Altfranzösisches Wörterbuch, A. Tobler and E. Lommatzsch

Achim Stein, University of Stuttgart

This site contains material from the Old French Dictionary edited by Adolf Tobler and Erhard Lommatzsch (henceforth 'TL'). Materials are provided by permission of the publisher, Steiner Verlag, Stuttgart.

About the dictionary: Old French (OF) is the language of French texts in the period between the late 9th and the early 14th century. The dictionary project was started as early as 1857 and completed in 2002. The first printed volumes are not available any more. The dictionary is the biggest lexicographic resource for OF, with more than 52.000 entries in 11 volumes, and a large number of quotations for each sense.

This site provides:

  1. A demo version of the DVD edition of the dictionary, edited by Peter Blumenthal (University of Cologne) and Achim Stein(University of Stuttgart).
    The DVD can be puchased here.
  2. An uncorrected text version built by using optical character recognition. OCR errors are numerous and uncorrected! Do not cite or re-use material from this version.
  3. Old French word senses extracted from the dictionary. Old French word senses (given in German) were extracted from the OCR output, and partly matched with GermaNet and the corresponding synsets in WordNet. These files are part of a poster/talk given at the LREC 2020, in Marseille.