
gresin s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=629 line=8
gresle s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=629 line=15
greslÚ s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=630 line=3
greslee s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=630 line=6
gresler v. (match=better) vol=4 col=630 line=11
greslier s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=630 line=31
gresliz s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=630 line=34
gresse s.f. (match=bad:3) vol=4 col=630 line=43
gressir v. (match=better) vol=4 col=630 line=51
greu s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=631 line=3
grŰus a. (match=better) vol=4 col=631 line=7
grŰuse s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=631 line=12
grŰuser v. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=631 line=24
grevable a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=631 line=44
grevagement adv. (match=exact) vol=4 col=632 line=11
grevain a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=632 line=15
grevainetÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=633 line=42
grevaison s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=633 line=45
greval a. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=633 line=52
grevance s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=634 line=29
greve1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=636 line=35
greve2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=638 line=11
grevece s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=640 line=1
grevemence s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=640 line=14
grevement s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=640 line=20
grever v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=640 line=37
grevete s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=647 line=22
grevos a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=647 line=30
grief a., s. (match=exact) vol=4 col=648 line=51
griŔs1 a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=653 line=38
griŔs2 a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=653 line=46
grietÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=653 line=49
grieu a., s. (match=exact) vol=4 col=654 line=52
grieve s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=656 line=44
grif1 s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=657 line=13
grif2 s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=657 line=28
grifain a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=658 line=10
grifer v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=661 line=2
grifier a. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=661 line=10
grifon s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=661 line=14
grifonaille s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=665 line=14
grifoncel s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=665 line=26
grifonel s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=665 line=29
grignart a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=665 line=35
grigne s.f., a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=665 line=48
grignŰor s., a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=666 line=19
grignier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=666 line=26
grignos a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=667 line=7
grillet s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=667 line=19
grillon s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=667 line=23
grim a. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=667 line=27
grimace s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=667 line=36
grimacier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=667 line=43
grimelÚ a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=667 line=52
grim÷art a., s. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=668 line=14
grimole s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=668 line=26
grimondin s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=668 line=37
grimuce s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=668 line=44
grincier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=668 line=52
gringalet s.m. und nom. propr. (match=exact) vol=4 col=669 line=14
gringot s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=670 line=34
gripe1 s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=670 line=39
gripe2 s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=670 line=52
griper v. (match=better) vol=4 col=671 line=14
griperie s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=671 line=23
gripillon s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=671 line=32
gris a., s. (match=better) vol=4 col=671 line=42
grisan s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=675 line=30
grisart a., s. (match=exact) vol=4 col=675 line=39
grise s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=675 line=45
grisel a., s. (match=exact) vol=4 col=676 line=1
griselet a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=676 line=24
griset a., s. (match=exact) vol=4 col=676 line=27
grisetÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=676 line=39
grisle a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=676 line=46
grive s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=677 line=27
grivelÚ a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=677 line=32
grizain a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=678 line=20
grobe s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=678 line=30
grobis a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=678 line=33
groc s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=678 line=37
grocement s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=678 line=49
grocerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=679 line=12
grocier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=679 line=19
grošoner v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=683 line=5
grošor s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=683 line=12
grošos a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=683 line=18
gr÷e1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=683 line=28
gr÷e2 s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=683 line=46
gr÷ele s.f. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=684 line=4
gr÷er v. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=684 line=8
grofle s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=684 line=13
groge s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=684 line=14
groie s.f. (match=bad:3) vol=4 col=684 line=30
groignart a., s. (match=exact) vol=4 col=684 line=42
groigne1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=685 line=4
groigne2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=685 line=23
groigneler v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=685 line=34
groignement s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=685 line=40
groignet s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=685 line=43
groigniee s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=686 line=7
groignier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=686 line=23
groignoiier1 v. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=687 line=17
groignoiier2 v. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=687 line=26
groignu a. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=687 line=37
groin s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=687 line=43
groisele s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=689 line=37
groiselier s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=690 line=4
groisse s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=690 line=26
groissor a. comp. (match=exact) vol=4 col=691 line=17
grole s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=691 line=24
groler1 v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=691 line=27
groler2 v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=691 line=33
grolier s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=691 line=46
gromelement s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=691 line=49
gromeler v. (match=better) vol=4 col=692 line=3
gromer v. (match=better) vol=4 col=692 line=21
gromet s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=692 line=31
gromete s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=692 line=37
grometel s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=692 line=41
gronšoner v. (match=bad:3) vol=4 col=692 line=47
gronde s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=693 line=3
gronder v. (match=better) vol=4 col=693 line=5
grondillance s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=693 line=13
grondillement s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=693 line=16
grondillier v. (match=better) vol=4 col=693 line=31
grondir v. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=694 line=18
grondissement s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=696 line=4
grongier v. (match=better) vol=4 col=696 line=9
gronir v. (match=better) vol=4 col=696 line=13
gronissement s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=696 line=28
gros a., s. (match=exact) vol=4 col=696 line=34
grosse s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=710 line=2
grossece s.f. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=710 line=11
grossee s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=710 line=41
grossement s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=710 line=48
grossŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=710 line=48
grosser v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=711 line=3
grosset a. (match=better) vol=4 col=711 line=10
grossier s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=712 line=7
grossir v. (match=better) vol=4 col=712 line=23
grossisme a. (match=better) vol=4 col=712 line=29
grossoiier v. (match=better) vol=4 col=712 line=32
grossor s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=712 line=47
grotiere s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=713 line=18
groz s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=713 line=27
gru s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=713 line=35
grŘage s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=713 line=41
grue s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=713 line=50
grŘel s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=716 line=24
grŘer v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=716 line=50
gruiage s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=717 line=3
gruier1 a., s. (match=exact) vol=4 col=717 line=7
gruier2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=718 line=1
gruierie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=718 line=15
grŘin s.m. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=718 line=22
gruis s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=718 line=25
grumel s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=718 line=42
grumeler v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=719 line=19
grumelos a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=719 line=27
grumil s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=719 line=42
guńable a. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=720 line=2
guńer v. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=720 line=8
guai interj. (match=exact) vol=4 col=720 line=43
guaide s.f. und m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=721 line=40
guaidŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=722 line=14
guaidier s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=722 line=16
guaidir v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=722 line=23
guaif a., s. (match=exact) vol=4 col=722 line=28
guaignon s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=722 line=37
guaivage s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=723 line=3
guarsan s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=723 line=10
guathon s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=723 line=16
gubernac´on s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=723 line=20
guÚ s.m. (match=bad:NA) vol=4 col=723 line=25
guelfe s.m., a. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=726 line=18
guenaire a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=726 line=32
guenche s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=726 line=37
guencheue s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=728 line=19
guenchie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=728 line=24
guenchier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=728 line=32
guenchir v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=728 line=41
guenchois a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=734 line=30
guerbi s. (match=exact) vol=4 col=734 line=37
guerble s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=734 line=46
guerbler v. (match=better) vol=4 col=735 line=4
guerbloiier v. (match=better) vol=4 col=735 line=18
guercin s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=735 line=44
guerfil s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=736 line=4
guerlandois s.m. (match=bad:3) vol=4 col=736 line=14
guerne s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=736 line=28
guerp1 a. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=736 line=34
guerp2 s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=736 line=40
guerpee s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=737 line=20
guerpelÚ pc. pf. a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=737 line=27
guerpine s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=737 line=38
guerpir v. (match=better) vol=4 col=737 line=40
guerpissement s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=742 line=52
guerpissŰor s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=743 line=3
guerre s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=743 line=6
guerredon s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=748 line=3
guerredonable a. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=752 line=5
guerredonance s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=752 line=8
guerredonement s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=752 line=21
guerredonŰor s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=752 line=38
guerredoner v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=752 line=49
guerrŰif a. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=754 line=40
guerrŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=754 line=50
guerrer v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=755 line=9
guerrier s., a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=755 line=22
guerriere s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=756 line=27
guerrillon s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=756 line=36
guerroiement s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=756 line=38
guerroiŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=756 line=41
guerroiier1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=757 line=6
guerroiier2 v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=757 line=21
guerroiiere s.f. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=761 line=4
guers a. (match=better) vol=4 col=761 line=12
guervise s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=761 line=19
guespe s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=761 line=31
guespier s.m. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=762 line=8
guessoi s.m. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=762 line=17
guessoillier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=763 line=33
guesson s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=763 line=43
gueste s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=763 line=45
gui s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=764 line=6
guiage s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=764 line=20
guiart s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=764 line=24
guibelin1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=764 line=37
guibelin2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=764 line=42
guibet s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=764 line=46
guiche s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=765 line=10
guichet s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=767 line=44
guichetel s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=769 line=47
guichier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=770 line=7
guichois a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=770 line=15
guide s.f. und m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=770 line=22
guidebaume s. (match=exact) vol=4 col=770 line=26
guidel s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=770 line=29
guidement s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=770 line=33
guidet ? (match=exact) vol=4 col=770 line=36
guidon s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=770 line=44
guie s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=770 line=52
guielier s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=771 line=5
guienois s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=771 line=20
guiŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=771 line=25
gu´erresse s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=772 line=17
guignart s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=772 line=24
guignau ? (match=exact) vol=4 col=772 line=29
guigne1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=772 line=37
guigne2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=772 line=48
guignement s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=772 line=52
guignier1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=773 line=4
guignier2 v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=773 line=7
guignier3 v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=774 line=16
guignier4 v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=774 line=33
guignoire v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=775 line=11
guignon s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=775 line=15
guiier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=775 line=22
guile s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=778 line=35
guilŰor s.m., a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=781 line=1
guiler v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=781 line=49
guilerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=783 line=46
guilete s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=784 line=7
guille s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=784 line=12
guillemin1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=784 line=27
guillemin2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=784 line=45
guimauve s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=784 line=48
guime s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=785 line=6
guimple s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=785 line=12
guimpler v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=789 line=6
guimplete s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=789 line=19
guimpliere s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=789 line=24
guinage s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=789 line=27
guinaie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=789 line=30
guinaut s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=789 line=34
guindas s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=789 line=48
guinde1 s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=790 line=34
guinde2 s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=790 line=47
guinder1 v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=791 line=7
guinder2 v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=791 line=18
guinleche s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=791 line=33
guinlechier s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=791 line=37
guinole s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=791 line=45
guinse s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=791 line=47
guion s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=792 line=2
guionage s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=792 line=38
guionement s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=794 line=4
guionŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=794 line=7
guionier s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=794 line=9
guiper v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=794 line=17
guipillon s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=794 line=21
guipon s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=794 line=29
guipure s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=794 line=33
guiremelle s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=794 line=36
guischart a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=794 line=43
guische s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=795 line=4
guischet s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=795 line=24
guischier1 v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=795 line=29
guischier2 v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=795 line=35
guischos a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=795 line=43
guiscos a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=795 line=50
guise s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=796 line=16
guit s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=801 line=32
guitart s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=801 line=38
guite s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=802 line=18
guitel s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=803 line=6
guiterne s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=803 line=13
guiternŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=803 line=46
guiterner v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=804 line=3
guiton s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=804 line=6
guivre1 s.f. (auch m.) (match=exact) vol=4 col=805 line=21
guivre2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=808 line=14
guivrel s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=809 line=8
guivret s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=809 line=13
ha s.f. (match=bad:NA) vol=4 col=809 line=24
ha! interj. (match=bad:NA) vol=4 col=809 line=46
gutuy s.m. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=810 line=10
haa! interj. (match=bad:3) vol=4 col=810 line=29
haa s.f. (match=bad:NA) vol=4 col=810 line=34
hńable a. (match=better) vol=4 col=810 line=36
hńan s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=810 line=39
hable a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=811 line=3
hache s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=811 line=7
hachŰiz s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=814 line=18
hachepit s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=814 line=24
hachete s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=814 line=28
hachiee s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=814 line=45
hachier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=814 line=49
hadoc s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=815 line=12
hńÚ! interj. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=815 line=26
hńement s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=815 line=50
hńenge s.f. und m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=816 line=4
haŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=817 line=6
hagart a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=817 line=15
hageter v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=817 line=26
ha!ha! interj. (match=bad:3) vol=4 col=817 line=35
hahai! interj. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=818 line=1
hńi! interj. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=819 line=2
hai! interj. (match=exact) vol=4 col=819 line=24
haiage s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=819 line=45
haie! interj. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=819 line=51
haie1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=820 line=5
haie2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=822 line=12
haiee s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=822 line=26
haier s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=822 line=30
haiere s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=822 line=35
haiesier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=822 line=42
haiete1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=822 line=44
haiete2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=823 line=11
hńif s.m. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=823 line=20
haigne1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=823 line=27
haigne2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=823 line=33
haignŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=823 line=48
haigniee s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=823 line=51
haignier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=824 line=10
haiier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=824 line=15
hńin s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=824 line=41
hńine s.f. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=824 line=51
haingre a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=826 line=45
hainjos a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=827 line=26
hńinos a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=827 line=35
haion s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=828 line=48
hńir v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=829 line=11
haire s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=834 line=10
hairie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=837 line=37
hairon s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=837 line=42
haironcel s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=839 line=29
haironer v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=839 line=32
haironier a. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=839 line=40
haironiere s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=840 line=13
hais s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=840 line=23
haise s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=840 line=37
haisete s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=841 line=24
haisin s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=841 line=31
haistaut s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=841 line=35
haistre s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=841 line=43
hait s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=842 line=4
haitement s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=844 line=27
haitier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=845 line=1
haitietÚ s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=852 line=40
haitine s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=852 line=44
halage s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=852 line=46
haldrobe s. (match=exact) vol=4 col=853 line=21
hale s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=853 line=31
halebic s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=854 line=38
halebran s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=854 line=41
halebrener v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=854 line=52
halegrance s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=855 line=17
halegrece s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=855 line=30
halegrer v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=855 line=33
halegretÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=855 line=47
halegrie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=856 line=1
halegrir v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=856 line=4
halŰiz s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=856 line=10
halepin s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=856 line=19
haler v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=856 line=25
halete s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=857 line=24
haleter v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=857 line=27
haliegre a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=858 line=5
halier s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=859 line=16
halimot s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=859 line=24
hal÷er v. (match=better) vol=4 col=859 line=34
halop s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=859 line=46
halot s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=860 line=1
haloter1 v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=860 line=24
haloter2 v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=860 line=30
halou! interj., s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=860 line=41
halt s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=860 line=52
ham s.m. (match=bad:NA) vol=4 col=861 line=10
hambaut s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=861 line=20
hamberge s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=861 line=25
hambourc s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=861 line=29
hame s. (match=exact) vol=4 col=861 line=43
hamecel s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=861 line=48
hamede s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=862 line=4
hameder v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=862 line=33
hamee s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=862 line=36
hamel s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=862 line=44
hamelet s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=863 line=21
hamelete1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=863 line=31
hamelete2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=863 line=34
hamequin s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=863 line=38
hamestoc s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=863 line=43
hamestor s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=863 line=48
hamie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=863 line=51
hamodyte s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=864 line=26
hamoignier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=864 line=32
hamoncel s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=864 line=40
hampe s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=864 line=43
hamselin s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=865 line=18
han! interj. (match=exact) vol=4 col=865 line=21
han s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=865 line=35
hanable a. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=865 line=41
hanap s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=865 line=43
hanape s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=869 line=18
hanche s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=869 line=23
hanchete s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=871 line=45
hanchier1 v. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=872 line=4
hanchier2 v. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=872 line=9
hanchos a. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=872 line=17
handeler v. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=872 line=22
hanebane s.f. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=872 line=26
hanekoke s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=872 line=32
hanepee s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=872 line=36
hanepel s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=873 line=10
hanepelee s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=873 line=46
hanepelet s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=873 line=49
haneperie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=873 line=52
hanepier1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=874 line=3
hanepier2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=875 line=32
hanepin s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=875 line=36
hanequin s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=875 line=39
haner v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=875 line=45
hanete s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=875 line=49
haneton s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=875 line=52
hangar s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=876 line=29
hanker v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=876 line=35
hanon s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=876 line=41
hansac s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=877 line=13
hansage s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=877 line=47
hansagier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=878 line=20
hanscote s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=878 line=27
hanse s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=878 line=34
hanser v. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=879 line=36
hanst s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=879 line=52
hanste s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=880 line=4
hanstee s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=883 line=25
hanstier1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=883 line=36
hanstier2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=884 line=4
hant s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=884 line=22
hantable a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=884 line=40
hantage s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=884 line=50
hantance s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=885 line=1
hante1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=885 line=4
hante2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=885 line=19
hantŰiz s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=885 line=23
hantement s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=885 line=26
hanter v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=885 line=34
hantie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=891 line=9
hantin s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=891 line=14
hantine s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=891 line=20
hantise s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=891 line=31
hńon! interj. (match=exact) vol=4 col=891 line=48
hńor s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=891 line=50
hapart s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=892 line=44
hape1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=893 line=8
hape2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=893 line=24
hapee s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=893 line=37
hapel s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=893 line=43
hapement s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=894 line=9
hapŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=894 line=15
haper v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=894 line=25
hap´ete s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=897 line=7
hapir v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=897 line=10
haquenee s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=897 line=23
hara! interj. (match=exact) vol=4 col=897 line=49
harace1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=898 line=1
harace2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=898 line=13
harace3 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=898 line=23
haraciÚ pc. pf. a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=898 line=40
haraciee s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=898 line=45
haracier s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=898 line=49
haras s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=899 line=2
haraz1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=899 line=15
haraz2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=899 line=20
harcele s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=900 line=16
harde s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=900 line=25
hardee s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=900 line=33
hardŰiz s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=900 line=38
hardel s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=900 line=43
hardele s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=902 line=45
hardelee s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=902 line=48
hardelet s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=903 line=1
hardement s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=903 line=4
hardŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=905 line=30
hardi a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=905 line=33
hard´ance s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=908 line=17
hard´ece s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=908 line=24
hard´ement s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=908 line=44
hardiŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=908 line=48
hardier s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=908 line=52
hardiere s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=909 line=11
hard´etÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=909 line=26
hardillier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=909 line=33
hardillon s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=909 line=40
hardine s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=910 line=38
hardir v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=910 line=42
harditÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=910 line=45
hardoi s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=911 line=2
hardoiement s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=911 line=4
hardoiier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=911 line=11
hardoil s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=912 line=35
hardoir s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=912 line=49
hardou´n a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=913 line=12
hare! interj. (match=exact) vol=4 col=913 line=14
harel s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=913 line=33
harele s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=913 line=38
harelos a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=914 line=13
harenc s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=914 line=16
harengaison s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=915 line=9
harengerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=915 line=12
harengier s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=915 line=15
harengiere s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=915 line=30
hareque s.f. (match=bad:3) vol=4 col=915 line=33
harer v. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=915 line=37
hareter v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=916 line=6
harevale s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=916 line=21
hari! interj. (match=exact) vol=4 col=916 line=34
har´anigris s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=917 line=41
har´aplat s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=917 line=48
hariborras s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=918 line=6
harid s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=918 line=23
harigot s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=918 line=25
harigote s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=919 line=12
harigoter v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=919 line=30
hariier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=921 line=1
harincsop s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=921 line=12
harir v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=921 line=16
harivel s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=921 line=20
harke s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=921 line=30
harnescherie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=921 line=41
harneschŰure s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=921 line=45
harneschier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=921 line=52
harnois s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=922 line=33
harnoise s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=928 line=27
haro! interj. (match=exact) vol=4 col=928 line=38
haroce a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=932 line=8
haron s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=932 line=18
harpail s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=932 line=20
harpaille s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=932 line=31
harpe s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=932 line=35
harpele s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=935 line=34
harpement s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=935 line=38
harpŰor1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=935 line=47
harpŰor2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=936 line=30
harper1 v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=936 line=34
harper2 v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=937 line=23
harpŰure s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=937 line=46
harpier s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=938 line=5
harpin s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=938 line=11
harpoiier1 v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=938 line=16
harpoiier2 v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=938 line=20
harpois s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=938 line=24
harpon s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=938 line=33
harrotte s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=938 line=49
hart s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=939 line=8
hartie s.f. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=945 line=20
has s.m. (match=bad:NA) vol=4 col=945 line=24
hasardel s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=945 line=31
hasardŰor s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=945 line=42
hasarder v. (match=better) vol=4 col=946 line=5
hasarderie s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=946 line=16
hasart s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=946 line=23
hascherÚ pc. pf. a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=950 line=5
haschiee s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=950 line=17
haschiere s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=953 line=36
haser v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=954 line=16
hasetŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=954 line=40
haseter v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=954 line=46
haslaison s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=955 line=4
hasle s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=955 line=7
hasler v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=956 line=19
haslos a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=957 line=33
hasoi s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=957 line=40
haspe s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=957 line=44
haspel s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=958 line=6
hasphan s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=958 line=23
hasple s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=958 line=29
haspler v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=958 line=41
hast s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=958 line=45
hastage s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=958 line=47
hastance s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=958 line=50
haste1 s.f. und m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=959 line=2
haste2 s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=962 line=16
haste3 a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=963 line=39
hastece s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=964 line=8
hastecul s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=964 line=13
hastee s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=964 line=20
hastelet s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=964 line=27
hastement s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=965 line=12
haste menu s.m. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=965 line=17
hastŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=965 line=46
haster v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=966 line=1
hasterie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=976 line=2
hastetÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=976 line=10
hastier s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=976 line=13
hastif a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=976 line=41
hastir v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=980 line=51
hastivece s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=981 line=13
hastivel s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=981 line=16
hastivement s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=981 line=31
hastivet a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=981 line=36
hastivetÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=981 line=51
hastivos a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=982 line=36
hastoiier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=982 line=44
haterel s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=982 line=48
hatiplat s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=986 line=48
hatiplel s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=987 line=17
hatrelee s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=987 line=35
hau interj. (match=exact) vol=4 col=987 line=38
hauban s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=987 line=41
haubanage s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=988 line=27
haubanerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=988 line=30
haubanier a., s. (match=exact) vol=4 col=988 line=44
hauberc s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=989 line=6
haubercot s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=994 line=33
haubergerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=994 line=38
haubergier1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=994 line=41
haubergier2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=995 line=7
haubergier3 v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=995 line=11
hauberjon s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=996 line=4
hauberjonier s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=997 line=19
hauberjuel s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=997 line=23
hauboit s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=997 line=36
hauce s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=997 line=45
haucŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=998 line=20
haucepiÚ s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=998 line=24
hauceprime s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=998 line=35
haucete s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=998 line=39
haucier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=998 line=50
haušoiier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1002 line=29
haušor a. comp. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1002 line=38
haud´ete s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=1003 line=24
haudrague s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=1003 line=30
haudre a. (match=better) vol=4 col=1003 line=33
haule s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1003 line=42
haulo! interj. (match=better) vol=4 col=1003 line=46
haure s.f. (match=bad:3) vol=4 col=1003 line=48
haussage s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=1004 line=1
haussiere s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1005 line=38
haut a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1005 line=44
hautage s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1025 line=50
hautain a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1026 line=1
hautaine s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1028 line=20
hautainerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1028 line=26
hautainetÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1028 line=37
hautal a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1028 line=46
hautece s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1029 line=1
hautee s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1032 line=28
hautelet a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1032 line=31
hauterece s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1032 line=37
hautet a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1032 line=40
hautetÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1032 line=47
hauti a. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=1032 line=50
hautif a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1033 line=5
hautin a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1033 line=11
hautisme a. superl. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1033 line=23
hautoire s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1034 line=33
hauton s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1034 line=36
hautor1 a. comp. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1034 line=42
hautor2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1035 line=29
hauture s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1036 line=7
havage s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=1036 line=19
havart s.m. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=1036 line=25
have1 a. (match=better) vol=4 col=1036 line=33
have2 interj. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1037 line=37
havee s.f. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=1037 line=42
havellon s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1037 line=45
havellonier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1038 line=6
havene s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1038 line=20
haver v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1039 line=49
haveron s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1040 line=16
havet s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1040 line=24
havetÚ pc. pf. a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1041 line=5
havŰure s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1041 line=11
havir v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1041 line=22
havon s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1041 line=29
havondosement adv. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1041 line=34
havoniere s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1041 line=40
havot1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1041 line=44
havot2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1042 line=4
havotee s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1042 line=41
havredas s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1042 line=47
hay! interj. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1043 line=8
s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1043 line=11
heaume s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1044 line=18
heaumer v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1049 line=1
heaumerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1049 line=35
heaumet s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1049 line=41
heaumier1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1050 line=1
heaumier2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1050 line=18
heaumiere s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1050 line=28
hebdomadaire a., s. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1050 line=43
hebert s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1050 line=50
hebohet s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1051 line=1
hebrieu s. (match=bad:3) vol=4 col=1051 line=8
hec1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1051 line=11
hec2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1051 line=15
heche1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1051 line=19
heche2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1051 line=23
hechier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1051 line=29
hee1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1051 line=40
hee2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1051 line=43
heel s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1052 line=18
hef s.m. (match=bad:NA) vol=4 col=1052 line=24
hel s.m. (match=bad:NA) vol=4 col=1053 line=3
heldiier v. (match=better) vol=4 col=1053 line=17
hele s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=1053 line=20
helebore s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=1053 line=35
heler v. (match=better) vol=4 col=1053 line=43
heliotrope s.m. oder f. (match=better) vol=4 col=1054 line=1
helir v. (match=better) vol=4 col=1054 line=3
heloire s.f. (match=bad:3) vol=4 col=1054 line=16
hemine s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=1054 line=20
hengaison s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=1054 line=29
henguier v. (match=better) vol=4 col=1054 line=34
hen´ement s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1055 line=5
heniier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1055 line=13
henir v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1055 line=16
henissement s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1056 line=9
heniter v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1056 line=14
hen÷art s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1056 line=20
herage s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1056 line=33
herban s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1056 line=42
herbaut a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1056 line=47
herberc s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1057 line=2
herberge s.f. und m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1057 line=29
herbergement s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1059 line=29
herbergŰor s.m. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=1060 line=32
herbergerie s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=1061 line=16
herbergiee s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1063 line=20
herbergier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1063 line=31
herbergison s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1069 line=46
herberjable a. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=1070 line=16
herberjage s.m. (match=bad:3) vol=4 col=1070 line=21
herberjaile s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1072 line=12
herbot s.m., a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1072 line=16
herce s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1072 line=42
hercŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1073 line=25
hercŰure s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1073 line=35
hercier1 v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1073 line=38
hercier2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1075 line=18
hercir v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1075 line=24
heršoiier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1075 line=30
herde s.f. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=1075 line=39
herdier1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1077 line=5
herdier2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1077 line=10
herdu a. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1077 line=20
here s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1077 line=26
herebot interj. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1079 line=4
hergne s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1079 line=17
hergnos a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1079 line=27
hericier v. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=1079 line=43
herišon s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1083 line=5
herišonos a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1086 line=29
herišos a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1086 line=33
herine s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1086 line=43
herlage s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1087 line=11
herle1 s.f. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=1087 line=18
herle2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1087 line=24
herlequiner v. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=1087 line=35
herler v. (match=better) vol=4 col=1087 line=44
herliier v. (match=better) vol=4 col=1088 line=2
herlir v. (match=better) vol=4 col=1088 line=5
herlot s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=1088 line=9
herlŘin s.m. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=1088 line=17
herminois a. (match=better) vol=4 col=1088 line=33
hermodactile s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1088 line=38
hermofrodite s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=1088 line=41
hernu s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=1088 line=45
herodius s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1089 line=17
heru1 a. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1089 line=29
heru2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1089 line=36
hes1 s.m. und f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1089 line=45
hes2 s.m. und f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1089 line=46
hestaudel s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1089 line=50
hestol s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1090 line=7
heu! interj. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1090 line=12
heuce s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1090 line=43
heucerez a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1090 line=51
heude s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1091 line=7
heuder v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1091 line=17
heudŰure s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1091 line=27
heudir v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1092 line=24
heudrir v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1092 line=32
heurespois s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1092 line=38
heus s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1092 line=51
heut s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1093 line=8
heute s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1095 line=37
hez interj. (match=bad:NA) vol=4 col=1095 line=50
hibondee s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1096 line=37
hibondiere s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1096 line=46
hicier v. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=1096 line=51
hide s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1097 line=20
hie1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1097 line=29
hie2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1099 line=15
h´ee s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1099 line=28
h´emal a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1099 line=42
h´ene s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1099 line=46
h´er v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1100 line=44
hiestal s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1101 line=16
hignehan s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1101 line=19
hiier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1101 line=25
hiller v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1101 line=36
hindart s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1101 line=46
hiraucel s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1101 line=51
hiraude s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1102 line=9
hirauder v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1102 line=12
hiraudie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1102 line=32
hiraudois s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1103 line=34
hiraut s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1103 line=47
hirebel s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1106 line=44
hirel s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1107 line=6
hisde s.m. und f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1107 line=24
hisder v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1109 line=16
hisdor s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1109 line=19
hisdos a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1110 line=40
hisdosable a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1112 line=47
hisdu a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1112 line=50
ho! interj. (match=bad:NA) vol=4 col=1113 line=13
hobÚ s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1114 line=38
hobel s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1115 line=26
hobelŰiz s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1115 line=42
hobelŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1116 line=4
hobeler v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1116 line=20
hobeloire s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1117 line=13
hobent s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1117 line=15
hober v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1118 line=6
hoberel s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1118 line=19
hobet s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1118 line=32
hobier s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1118 line=40
hobiier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1118 line=51
hoblon s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1119 line=9
hoc s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1119 line=16
hochement s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1119 line=21
hochŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1119 line=30
hochepot s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1119 line=34
hochet1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1119 line=45
hochet2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1119 line=50
hochete s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1119 line=51
hocheter v. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1120 line=5
hochier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1120 line=20
hochos a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1124 line=29
hoder v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1124 line=34
hodierne a. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=1124 line=41
h÷e1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1124 line=43
h÷e2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1124 line=49
h÷el s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1125 line=45
hoŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1126 line=30
h÷er v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1126 line=33
h÷ete s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1127 line=50
h÷eter v. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=1128 line=1
hogastre s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1128 line=4
hoge s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1128 line=17
hogne s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1128 line=41
hognŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1129 line=1
hognier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1129 line=4
hoguinenlo s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1129 line=33
hoie! interj. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1129 line=44
hoillier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1130 line=3
hoise s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1130 line=18
hole1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1130 line=30
hole2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1130 line=32
holŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1130 line=43
holer v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1130 line=48
holerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1131 line=11
holet s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1131 line=34
holete1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1131 line=39
holete2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1131 line=45
holgordine s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1132 line=50
hombre s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1133 line=12
homlon s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1133 line=18
homogenÚ a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1133 line=22
hon s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1133 line=26
honement s.m. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=1133 line=35
hongre a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1133 line=43
honiment s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1133 line=48
honine s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1134 line=15
honiner v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1134 line=37
honir v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1134 line=40
honison s.f. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=1142 line=12
honissement s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=1142 line=45
hontable a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1143 line=8
hontage s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1143 line=11
hontagier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1146 line=5
hontance s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1146 line=8
honte s.f. und m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1146 line=14
honter v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1155 line=4
hontir v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1155 line=42
hontoiier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1155 line=49
hontos a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1157 line=30
hope s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1160 line=37
hopel s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1161 line=4
hopelande s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1161 line=15
hopelet s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=1162 line=6
hoper v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1162 line=12
hopete s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1162 line=16
hopier s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1162 line=20
hopu a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1162 line=24
hoquelŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1162 line=27
hoqueler1 v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1162 line=41
hoqueler2 v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1162 line=45
hoquelerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1162 line=51
hoquemele s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=1163 line=10
hoquerel s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=1163 line=24
hoquet1 s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=1163 line=41
hoquet2 s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=1164 line=21
hoquetŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1165 line=20
hoqueter v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1165 line=27
hoqueterie1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1165 line=49
hoqueterie2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1166 line=9
hordŰiz s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1166 line=22
hordeler v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1168 line=20
hordelir v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1168 line=24
hordement s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1168 line=34
horder v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1168 line=38
hordŰure s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1171 line=40
hordir v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1171 line=47
hordoiier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1172 line=14
hordoillier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1172 line=22
horel s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1172 line=27
horier s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1172 line=32
horiere s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1175 line=14
hor´on s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1175 line=27
horlon s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1176 line=6
horneschif a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1176 line=12
hors adv., praep. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1176 line=20
horson s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1180 line=46
hort1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1180 line=48
hort2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1181 line=40
hosanne s.m. oder f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1182 line=18
hosebaunde s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1182 line=22
hosel s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1182 line=34
hosele s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1185 line=1
hoser v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1185 line=10
hoserie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1185 line=46
hosete s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1185 line=50
hossaine s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1186 line=3
hot1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1186 line=12
hot2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1186 line=23
hote s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1186 line=33
hotee s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1187 line=22
hotel s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1187 line=25
hotŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1187 line=29
hoterel s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1187 line=33
hoterin s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1187 line=37
hotier s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1187 line=40
hoton s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1187 line=45
hou! interj. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1187 line=48
houce s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1188 line=21
houcement s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1191 line=28
houcete s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1191 line=32
houcŰure s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1191 line=42
houchet s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1191 line=50
houcier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1192 line=3
houestre s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1192 line=30
houlequinier s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1192 line=36
houpil s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1192 line=43
hourÚ! interj. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1192 line=46
hous s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1193 line=3
housse s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1193 line=26
houssebarre s.m. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=1193 line=31
houssepignier v. (match=better) vol=4 col=1193 line=44
housser v. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=1194 line=39
housset s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1195 line=7
houssiere s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1195 line=10
houssoi s.m. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=1195 line=13
houssoie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1195 line=16
houssu a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1195 line=21
hoveman s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1195 line=28
hu! interj., s. (match=bad:NA) vol=4 col=1195 line=33
hŘa s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1198 line=46
hŘance s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=1200 line=4
hŘanel s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1200 line=11
hŘant1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1200 line=24
hŘant2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1200 line=44
hŘart s.m. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=1202 line=28
huchage s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1202 line=37
huche1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1202 line=40
huche2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1202 line=46
huchel s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1205 line=31
huchelet s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1205 line=37
huchelete s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1205 line=39
huchement s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1205 line=42
huchŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1205 line=46
hucherant s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1206 line=9
hucherie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1206 line=12
huchet s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1206 line=16
huchete s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1206 line=21
huchetier s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1206 line=24
huchiee s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1206 line=27
huchier1 v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1207 line=11
huchier2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1211 line=34
huchier3 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1211 line=37
huchor s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1211 line=51
hŘe s.f. (oder m.) (match=bad:NA) vol=4 col=1212 line=4
hŘee s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1212 line=17
huŰiz s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1213 line=39
hŘement s.m. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=1214 line=1
huŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1214 line=8
hŘer v. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=1214 line=20
hŘerant s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1217 line=40
hŘerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1217 line=48
hues s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1218 line=15
huese s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1218 line=18
huet s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1220 line=15
hŘet! interj. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1220 line=28
hŘet s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1220 line=38
hŘetel s.m. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=1220 line=45
hŘeter v. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=1220 line=47
huhud s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1221 line=2
hui interj., s. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1221 line=8
huie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1222 line=5
huiee s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1222 line=14
huiŰiz s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1222 line=26
huier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1222 line=36
hŘir v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1224 line=32
huiriere s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1224 line=41
huis! interj. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1224 line=49
hŘison s.f. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=1225 line=7
huitart s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1225 line=33
huitefale s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1225 line=42
hulhe s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1226 line=1
hulle s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1226 line=6
hulque s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1226 line=16
humŰor s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1226 line=29
humer v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1226 line=35
humier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1228 line=41
humre s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1228 line=50
hune s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1229 line=20
hupe s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1229 line=39
hupÚ pc. pf. a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1230 line=52
hupel s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1231 line=9
hupelot s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1231 line=12
huper v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1231 line=15
huperant s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1231 line=27
hure s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1231 line=34
huree s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1234 line=5
hure, hure! interj. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=1234 line=8
hurel s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1234 line=19
hurepage a. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1234 line=31
hurepel s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1234 line=37
hurepelÚ a. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1235 line=6
hureper v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1235 line=10
hurer v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1236 line=22
huricle s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1236 line=45
hurt s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1236 line=50
hurtance s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1237 line=18
hurte s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1237 line=21
hurte, belin! interj. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=1237 line=29
hurtebillier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1238 line=4
Hurtebise s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1238 line=19
hurtee s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1238 line=23
hurtŰiz s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1238 line=33
hurteler v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1238 line=50
hurtement s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1239 line=7
hurtŰoir s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1239 line=12
hurtŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1239 line=21
hurter v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1239 line=24
hurtŰure s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1249 line=25
husbonderie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1249 line=36
hustin s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1249 line=46
hustine s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1253 line=23
hustinement s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1253 line=26
hustinŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1253 line=31
hustiner v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1253 line=35
hustison s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1254 line=15
hute s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1254 line=18
hutelete s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1254 line=22
hututu s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1254 line=26
huve s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1254 line=32
huvel s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1255 line=30
huvele s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1255 line=33
huvelet s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1255 line=37
huvelot s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1255 line=40
huver v. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1255 line=44
huvet s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1256 line=23
huvete s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1257 line=22
huvetier s.m. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=1258 line=12
huvrelant s.m. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=1258 line=15
hyperbole s.f. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=1258 line=19
hypotheque a., s.f. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=1258 line=22
hypothequer v. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=1258 line=23
i1 s.m. (match=bad:NA) vol=4 col=1258 line=26
i2 adv. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1258 line=31
´a! interj. (match=bad:NA) vol=4 col=1263 line=52
´an onomat. (match=bad:NA) vol=4 col=1264 line=11
iautele s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1264 line=18
iavin a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1264 line=31
ibes s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1264 line=39
iša adv. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1265 line=5
ice1 pron. demonstr. neutr. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1265 line=11
ice2 pron. demonstr. m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1266 line=15
icel pron. demonstr. und determ. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1266 line=25
icest pron. demonstr. und determ. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1269 line=39
ici adv. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1271 line=47
icoine s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1274 line=16
iconomique s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1274 line=26
idee s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1274 line=44
identitÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1275 line=1
ides s.f. pl. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1275 line=12
idifiz s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1275 line=31
id´ote a., s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1275 line=40
idle s.m. und f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1276 line=26
idoine a. (match=better) vol=4 col=1278 line=49
idolatre a., s. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1279 line=27
idolatrer v. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1279 line=38
idolatrie s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1279 line=50
idolatriier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1280 line=16
idolerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1280 line=24
idonc adv. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1280 line=32
idre1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1282 line=17
idre2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1282 line=39
idrope a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1282 line=50
idropie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1283 line=16
idropiien a., s. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1283 line=30
idropique a., s. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1283 line=32
idropisie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1284 line=35
ieble s.m. oder f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1285 line=12
ieke s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1285 line=46
ier adv. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1285 line=50
iergne s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1288 line=47
ierre s.m. und f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1288 line=52
ies praep. (match=bad:NA) vol=4 col=1290 line=33
ieus s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1290 line=39
if s.m. (match=bad:NA) vol=4 col=1291 line=2
igal a., s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1291 line=23
igalable a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1296 line=27
igalance s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1296 line=29
igalŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1296 line=39
igaler v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1296 line=44
igaletÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1297 line=18
igalir v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1298 line=3
igance s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1298 line=10
ignic´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1298 line=34
ignorance s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1298 line=42
ignorant a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1299 line=41
ignorer v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1300 line=21
ignot a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1300 line=34
ignotic´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1300 line=44
il pron. pers. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1300 line=48
ilÓ adv. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1331 line=48
ilaire a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1332 line=14
ilaritÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1332 line=18
ilect´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1332 line=23
ilier s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1332 line=25
illegal a. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=1333 line=13
illegalitÚ s.f. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=1333 line=16
illiberal a. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=1333 line=19
illiberalitÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1333 line=23
illicite a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1333 line=26
ill÷able a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1333 line=35
illuminer v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1333 line=44
illus´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1334 line=7
illusoire a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1334 line=23
illustrac´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1334 line=31
illustrator s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1334 line=37
illustrer v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1334 line=44
ilors adv. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1334 line=50
image s.f. und m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1339 line=49
imagele s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1342 line=22
imagŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1342 line=30
imagerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1342 line=33
imaget s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1342 line=38
imagete s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1342 line=41
imagier1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1343 line=16
imagier2 v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1343 line=24
imaginac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1343 line=36
imaginal a. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1344 line=19
imaginatif a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1344 line=27
imaginative s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1344 line=39
imaginement s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1345 line=3
imaginŰor s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1345 line=5
imaginer v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1345 line=8
imaginete s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1345 line=49
imaginŰure s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=1346 line=3
imaginier s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=1346 line=14
imaginos a. (match=better) vol=4 col=1346 line=17
imal s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=1346 line=22
imbecilitÚ s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=1346 line=26
ime s.f. (match=bad:NA) vol=4 col=1346 line=29
imitac´on s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=1346 line=36
immanifeste a. (match=better) vol=4 col=1346 line=39
immediat a. (match=better) vol=4 col=1346 line=43
immediatif a. (match=better) vol=4 col=1346 line=48
immemoire a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1347 line=9
immense a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1347 line=13
immensurable a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1347 line=19
immis´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1347 line=24
immobile a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1347 line=27
immobilitÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1347 line=32
immoble a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1347 line=40
immolac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1348 line=3
immonde a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1348 line=10
immondice s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1348 line=16
immortalitÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1348 line=26
immortel a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1348 line=43
immovable a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1349 line=5
immŘable a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1349 line=13
immŘer v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1349 line=16
immunitÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1349 line=26
immuter v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1349 line=32
impac´ence s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1349 line=36
impac´ent a. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=1350 line=3
impardonable a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1350 line=13
impartir v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1350 line=17
impartissement s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1350 line=31
impartissŰure s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1350 line=34
impassible a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1350 line=37
impassibilitÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1350 line=42
impedic´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1350 line=45
impediment s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1351 line=1
impenitence s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1351 line=7
impenser v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1351 line=15
imperable a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1351 line=18
imperac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1351 line=22
imperatif s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1351 line=28
impere s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1351 line=37
imperfecc´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1351 line=40
imper´al a. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=1352 line=4
imperitÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1352 line=21
impermŘable a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1352 line=26
impersonal a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1352 line=30
impetic´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1352 line=41
impetrac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1352 line=45
impetrement s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1353 line=3
impetrer v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1353 line=6
impetŘos a. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=1353 line=19
impetŘositÚ s.f. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=1353 line=41
imp´etÚ s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=1353 line=52
implicac´on s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=1354 line=8
impliquer v. (match=better) vol=4 col=1354 line=14
implir v. (match=better) vol=4 col=1354 line=24
implorac´on s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=1354 line=25
implorer v. (match=better) vol=4 col=1354 line=28
importable a. (match=better) vol=4 col=1354 line=36
importer1 v. (match=better) vol=4 col=1354 line=40
importer2 v. (match=better) vol=4 col=1354 line=42
importun a. (match=better) vol=4 col=1354 line=44
importunitÚ s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=1354 line=49
imporvŰu1 pc. pf. a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1355 line=17
imporvŰu2 pc. pf. a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1355 line=29
imposŰor s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1355 line=36
imposer v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1355 line=40
imposic´on s.f. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=1356 line=13
impositor s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1356 line=23
impossible a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1356 line=37
impotence s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1356 line=51
impotent a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1357 line=13
imprenable a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1357 line=35
impress´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1357 line=41
imprimac´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1358 line=18
imprimer v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1358 line=22
impropere s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1358 line=24
impropice a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1358 line=32
impudique a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1358 line=36
impugnable a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1358 line=44
impugnac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1358 line=47
impugnŰor s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=1359 line=3
impugner v. (match=better) vol=4 col=1359 line=8
impuissance s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=1359 line=13
impuls´on s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=1359 line=16
impuni a. (match=better) vol=4 col=1359 line=21
impunitÚ s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=1359 line=28
imputer v. (match=better) vol=4 col=1359 line=31
inabile a. (match=better) vol=4 col=1359 line=47
inabiliter v. (match=better) vol=4 col=1360 line=1
inabitable a. (match=better) vol=4 col=1360 line=5
inadvertamment adv. (match=better) vol=4 col=1360 line=9
inadvertance s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=1360 line=12
inagrŰable a. (match=better) vol=4 col=1360 line=20
inaire s.f. (oder m.) (match=better) vol=4 col=1360 line=27
inanic´on s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=1360 line=41
inaugurac´on s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=1360 line=46
inaugurer v. (match=better) vol=4 col=1360 line=50
incambrÚ pc. pf. a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1361 line=3
incantac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1361 line=7
incarcerac´on s.f. (match=bad:3) vol=4 col=1361 line=20
incarcerer v. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1361 line=28
incarnac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1361 line=32
incarnalitÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1362 line=24
incarnÚ pc. pf. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1362 line=32
incendaire s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1362 line=36
incend´are s.m. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=1362 line=40
incertain a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1362 line=43
incessamment adv. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1362 line=46
inceste1 a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1362 line=52
inceste2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1363 line=10
incestŘos a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1363 line=17
inchastetÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1363 line=20
incidence s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1363 line=27
incidemment adv. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1363 line=31
incident s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1363 line=35
incirconscrit a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1363 line=47
incirconscritible a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1364 line=4
incircuitac´on a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1364 line=7
incis pc. pf. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1364 line=15
inciser v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1364 line=20
incisif a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1364 line=26
incis´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1364 line=35
incitac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1364 line=50
inciter v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1365 line=1
inclinac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1365 line=3
incliner v. (match=better) vol=4 col=1365 line=15
inclinetÚ s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=1365 line=17
inclit a. (match=better) vol=4 col=1365 line=20
inclus pc. pf. a. (match=better) vol=4 col=1365 line=23
inclus´on s.f. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=1365 line=27
inc÷atif a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1365 line=35
inc÷er v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1365 line=49
incolumitÚ s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=1366 line=1
incombustible a. (match=better) vol=4 col=1366 line=5
incommensurabletÚ s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=1366 line=8
incommoditÚ s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=1366 line=11
incompassible a. (match=better) vol=4 col=1366 line=15
incomprehensible a. (match=better) vol=4 col=1366 line=26
inconcessible a. (match=better) vol=4 col=1366 line=36
incongru a. (match=better) vol=4 col=1366 line=43
inconoissance s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=1366 line=50
inconoistre v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1367 line=7
inconstance s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1367 line=15
inconstant a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1367 line=26
incontinence s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1367 line=32
incontinent a., adv. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1367 line=44
inconven´ence s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1368 line=22
inconven´ent a. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=1368 line=29
incorporel a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1368 line=49
incorporer v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1369 line=5
incorrigible a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1369 line=7
incorrupc´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1369 line=13
incostumable a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1369 line=32
incoupable a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1369 line=37
incredible a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1369 line=40
incredule a. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1370 line=4
incredulitÚ s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1370 line=8
increpac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1370 line=13
incube s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1370 line=16
incultivÚ pc. pf. a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1370 line=26
incurable a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1370 line=30
incurs´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1370 line=39
incurvac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1370 line=44
incuter v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1370 line=48
inde a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1370 line=52
indet a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1373 line=19
indeterminÚ pc. pf. a. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1373 line=29
indŰu pc. pf. a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1373 line=33
indicatit a., s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1373 line=52
indic´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1374 line=10
indiferent a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1374 line=20
indigence s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1374 line=37
indigent a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1374 line=45
indigeste a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1374 line=50
indigestif a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1375 line=5
indigest´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1375 line=13
indignac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1375 line=21
indigne a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1376 line=4
indigner v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1376 line=17
indisciplinÚ pc. pf. a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1376 line=39
indiscrec´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1376 line=44
individu a., s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1376 line=50
indivis a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1377 line=6
indivisable a. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=1377 line=11
indiviser v. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=1377 line=17
indivisible a. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=1377 line=20
indocible a. (match=better) vol=4 col=1377 line=27
indoiier v. (match=better) vol=4 col=1377 line=32
indois a. (match=better) vol=4 col=1377 line=39
indolence s.f. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=1377 line=45
indotos a. (match=better) vol=4 col=1377 line=52
induces1 s.f. pl. (match=better) vol=4 col=1378 line=5
induces2 s.f. pl. (match=better) vol=4 col=1378 line=25
induc´on s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=1378 line=33
inductif a. (match=better) vol=4 col=1378 line=45
induire v. (match=better) vol=4 col=1378 line=49
induisement s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1379 line=15
indulgence s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1379 line=19
indurac´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1379 line=39
industrie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1379 line=52
ine s.f und m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1380 line=24
inebriatif a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1380 line=51
ineffable a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1381 line=3
inegal a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1381 line=8
inegautÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1381 line=11
inepte a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1381 line=15
inestimable a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1381 line=20
inŰuros a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1381 line=26
inevitable a. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1381 line=30
infamac´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1381 line=34
infame a., s. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1381 line=38
infamer v. (match=better) vol=4 col=1382 line=12
infamie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1382 line=17
infŰable a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1382 line=21
infecc´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1382 line=28
infeconditÚ s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1382 line=42
infect a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1382 line=48
infectŘos a. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1383 line=5
infelicement adv. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=1383 line=9
infŰodac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1383 line=13
infer s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1383 line=17
infermaire a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1383 line=19
infernac´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1383 line=23
infernal a., s. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1383 line=26
infernalitÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1383 line=29
infestac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1383 line=32
infester v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1383 line=36
infic´ac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1383 line=41
inficile a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1383 line=45
infict´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1384 line=1
infidele a., s. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1384 line=4
infidelitÚ s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1384 line=14
infinable a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1384 line=26
infinic´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1384 line=30
infinit a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1384 line=34
infinitÚ1 pc. pf. a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1384 line=46
infinitÚ2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1384 line=49
infinitif a., s. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1385 line=12
infirmer v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1385 line=27
infixer v. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1385 line=31
inflac´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1385 line=33
inflectibilitÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1385 line=43
inflexible a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1385 line=50
inflŘence s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1386 line=4
inflŘer v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1386 line=37
inforcier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1386 line=49
informac´on s.f. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=1387 line=1
informator s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1387 line=23
informer v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1387 line=29
infortune s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1387 line=37
infortuner v. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1387 line=49
infortunitÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1388 line=3
infortunos a. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1388 line=10
infracc´on s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=1388 line=14
infrainture s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1388 line=18
infrigidac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1388 line=20
infus a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1388 line=23
infuser v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1388 line=27
infus´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1388 line=36
ingautÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1389 line=2
ingemissement s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1389 line=5
ingenerable a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1389 line=14
ingenier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1389 line=18
ingen´os a. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=1389 line=23
ingenŘe a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1389 line=32
ingenŘitÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1389 line=36
ingerer1 v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1389 line=39
ingerer2 v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1389 line=41
inglor´ac´on s.f. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=1389 line=51
ingolai s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=1390 line=4
ingrade a. (match=better) vol=4 col=1390 line=12
ingratitude s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=1390 line=25
ingremance s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=1390 line=42
ingremancŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1391 line=42
ingremancie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1391 line=46
ingremanciien s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1392 line=1
ingremant s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1392 line=9
ingrematif a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1392 line=20
ingressor s.m. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=1392 line=26
inhumanitÚ s.f. (match=bad:3) vol=4 col=1392 line=29
inibic´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1392 line=32
inibir v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1392 line=40
inibitoire a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1392 line=44
inic´al a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1392 line=47
inic´ement s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1392 line=50
iniciier v. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=1393 line=1
inic´on s.f. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=1393 line=5
inier s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=1393 line=23
inique a. (match=better) vol=4 col=1393 line=27
iniquitÚ s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=1393 line=49
inirascible a. (match=better) vol=4 col=1394 line=49
injonct´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1395 line=1
injure s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1395 line=8
injurement s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1395 line=45
injurer v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1395 line=48
injur´ac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1396 line=4
injur´ateur s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1396 line=8
injuriier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1396 line=12
injur´os a. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1396 line=26
injur´oser v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1396 line=40
injuste a., s. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1396 line=44
injustetÚ s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=1397 line=3
injustice s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=1397 line=6
injustificac´on s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=1397 line=11
innaturel a. (match=bad:3) vol=4 col=1397 line=22
innombrable a. (match=better) vol=4 col=1397 line=37
innommÚ a. (match=better) vol=4 col=1397 line=48
innovac´on s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=1398 line=1
innover v. (match=better) vol=4 col=1398 line=5
innumerabile a. (match=better) vol=4 col=1398 line=10
innumerable a. (match=better) vol=4 col=1398 line=20
inobed´ence s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=1398 line=26
inobed´ent a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1399 line=10
inobŰissant a. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=1399 line=43
inocence s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1399 line=46
inocent a., s. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1400 line=12
inocentetÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1401 line=25
inonct´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1401 line=34
inondac´on s.f. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=1401 line=36
inonder v. (match=better) vol=4 col=1401 line=47
inonorac´on s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=1401 line=49
inopinable a. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=1402 line=1
inouel a. (match=better) vol=4 col=1402 line=6
inquester v. (match=better) vol=4 col=1402 line=15
inqu´etac´on s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=1402 line=17
inqui(e)tŰor s.m. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=1402 line=20
inqu´eter v. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=1402 line=23
inquinac´on s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=1402 line=33
inquisic´on s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=1402 line=39
insachable a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1403 line=8
insac´able a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1403 line=16
insac´etÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1403 line=24
insan´ac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1403 line=32
insc´ence s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1403 line=37
insc´ent a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1403 line=44
insc´entosement adv. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1404 line=4
inscrire v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1404 line=6
insensible a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1404 line=11
insensibletÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1404 line=28
insensif a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1404 line=37
inseparable a. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=1404 line=40
inserer v. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1404 line=42
insid´ateur s.m. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=1404 line=48
insignier v. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=1404 line=50
insinŘac´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1405 line=1
insinŘer v. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=1405 line=7
insip´ent a. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=1405 line=16
insister v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1405 line=19
insofrable a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1405 line=24
insolemment adv. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1405 line=27
inspecc´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1405 line=34
inspirac´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1405 line=40
inspirement s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=1406 line=16
inspirer v. (match=better) vol=4 col=1406 line=23
instabilitÚ s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=1406 line=25
instable a. (match=better) vol=4 col=1406 line=30
installer v. (match=better) vol=4 col=1406 line=35
instance s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=1406 line=39
instancier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1407 line=23
instant a., s. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1407 line=26
instaurer v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1407 line=39
instiguer v. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=1407 line=43
instinc´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1407 line=47
instituc´on s.f. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=1408 line=4
instituŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1408 line=24
institŘer v. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1408 line=31
institute s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1409 line=5
instrucc´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1409 line=14
instruire v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1409 line=18
instrument s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1409 line=25
insuffisamment adv. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1409 line=31
insuffisance s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1409 line=34
insult s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1409 line=40
insulter v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1409 line=44
insurrecc´on s.f. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=1409 line=49
integre a. (match=better) vol=4 col=1410 line=1
integritÚ s.f. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=1410 line=2
integument s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1410 line=8
intellecc´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1410 line=28
intellect s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1410 line=32
intellectibilitÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1410 line=42
intellectif a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1410 line=44
intellectŘalitÚ s.f. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=1411 line=6
intellectŘel a. (match=better) vol=4 col=1411 line=10
intelligence s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=1411 line=33
intelligible a. (match=better) vol=4 col=1411 line=44
intemperance s.f. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=1411 line=50
intenc´on s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=1412 line=1
intendit s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=1412 line=3
intendre v. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=1412 line=10
intense a. (match=better) vol=4 col=1412 line=12
intenter v. (match=better) vol=4 col=1412 line=17
interain a. (match=better) vol=4 col=1412 line=19
intercalaire a. (match=better) vol=4 col=1412 line=22
intercess´on s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=1412 line=26
intercess´oner v. (match=better) vol=4 col=1412 line=36
intercessor s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=1412 line=39
intercisÚ pc. pf. a. (match=better) vol=4 col=1412 line=46
interdire v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1413 line=1
interempt´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1413 line=14
interesser v. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1413 line=25
interest s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1413 line=33
interfecc´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1413 line=46
interimer v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1413 line=51
interiner v. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=1414 line=3
interinetÚ s.f. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=1414 line=4
interjecc´on s.f. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=1414 line=6
interjeter v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1414 line=25
interlocutoire a., s. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1414 line=32
interminable a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1414 line=50
interpeller v. (match=better) vol=4 col=1415 line=1
interpolÚ pc. pf. a. (match=better) vol=4 col=1415 line=4
interposer v. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=1415 line=7
interposic´on s.f. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=1415 line=16
interpretac´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1415 line=34
interpretaison s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1416 line=11
interprete s.m. und f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1416 line=18
interpreter v. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1416 line=28
interpretor s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1416 line=50
interregne s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1417 line=12
interrogac´on s.f. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=1417 line=15
interrogatoire a., s.m. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=1417 line=26
interroguer v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1417 line=28
interroi s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1417 line=45
interrupc´on s.f. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=1417 line=48
interrupt a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1418 line=1
intersequer v. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=1418 line=11
intervalle s.m. und f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1418 line=15
intervar´ement s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1418 line=41
intervenir v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1418 line=48
intestat a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1419 line=1
intestin a., s. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1419 line=13
intimac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1419 line=17
intime a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1419 line=21
intimer v. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=1419 line=25
intitulŰure s.f. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=1419 line=36
intolerable a. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1419 line=40
intransmŘable a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1420 line=5
intrinseque a. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1420 line=8
introduc´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1420 line=20
introductoire a., s. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1420 line=26
introduire v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1420 line=32
introduisement s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1420 line=34
introduisible a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1420 line=36
introduitor s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1420 line=41
intr÷ite s.f. und m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1420 line=43
intrure v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1421 line=9
intrus a., s. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1421 line=17
intrus´on s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1421 line=24
inutile a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1421 line=27
invńisseur s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1421 line=33
invar´able a. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1421 line=36
invasible a. (match=better) vol=4 col=1421 line=38
invas´on s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=1421 line=41
invenc´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1422 line=3
inventaire s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1422 line=15
inventoire s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1422 line=20
inventoriier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1422 line=39
invergondos a. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=1422 line=44
invertible a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1422 line=47
investic´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1422 line=49
investigac´on s.f. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=1423 line=1
investigier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1423 line=4
investigueur s.m. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=1423 line=10
invincible a. (match=better) vol=4 col=1423 line=13
inv´olable a. (match=better) vol=4 col=1423 line=18
invisible a. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=1423 line=25
invitatoire a., s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=1423 line=46
invocable a. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=1424 line=1
invocac´on s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=1424 line=7
involontaire a. (match=better) vol=4 col=1424 line=29
involuc´on s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=1424 line=32
involver v. (match=better) vol=4 col=1425 line=1
invoquer v. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=1425 line=6
iota s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=1425 line=10
ipocras s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=1425 line=18
ipocrisie s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=1426 line=25
ipocrisier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1428 line=15
ipocrite s., a. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1428 line=22
ipocriter v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1429 line=23
ipodrome s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1429 line=31
ipotame s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1429 line=34
iquel pron. demonstr. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1430 line=25
iquest pron. demonstr. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1430 line=36
iqui adv. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1430 line=44
iraconde1 a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1432 line=23
iraconde s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1432 line=35
iracondos a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1432 line=46
irage1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1433 line=1
irage2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1433 line=12
iraigne s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1433 line=19
iraigniee s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1435 line=38
iraignier s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1436 line=7
irais a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1436 line=24
iraissance s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1437 line=37
iraistre v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1437 line=40
iral a. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1440 line=5
irance s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1440 line=11
irancier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1440 line=23
irascible a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1440 line=30
ire s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1440 line=43
iree s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1445 line=3
irele s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1445 line=7
irement s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1445 line=12
iremogne s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1445 line=15
ireste s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1445 line=20
iretable a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1445 line=23
iretabletÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1445 line=46
iretage s.m. (auch f. ?) (match=exact) vol=4 col=1445 line=48
iretagier2 s.m. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=1448 line=19
iretaire a., s. (match=better) vol=4 col=1448 line=20
iretal a., s. (match=better) vol=4 col=1448 line=23
iretance s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=1448 line=43
iretÚ s.m. und f. (match=better) vol=4 col=1448 line=46
iretement s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1450 line=36
ireter v. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=1450 line=48
iretier1 s.m., a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1452 line=46
iretier2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1453 line=18
irier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1453 line=40
iris s.m. und f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1458 line=11
irois1 s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=1458 line=25
irois2 a., s. (match=better) vol=4 col=1458 line=32
ironie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1459 line=4
iror s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1459 line=9
iros a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1460 line=46
irraisonable a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1461 line=51
irrecovrable a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1462 line=5
irrecuperable a. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=1462 line=8
irregularitÚ s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1462 line=19
irreguler a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1462 line=22
irremissible a. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1462 line=41
irremunerÚ a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1462 line=44
irreparable a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1462 line=46
irretir v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1462 line=48
irreverence s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1463 line=17
irreverer v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1463 line=22
irrevocable a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1463 line=33
irris´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1463 line=36
irritac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1463 line=44
irriter1 v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1463 line=47
irriter2 v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1463 line=51
isembrun s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1464 line=7
Isengrin1 nom. propr. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1464 line=42
isle s.f. und m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1465 line=19
islel s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1467 line=36
isleman s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1468 line=13
islet s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1468 line=19
islete s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1468 line=34
islois s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1468 line=42
isnel a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1468 line=45
isnelece s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1473 line=50
isneletÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1474 line=32
isope s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1475 line=13
isopÚ s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1476 line=7
isopier s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1476 line=35
isselit pc. pf. a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1476 line=39
issement s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1476 line=47
issi adv. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1477 line=14
issie s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1479 line=14
issiere s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1479 line=22
issifait pc. pf. a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1479 line=24
issifaitierement adv. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1479 line=39
issir v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1480 line=20
issoir s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1487 line=34
issoluble a., s. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1487 line=36
issor s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1487 line=43
issue s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1487 line=45
itant a., neutr., s., adv. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1490 line=28
itel a., pron., neutr. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1495 line=23
iterique a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1497 line=4
itrestant adv. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1497 line=9
ive s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1497 line=16
ivel a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1498 line=37
ivelin a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1501 line=22
iveliner v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1501 line=34
iveltÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1501 line=40
iver1 v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1502 line=11
iver2 a., s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1502 line=38
iveraille s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1505 line=19
iverie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1505 line=23
iverir v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1505 line=26
ivernage a., s. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1505 line=29
ivernal a., s. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1506 line=8
iverner v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1506 line=31
ivernos a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1507 line=27
ivetÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1507 line=34
ivoire s.m. (auch f.) (match=exact) vol=4 col=1507 line=42
ivoirier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1509 line=38
ivorin a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1509 line=41
ivraie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1510 line=5
ivrais a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1510 line=21
ivre a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1510 line=26
ivrece s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1512 line=33
ivrer v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1514 line=12
ivretÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1514 line=15
ivretogne s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1514 line=20
ivroigne1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1514 line=38
ivroigne2 a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1515 line=5
ivroignie s.f. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=1516 line=15
ja adv. (match=bad:NA) vol=4 col=1516 line=25
jable1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1528 line=6
jable2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1528 line=7
jachie! interj. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1528 line=18
ja chi ja! interj. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=1528 line=32
jacinte s.m., a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1528 line=40
jacintin a. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1529 line=47
jacintus s m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1529 line=50
jacobin s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1530 line=8
jacobite s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1532 line=4
jactance s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1532 line=40
jadel s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1533 line=1
jadis adv. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1533 line=5
jńel a., s. (match=bad:3) vol=4 col=1534 line=45
jńelise s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1535 line=27
jaffarin a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1536 line=1
jaffe s.m. oder f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1536 line=11
jafuer s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1536 line=26
jagonce s.m. und f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1537 line=8
jai1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1539 line=37
jai2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1539 line=44
jaiant s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1541 line=25
jaiante s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1543 line=42
jaiantesse s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1544 line=4
jaiet s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1544 line=9
jaiete s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1544 line=38
jaille1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1544 line=41
jaille2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1544 line=45
jaiolage s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1544 line=47
jaiole s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1544 line=51
jaiolŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1545 line=43
jaiolier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1545 line=46
jaion s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1546 line=7
jal s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1546 line=14
jalage s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1547 line=16
jalat s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1547 line=21
jalchanter s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1547 line=25
jale1 s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1547 line=32
jale2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1547 line=33
jalet s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1547 line=48
jalete s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1548 line=1
jalie s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1548 line=5
jalir v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1548 line=30
jaloi s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1550 line=10
jaloie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1550 line=21
jaloine s.f. (oder m.) (match=exact) vol=4 col=1550 line=39
jalon s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1550 line=52
jalonage s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1551 line=29
jalonee s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1551 line=32
jalos a. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1551 line=49
jalosel a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1554 line=30
jalosie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1554 line=35
jalu a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1556 line=19
jambart a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1556 line=29
jambe s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1556 line=34
jambe-aterrer v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1559 line=28
jambee s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1559 line=37
jamberez a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1559 line=40
jambet s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1559 line=48
jambete s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1561 line=1
jambeter v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1561 line=32
jambiere s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1562 line=20
jamble s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1562 line=40
jamboiier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1563 line=1
jambon s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1563 line=11
jambot s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1563 line=31
jambu a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1563 line=44
janaie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1563 line=51
jance s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1564 line=1
jangle s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1564 line=51
janglee s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1566 line=43
janglŰiz s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1567 line=4
janglement s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1567 line=7
janglŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1567 line=23
jangler v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1569 line=40
jangleresse s.f., a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1571 line=47
janglerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1572 line=14
jangleter v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1573 line=27
janglŰure s.f. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=1573 line=30
jangloiier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1573 line=38
janglois s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1574 line=5
janglos a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1574 line=39
jangoler v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1575 line=27
jante1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1575 line=37
jante2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1577 line=8
jantele s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1577 line=46
jantille s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1578 line=1
japer v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1578 line=6
jaque s.m. oder f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1578 line=26
jaquerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1578 line=41
jarbage s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1578 line=51
jarbe s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1579 line=3
jarbel s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1580 line=9
jarbŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1580 line=15
jarber v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1580 line=19
jarberie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1580 line=24
jarbete s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1580 line=27
jardin s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1580 line=33
jardinage1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1581 line=49
jardinage2 v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1582 line=3
jardine s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1582 line=12
jardinel s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1582 line=15
jardiner v. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=1582 line=23
jardineroie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1582 line=35
jardinet s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1582 line=39
jardinier s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1583 line=4
jardiniere s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1583 line=34
jardos a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1583 line=38
jarge s.m. oder f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1583 line=47
jargel1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1583 line=50
jargel2 s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1584 line=28
jargerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1584 line=44
jargoillier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1586 line=1
jargon s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1586 line=6
jargoner v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1586 line=33
jarle s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1587 line=1
jarret s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1587 line=8
jarrete s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1588 line=42
jarreter v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1588 line=46
jarrie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1589 line=1
jarris s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1589 line=5
jarroise s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1589 line=30
jarroisier s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1589 line=51
jarron s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1590 line=7
jars s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1590 line=19
jarse s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1590 line=35
jarser v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1591 line=3
jarsŰure s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1591 line=19
jart1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1591 line=29
jart2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1592 line=20
jartier s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1592 line=28
jartiere s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1592 line=35
jascherer v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1592 line=39
jascherez s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1592 line=46
jaschiere s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1593 line=5
Jascoine s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1594 line=25
jasimin s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1594 line=40
jaspe s.m. und f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1594 line=51
jaspin a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1596 line=38
jate s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1596 line=42
jatele s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=1597 line=23
jauge1 s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1597 line=29
jauge2 s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=1598 line=3
jaugŰor s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=1598 line=23
jaugerie s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=1598 line=41
jaugier1 v. (match=better) vol=4 col=1598 line=47
jaugier2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1599 line=17
jaujage s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=1599 line=23
jaunaz a. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=1599 line=27
jaune a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1599 line=36
jaunece a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1602 line=10
jaunel s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1602 line=13
jaunet a., s. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1602 line=17
jaunice s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1602 line=29
jaunir v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1603 line=8
jaunoiier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1603 line=35
jaunor s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1603 line=44
jausse a.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1604 line=2
javart s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1604 line=11
javel s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1604 line=21
javele s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1604 line=30
javelee s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1605 line=29
javelŰiz s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1605 line=34
javelŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1605 line=40
javeler v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1605 line=44
javelot s.m. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=1606 line=1
jazerenc a., s. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1608 line=10
jazerois a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1609 line=49
je pron. pers. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1610 line=5
ject´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1614 line=17
jehannot s., a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1614 line=20
jehenne s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1614 line=24
jehie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1614 line=27
jehine s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1614 line=30
jehiner v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1616 line=5
jehir v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1616 line=13
jehissŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1618 line=23
jehui adv. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1618 line=31
jenollee s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1620 line=40
jenvier s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1620 line=45
jerarchie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1621 line=45
jerir v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1622 line=16
jerusalemier s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1622 line=17
jesine s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1622 line=24
jesir v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1623 line=25
jesque adv., praep., conjunct. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1633 line=41
jessir v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1635 line=6
jeste s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1635 line=12
jet s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1635 line=14
jete s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1639 line=3
jetee s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1639 line=14
jetŰiz a., s. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1639 line=18
jetement s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1640 line=28
jetŰor s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=1640 line=34
jeter v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1641 line=1
jeterresse a.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1657 line=52
jetoir s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1658 line=11
jetoire s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1658 line=15
jeton s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1658 line=18
jetoncel s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1658 line=33
jetoncelet s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1658 line=40
jeu s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1658 line=46
jŰun a. (match=bad:3) vol=4 col=1674 line=2
jŰunable a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1675 line=47
jŰunaison s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1676 line=12
jŰune s.f. (oder m.) (match=exact) vol=4 col=1676 line=20
jŰunement s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=1678 line=19
jŰunŰor s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=1678 line=26
jŰuner v. (match=better) vol=4 col=1678 line=29
jŰunerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1681 line=5
jŰ˙nie s.m. (oder f.) (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1681 line=7
jeve s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1681 line=33
j÷al1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1681 line=45
j÷al2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1681 line=48
jobarbe s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1681 line=52
jobros a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1682 line=16
joc s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1682 line=22
jochier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1682 line=31
jocond a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1684 line=22
joconder v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1684 line=27
joconditÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1684 line=35
j÷e s.f. (match=bad:NA) vol=4 col=1684 line=41
j÷ee s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=1686 line=27
j÷el s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=1687 line=2
j÷eler v. (match=better) vol=4 col=1692 line=10
j÷elet s.m. (match=better) vol=4 col=1692 line=17
j÷elier s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1693 line=22
j÷ement s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1693 line=34
joŰor s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1693 line=40
j÷er v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1694 line=33
j÷erie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1704 line=52
j÷erresse s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1705 line=7
j÷et s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1705 line=18
j÷ete s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1705 line=24
jofnetos a., s. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1705 line=30
joglement s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1705 line=36
joglŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1705 line=45
jogler1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1710 line=1
jogler2 v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1710 line=38
joglerie s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1711 line=9
joglerresse s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1711 line=34
joglois s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1712 line=12
Johannois nom. propr. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1712 line=17
joi s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1712 line=34
joiable a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1713 line=37
joiabletÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1713 line=41
joiance s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1713 line=44
joiant a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1714 line=8
joiaument adv. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1715 line=46
joie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1715 line=52
jo´e1 s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1720 line=33
jo´e2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1720 line=36
joier s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1720 line=44
joiere s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1721 line=6
joignabletÚ s.f. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=1721 line=12
joignŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1721 line=14
joignere s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1721 line=19
joindre v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1721 line=32
joint1 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1733 line=7
joint2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1733 line=13
jointe s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1733 line=17
jointiee s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1735 line=27
jointiz a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1735 line=39
jointoiier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1736 line=6
jointoir s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1736 line=23
jointure s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1736 line=37
joios a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1738 line=44
joiosetÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1740 line=18
j÷ir v. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1740 line=27
j÷issement s.m. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=1746 line=25
jolif a. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1746 line=30
joliver v. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=1752 line=37
jolivet a. (match=better) vol=4 col=1753 line=12
jolivetÚ s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=1754 line=37
jombarde s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1757 line=34
jonc s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1757 line=38
jonceroi s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1759 line=33
jonceroie s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1759 line=40
jonchŰiz s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1759 line=46
joncherele s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1759 line=50
joncheron s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1760 line=1
jonchŰure s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1760 line=4
jonchiee s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1760 line=14
jonchier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1760 line=23
jonchiere s.f. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=1762 line=51
jonchoi s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1763 line=51
jonchoie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1764 line=8
jonchoiier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1764 line=11
jonc´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1764 line=16
jonece s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1764 line=28
jonel a. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1766 line=17
jonemente s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1766 line=23
joner v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1766 line=31
jonet a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1766 line=39
jonetÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1767 line=30
jor s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1768 line=8
jornÚ s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1791 line=39
jornee s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1791 line=45
jornel a., s. (match=better) vol=4 col=1796 line=28
jornele s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1799 line=16
jornŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1799 line=19
jornet s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1799 line=22
jornoiier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1799 line=24
jorvir v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1799 line=48
joscle s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1800 line=14
jostaison s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1800 line=22
joste1 praep. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1800 line=29
joste2 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1802 line=11
jostee s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1804 line=15
jostŰiz s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1804 line=28
jostement s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1804 line=38
jostŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1804 line=49
joster v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1805 line=38
josterie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1812 line=18
jostoiier v. (match=better) vol=4 col=1812 line=26
jote s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=1812 line=37
jotier s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1813 line=39
jou s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1813 line=44
jovegnorage s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1815 line=13
jovence s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1815 line=17
jovencel s., a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1815 line=35
jovencele s., a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1817 line=34
jovencelin a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1818 line=11
jovent s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1818 line=19
jovente s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=1821 line=6
jubÚ s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1824 line=50
jubilac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1825 line=3
jubilee s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1825 line=19
jubilement s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1825 line=22
jubiler v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1825 line=30
jubileu s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1825 line=40
jubileus a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1826 line=7
juc s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1826 line=11
judńiser v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1826 line=15
judńisme s., a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1826 line=21
judicatif a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1826 line=39
judicative s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1826 line=45
judicatoire a. (match=better) vol=4 col=1827 line=1
judic´aire a. (match=doubt) vol=4 col=1827 line=7
judic´on s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=1827 line=14
judigier v. (match=better) vol=4 col=1827 line=17
jueble s. (match=better) vol=4 col=1827 line=26
juene a., s. (match=better) vol=4 col=1827 line=37
jŘerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1834 line=52
juesdi s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1836 line=9
juet s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1837 line=44
juge s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1837 line=48
jugement s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1838 line=34
jugŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1843 line=43
jugerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1845 line=21
jugerresse s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1845 line=24
jugiÚ s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1845 line=29
jugier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1845 line=32
juguler v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1851 line=26
jŘif s.m., a. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1851 line=37
juignet s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1855 line=25
juignot s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1856 line=15
juil s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1856 line=17
jullet s.m. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1856 line=39
juillot s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1857 line=4
jŘin s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1857 line=6
jŘise s.m. (und f.) (match=exact) vol=4 col=1858 line=3
jŘisement s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1862 line=30
jŘisier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1862 line=36
jŘisme s.m. und f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1862 line=41
jŘisot s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1863 line=1
jŘitel s.m. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=1863 line=5
jujable a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1863 line=21
jujance s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1863 line=33
jujube s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1863 line=37
jumÚ pc. pf. a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1863 line=47
jumel a., s. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1863 line=49
jumele s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1865 line=14
jumelete s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1865 line=24
jumelin a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1865 line=29
jument s.m. und f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1865 line=38
jumente s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1867 line=33
jumentel a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1867 line=41
jumentele s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1867 line=44
jumentier s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1867 line=49
jŘot s.m. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=1868 line=9
jupe s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1868 line=12
jupel s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1869 line=44
juper v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1871 line=3
juperel s.m. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=1872 line=1
juperie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1872 line=7
jupin a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1872 line=10
jupiter s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1872 line=16
jupon s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1872 line=23
juponier s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1872 line=41
jurabletÚ s.f. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=1872 line=44
jurac´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1872 line=46
jurage s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1873 line=5
jure s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1873 line=8
juree s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1873 line=19
jurement s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1873 line=40
jurŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1874 line=1
jurer v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1874 line=13
jurerie s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1884 line=42
juridic´on s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1884 line=46
juriier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1885 line=38
juriste s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1885 line=47
jus1 adv. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1885 line=52
jus2 s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1891 line=22
jus3 s.m. (match=bad:NA) vol=4 col=1891 line=33
jusque adv., praep., conjunct. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1892 line=44
jusquement adv. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1899 line=8
jusquiame s.m. oder f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1899 line=12
jusse s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1899 line=24
jussel s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1899 line=30
justance s.f. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=1899 line=39
juste1 s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1899 line=41
juste2 a. s. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1901 line=3
justŰÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1902 line=45
juster v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1902 line=50
justetÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1903 line=9
justišable a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1903 line=22
justišal a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1904 line=12
justice s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1904 line=14
justicement s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1910 line=42
justicŰor s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1910 line=51
justicerie s.f. (match=better) vol=4 col=1911 line=40
justicier1 s.m., a. (match=better) vol=4 col=1911 line=49
justicier2 v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1913 line=31
justif´able a. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1918 line=45
justificac´on s.f. (match=bad:2) vol=4 col=1918 line=47
justif´ement s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1919 line=7
justifiier v. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1919 line=15
justine s.f. (match=bad:1) vol=4 col=1919 line=44
justis s.m. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1920 line=7
justisŰor s.m. (match=bad:3) vol=4 col=1920 line=10
juvabletÚ s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1920 line=15
juvenal a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1920 line=21
juvenil a. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1920 line=30
juventut s.f. (match=exact) vol=4 col=1920 line=41
garnier (match=doubt) vol=4 col=1921 line=32
gilorde (match=better) vol=4 col=1922 line=7
grošoir (match=better) vol=4 col=1923 line=29
hastin (match=better) vol=4 col=1925 line=16
hulepÚ (match=better) vol=4 col=1926 line=14
imŔs (match=better) vol=4 col=1927 line=25